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19-12-2011, 04:19 PM | Post: #101
Offline vchow 
if EA want fair play then put every weapon with same ammo, damage, accuracy and recoil, etc but with different looks, and end the weapon updates. I don't have words to this unfair pimp act... EA treat the players like awesome, then complain if they happen the same as the sony.
19-12-2011, 04:20 PM | Post: #102
Offline Sgt_Kalinowski 
i bought my m249 with holo sight and now you going to take it away from me? and i will be forced to rent it for 1 day for 140 BF ro buy it permanently for 2799 BF if i want it back? i think all people who bought holo sight weapons should at least have permanent holographic sight
19-12-2011, 04:20 PM | Post: #103
Offline Augustus34 
They now taking lagacy weapons? It bad enough last update nerfed all guns, now you take away legacy!?! Whats next? Takes away Claymore because it offset the balance of walking!?! They add RPG booster or Motar booster in game but they think reg guns are making it unbalanced? This gives me a new reason to quit.
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19-12-2011, 04:20 PM | Post: #104
Offline Darker01 
I worked my butt off to earn BF from countless person with a lower-than-average I.Q. offers for a damn Enhanced M95
Now you folks gonna take away my sweat and blood?
19-12-2011, 04:21 PM | Post: #105
Offline Fishbacher2011 
Mortar Strike and its booster is the major thing that in unbalancing the game right now.
19-12-2011, 04:21 PM | Post: #106
Offline [1STA]felipeXXI 
(19-12-2011 03:31 PM)GALVAN2 Wrote:  
(19-12-2011 03:06 PM)VitalBullet Wrote:  
we are eliminating all “Legacy” attachments and removing them from the game.
How about the recoil? How about the damage and other attchments about the guns?

i agree make the game how it was befor customization, i don't like it cause the recoil is too high in a way that i can't fix it with the customization, so i used the legacy options, but now, i won't have anything... so it will be something bad for me cause i use the scar that without customization just go up like a bird when someone fires into a target
19-12-2011, 04:21 PM | Post: #107
Offline [z52]Ninrod 
I paid battlefounds simply to take advantage of those who do not pay, and this fun, if not who paid claim, and issue it as it does not pay, I also thought this game was not +16 +3,

NOW we have inflation
19-12-2011, 04:22 PM | Post: #108
Offline Fowler 
GARBAGE! Let's be real BP4Free is a Freemium Game. If you want a balance of power then put options in for non paying customers to upgrade their weapons to that of an elite or (Legacy) weapon! This takes away from us that have actually purchased battlefunds! Companies do this type of garbage all the time. This is the worst idea I have seen out of you in a while! SHAME ON YOU! If you want to balance it out make the Legacy attachments available via credits for some length of time. You might actually make more money from someone who decides to drop money on the items after they've played with them. You have made money of off us now you are putting the screws to us. You wouldn't have made the money you're making if it wasn't for those of us who paid for the Elite weapons! This is wrong. DO NOT DO IT!
19-12-2011, 04:22 PM | Post: #109
Offline Waricck 
Well, I know what game I'm not playing. Bunch of scammers.

I don't always post on the forums, but when I do, this is my signature.
19-12-2011, 04:23 PM | Post: #110
Offline [HB]Akanto 
hey wow!
Now we can buy for attachments, too!
You want the old guns? Pay the **** off for EAsy... PAY AND PAY AND PAY YOUR LAST FUCKING CENT!!!!!!!!!
PAY Bit*h!!!
If my guns are now as wortheless as the standard weapons, I want my BFs back... Are you crazy?
Oh, wait, I can pay... I forget that...
I see it, my MP5 will have the damage of pp2000 and recoil from UZI! YEAH!
Oh, my AEK is as accurary like my pen when I trow it...
And the SCArs recoil... Like a tank in fullauto...
Ammo for M95? EAsy: F+CK YOU or pay for our stupid, overpriced stuff!
haha, want a nice M240B? With low rercoil? Wait, low damage you get, but low recoil? We love it to suck up guns...
Its the introduction of the biggest screw ever...

[Image: 9iu6zq8c.png]

19-12-2011, 04:23 PM | Post: #111
Offline ATi4LIFE 
WOW What a big joke..again..
I pay for guns with real money for how they shoot, feel, look, amount of ammo at that time an "think" that's how there going to stay and now you are going to change that!? again change? Make up your minds how the gun is gonna be the first time it comes out!!!

I hope my guns stay the same, everything about them or I'm done with this game!
I must say again that I hope my guns stay the same everything about them, the ammo, recoil, damage, looks or I'm all done with this game!!!

Man this makes me mad but we will seen real soon. Sad Angry
19-12-2011, 04:23 PM | Post: #112
Offline gael258 
So if you do this I ask my money's going to care much for 1 person
Fn Minimi Para
Elite mp7 x2 (I have 2 account engineer)
416 Carbine

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19-12-2011, 04:24 PM | Post: #113
Offline martijntje44 
first you ruined the game by giving all guns less ammo and making the shotguns to expensive and now you even ruin the guns were we all have payed for.
3 words:

Fack You EA

never see me anymore i go play COD MW3

[Image: catchmeifyoucan.png]
19-12-2011, 04:24 PM | Post: #114
Offline GottamPootis 
We'll sue you, sue you ALL.
even yesterday i found some kid hacking at BFH, he even admitted that he hacked and said he was rich...
I guess only rich people can profit from any of those updates...
by the way the guy was called Eat|Shots if you wanna spamm him.

Pootis Poot 'cause the pootis poot.
Poot pootis 'cause the Pooti pootis.
Pooti Pootis 'cause the pootis poot.
19-12-2011, 04:24 PM | Post: #115
Offline shturm681 
(19-12-2011 03:59 PM)EgoPrimez Wrote:  Legacy attachments (compared to pre customisation) gave us per weapon averagly 5% more damage. If new attachments lower pre customisation stats EAsy will have big riot on their hands.
Most of us are really tyred of yours micro frauds and thefts. This is prolly last one u try. We shall see what happens next.

So say we all!!

[Image: 269294661_85179973d2.jpg]

Your not getting away with nerfing what we paid for. This is the last fraud you do with me and this game.
19-12-2011, 04:24 PM | Post: #116
Offline -=L3G4CY=- 
(19-12-2011 04:18 PM)Army89Delta Wrote:  WTF, are you fricking serious, now even though I paid more than double the price for my weapons now I have no advantage. I'm all for pay to win and i think that these legacy attachments are just like the closed beta items, you were there or you were not there, Don't take these away from us. If you do take these away from us and these weapons are not on par with what i purchased originally expect a call from several lawyers, mine included.


19-12-2011, 04:25 PM | Post: #117
Offline GinjaNinja 
If you had ammo and magazine customisations separate you could've just given improved damage and magazine capacity, like say casket mags and soft points on an assault could be pretty similar. The rest of the customisations could just have different values; no one would have minded a slight change if it was available to everyone.

In short "unique +3" and "legacy" never made any sense. Not when you could've offered something more or less the same to everyone.

[Image: ginja.png]
19-12-2011, 04:25 PM | Post: #118
Offline JesusOfSuburbia 
FINALLY some balcance on this game! Thanks EA! The game will be fair again and much more fun!

19-12-2011, 04:25 PM | Post: #119
Offline Growpocalypse 
(19-12-2011 04:03 PM)CINNAStixx Wrote:  PLEASE READ!!! I hope these new attachments to replace the legacy are worth it. Because I paid for my weapons to be powerful thats the point of having the upper hand. Thats the point of all the other attachments is for players without legacy to mix and mach attachements to see what works for them or what gives them the upper hand.

Im sorry I didnt pay over 500 + dollars of my military pay to not get what I had originally paid for.
Its ovious what P4F is going to and that it awesome. 5 of my friends ( top good players who worked, played, and paid alot over the years) got banned from EA for someone elses mistake.

Guess im done with this game. You just lost a respected customer EAsy. Because I was leaving this game anyways you just made it official. Thought this game was 16 + so we wouldnt have a bunch of kids complaining about weapons I BOUGHT WITH MY HARD EARNED MONEY I EARNED FOR SERVING THIS COUNTRY. Respect your customers EA because youll only lose in the end.

Cpl Grebinger US Army National Guard 2-156th 31 Foxtrot Louisiana National Guard

Let me make this simple for you all.
-YOU pay your REAL LIFE money for a virtual in-game currency.. say 1540 BF for $9.98.
-You receive the in-game currency of 1540 BF.
-You buy a weapon, and it's good.
-You then see the weapon nerfed, which lowers the value of the weapon.
-So they took YOUR weapon which is equal to 1050 BF (how much you bought it for), and made it's value drop as the weapon isn't as good anymore.
(The price remains at 1050, but the value drops. The price is now "fake")
They just went about selling you only around 700 or 800 BF for $9.98.

(Imagine buying a car for $50,000. The car at the dealership is edited - the sports tires are swapped for economy tires. The heated seats are switched for plain seats. The car has 70 horsepower removed. The car dealer keeps the price of the car at $50,000, but the value of the car is much lower. Do they come to your house, take your car and change things to match what's currently on the market? No. You keep the car you have, with what it has on it.)

[Image: img20120130162417.jpg]

Deployable Operations Squad Mascot (with a peanut)
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19-12-2011, 04:25 PM | Post: #120
Offline [SAS]V4iN 
Did i read it correctly, those who bought elite weapons are now going to have them nerfed and will need to rent attachments?? If thats the case I want a refund.

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