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Offline bdeadmark 
[Image: banner.gif]

We are a Gaming Clan started by a group of friends who are all about fun and competitive gaming on some of the hottest titles.

Our Main Title is the Battlefeild4free and soon battlefeild 3

So feel free to join, have a good time, and meet new friends!! We are recruiting Mature Members 14+

Once a registered user of our site, you may then apply to become an ADC member throuh our application form

If you have recently been accepted for our community, please make sure to visit the GREETINGS board in the forums to introduce yourself to all of our community members

We are also recruting for a game server admins


To be age 14 or over

A mic to chat on our Teamspeak 3 Server

A great attitude and a willingness to learn


We host clan wars EVERYDAY!

TEAMSPEAK 3 Server that is active 18 or more hours of the day
All applicants must have teamspeak or application will be denied

MORE than 23 active members on both the game, teamspeak, and the website

Great guys with great attitudes. No haters are in our clan

ADC has been active since 2008! This clan was NOT made YESTERDAY

How to join:
Attack Dogs operates on a democratic basis allowing all members from the newest addition to the longest serving leader an equal vote on all clan related matter including application which are all conducted privately.

All applicants to Attack Dogs applicants must fill out the application form on the following link .http://www.adcclan.info/applypage. All applications sent in without completing the application will be denied.
Visit our website for more information.
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Offline SkywalkerHH 
Why have your Clan banned me? Very strange and crazy

I would ask you with joining 4on4 Infantry Cup and help with infos for Gameserver. Cheap and good quality and you guys banned me from the TS3 Server. It is unintelligible!!!

Clan: Unforgiv3n
Leader in the Clan
To Join our German Clan or other questions write an PM
We are looking for high skilled players!

[Image: ximg.php?fid=16401373]
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Offline Tanis 
This topic does not follow the guidelines in the Clans section.

To minimize unnecessary bumping of topics posted with the wrong title, contents or language, warnings are no longer given, nor is the poster given a chance to edit his error.

You are welcome to post again, provided you follow the guidelines described in this topic: [READ ME] How To Post In Clan Forum

Thanks to Tobias for the sig! [] Dxdiag and HiJackThis

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