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As you may have seen, SponsorPay (available via this link) is a new service that enables players to earn Battlefunds by completing third party tasks such as filling out surveys and registering on websites.

As with the integration of any new service, the possibility for teething trouble is very real. We have been monitoring the service closely since its release and have noticed a number of issues which EA and SponsorPay are working together to address.

As part of this cooperation, SponsorPay has set up a dedicated Customer Support email address for EA customers. If you are having any trouble with the SponsorPay system, please get in touch with SponsorPay's dedicated EA Customer Support via the following address.


One of the current issues we are looking to correct prevents more than one offer at a time from being completed on the SponsorPay site. In order to avoid this, please return to "Get Battlefunds" page on our website and click "Earn Battlefunds" after each offer has been completed. Please remember that some offers take a number of hours to complete.

We thank you for your understanding and patience while we work to eliminate the need for any of you to get in touch with SponsorPay's Customer Support.


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