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Offline DeltaFlyer 
Hi. Let me start with this question: Is it against EA rules to have a deal with other players currently on server to "no kill no flag" but with usual gameplay? If not, then i must say that admin (waxychicken) of servers rented by [mia] clan is kicking other players (not only me but others who came just before his killingspree, namely "delta3812" + others) and that i was accused of stats padding.

We were fighting normally, sometimes later (unintentionally) killing each other for almost a hour, thus we had really BIG score (over 16 thousands) and member of the clan came in and instantly sprayed that we were stats padding each other.

Please help Sad

note: posted in "rental servers" as well, please merge it if possible -
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Offline [O]Hoplomachus 

I will address your issue with [MIA] as I am the leader of this division within the mia gaming community. I first will say this, if you have a problem with clans server its best to just visit their site and make a complaint or ask to deal with whatever issue you may have. Posting on the main BFP4F forums twice, is childish.
If you have any issues with MIA, we have a dedicated forum for this...
My second issue I have is, a clan server (which we pay for, not you) is our server. We may set the rules, change maps, have scrolling messages, kick players and ban players. Why? Because its ours. Again, if you don't like a decision that we have made, you may request to action to looked into by visiting the clan's webpage.

My final issue is this actual incident that you are referring. Since you wanted to bring it up publicly, I will reply to you here.

DeltaFlyer, Klevetz, MeyuBB all participated in the stat padding in our MIA server. You fly with the attack chopper to gain points then return to heal up. This is a major rule in all MIA servers and you three will be banned in all of our servers. You additionally, were disrespectful to our game admins, which is not appreciated.



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Offline DeltaFlyer 
1) i did NOT get ANY chance to explain ANYTHING to WaxyChicken who repeatedly kicked me without ANY warning / asking / whatsoever and when i came back i saw him kicking other players NOT involved in this issue (already stated delta3812) thus i came up with it on the official forum. I don't care about ANY clan webpages, THIS is the OFFICIAL webpage/forum of the game that i am only bound to. And i asked admin / mod to merge those two posts into one (apart of you), which makes child of you.

2) this game belongs to EA, you only rented it from them and/or their subscribers.

3) this is NOT statspadding, we were fighting, just tried not to kill each other. Many ppl who know how i play knows thats its NOT a problem for me to gain over 16 thousands XP per round and K/D ratio over 40/0. Is this you are affraid of? That i am too good for your clan members? I remember being ASKED to JOIN mia (sorry, don't remember whom, its like a week ago) when one of your members sat in the heli as a gunner and saw my performance.

4) somebody kicking random people CANNOT and WILL NOT receive any part of my respect.
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Offline [SAS]V4iN 
Another post?? your last thread got closed as when we saw the screen shots it was clear you were stat padding, you should be banned not just from mia servers but all servers.

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04-12-2011, 09:05 PM | Post: #5
Offline [B2K]psycho 
you are def stat padding

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Offline -=OG=-RPGforYOU 
"Stat padding is also noticeable in online computer games. A group of players might perform a series of actions which generally require little skill in order to raise a player's statistics. For example, in first person shooters, two or more players might join different teams and constantly kill one another, usually followed by a heal, revive, or respawn. Actions such as these are usually done on password-protected or empty game servers. An example of this in the popular online computer game Battlefield 2 would be when three players collude, one as a medic, another from the other team as a killer, and the another person from the medic's team, called the "dummy," to be the victim. The killer shoots the dummy, and the medic then heals or revives his teammate. The killer shoots the dummy again and the process continues. It is also possible to stat pad by doing objectives or actions in empty server, or by co-operating with different team player." - Wikipedia

Normal you got banned! No reason to cry.
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Offline raul 
(04-12-2011 06:47 PM)[MIA]Hoplomachus Wrote:  You fly with the attack chopper to gain points then return to heal up.

uhmm wait a minute is it against mia rules to repair your chopper? or they did something else with it and thats the problem?

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Offline [O]BianTitan 
Read what was being asked Raul. They would use the helicopter (800 points of health) they made an agreement to NOT KILL and NOT TAKE FLAGS JUST GET POINTS (That is is stat padding). I just hope Delta felt it was worth him posting his actual stat padding on the whole BFP4F Forums.

MIA BFP4F Game Manager
04-12-2011, 10:46 PM | Post: #9
Offline raul 
oh ok i just didn't understand the gain points part thanks.

04-12-2011, 11:59 PM | Post: #10
Offline [DOS]Shanks 
Owned Via Screenshots, Good Job MIA!!!!!!!!!!!

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05-12-2011, 11:48 AM | Post: #11
Offline fr4ser 

If you dont like MIAs actions then DONT USE THEIR SERVER - many players including myself fully support their right to kick / ban you for "trying not to kill each other" in their server, especially if you encourage other players to do the same via chat.



if you repeat the topic again you will receive a forum suspension Big Grin

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