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Offline FGump[82nd] 
Hello all,

My name is LTC Chris and I am part of the 82nd Airborne Division. The 82nd has been around for about 10 years. Our main game is Americas Army but i am looking to bring another game into the team and i think BF P4F is a great game to add.

What we offer:
1: 32 Slot TS 3 server
2: Great people to make friends with
3: if you want to play AA we have people that could help you
4: Rank Structure System PVT-LTC
5: Just a fun and friendly Environment

Sadly since we are just going to get started in BF we dont have a server so for right now we will be pubbing together and in the future we will get some money for a BF server Smile

What you need to join:
1. TS3 (teamspeak 3- can be downloaded at Teamspeak.com)
2. a working mic
3. 16+
4. Willing to take orders if given to you (we are a realism unit)

If you think this Team is great for you then hop on our TS and we will talk about you joining:

here is all the info you will need-

TS3 Server IP=unitedsimarmy.us Port=9987
Website= 82nd.us/modules/news

Hooah soldiers!!

3rd BCT, Brigade Commander
82nd Airborne
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Offline Tanis 
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