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Offline [MonsTer]Enginer 
can sometimes be low for your connection. Low internet or arrival, administrators can also be those who will take the game for doing something wrong
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Offline Zagret 
Teamwork is the key to victory
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Offline Zyngger 
Oh, everybody call medic aaand RUUUNN, WHYYY? They don't have Patiance.....

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Offline Mohoao1 
(28-08-2011 09:19 AM)mrbeanthe2nd Wrote:  one of the rarest supports are engineers willing to risk their lives to repair a damaged vehicle, i understand it will cost them their lives, but sometimes i risk my live and successfully defended/captured a point

I'll definitely second this. I like playing engineer; along with the medic these roles are the most team oriented and can make or break a team. As an engineer I'll go into harms way to repair equipment but vehicle drivers need to be aware and protect engineers. If you need repair please provide a protected side where the engineer can work without getting killed. If you you need to move the move but attempt to get your vehicle out of harms way for the sake of your engineer.
29-08-2011, 09:48 AM | Post: #45
Offline Tointony 
Also a tip for the TOW and HJB launchers in Karkand, Oman and dragon Valley:

When there is a red colour around the aiming point of a TOW or HJB this means that you can move the missile with your mouse to reach points you normally can't reach or if a Vehicle moves to pursue it.
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(28-08-2011 09:19 AM)mrbeanthe2nd Wrote:  one of the rarest supports are engineers willing to risk their lives to repair a damaged vehicle, i understand it will cost them their lives, but sometimes i risk my live and successfully defended/captured a point

me too dude Smile
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Offline Ammunized 
Once i was right beside a medic and i kept calling for a medic and he jsut sat there :/
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Offline PPunkster 
Push forward as a team, or get left behind to die.
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Offline devil5236 
second is the best Big Grin i hate those noobs-.-
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Offline Jaysun80 
Here's a few more I follow and are helpful.

If you see a vehicle being repaired don't rush to steal it. Instead use your specialty to help that individual out ie. drop ammo pack, medic pack, help repair or help defend. Guaranteed you will be remembered and benifit from it.

We all at some point need to learn how to use Jets and Helicopters, but if you are aware that you have not gotten the hang of it yet, don't take the helicopter every given chance and wind up rolling it over. Instead allow teammates who can fly well take control, being a Gunner is just as fun remember that.

Don't be the greedy person at the Anti Aircraft Guns that stands in front of a teammate who is using it. shooting your teammate and obstructing their view will only harm you in the end.

I take this out of a page of my personal way of fighting. Be Aggressive! Your team will lose fast if you fall back too easily and in large numbers at one area.

Do not rush with your entire team, for example with Dragon Valley if everyone is going to B, head to A that way you have 2 spawn points instead of 1 point. Many times a team of 2-3 people with vehicles and their combined specialties can defend a point better than you would think. This works for all maps. Remember in the previous versions of Battlefield, Groups within a team is vital to winning. Try following a teammate to support them or vice versa you will see.
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Offline Pharmacist 
1st tip is just an excuse for not properly implementing BF2 style minimap icons for requests... whats looking at the chat ganna do for you if u still dont know where they are half of the time?
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Offline KujinoBuko 
remember engineers you have your rpg there for shooting vehicles not people and if you see a tagged vehicle dont just stand around get your rpg and shoot many times my team doesnt win the map because when i tag the vehicles the engineers around me dont shoot the rpg. What happens is i have to go close range with my assault and throw grenades at the tank or in the case of a helicopter hope someone will take advantage of the tag
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Offline MaxGentleman 
Don't stand in front of your sniper teammates as they are aiming at the enemy.
02-09-2011, 06:51 PM | Post: #54
Offline meredina 
i know that if u see and learn from ure good terammates u shal be a pro its not all aubout winning but about the game Smile this is my anwser XD I DONT CARE IF I WIN ORE LOSE
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Offline a10010 

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(28-08-2011 04:00 PM)0x5b;FOXHOUND0x5d; Wrote:  
(26-08-2011 02:39 PM)Silvanoshi Wrote:  
If you call for medicine or supplies, wait for a moment to allow a Medic/Assault to get to you. If you call for help and run away, it's your own fault that you receive nothing.
Submitted by wilsonk170

I partly agree with this one...It should be a best practice for each Medic/Assault/Engineer to "Roger That" when he's willing to aid. You can't expect who needs ammo or health to stand by and wait not knowing for sure that someone is actually coming to help you or not.

im sorry, i forgot of said that (one thing, srr my english), you´re right, but i think mutch of de medics(like me) sait it....

another thing, never taught i would get a tip here, hehe

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Offline Antonio_Mendez 
If you ask for ammo or medical assistance, and someone responds, try reaching that person mid-way. Chances are, he will be under fire and will probably need assistance.
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Offline RearEngineer 
(26-08-2011 08:20 PM)TheKillerCroc Wrote:  Dont understimate the importance of an Engineer they dont only have a repair tool but they also have an Anti-Vechile RPG wich will shoot down enemy vechiles so be happy that they help

Please please Assault class...when u hear an engineer screaming for ammo, his rpg is empty and he needs a vehicle killing top-up.....an engineer without rpg's is like an assault without a weapon....near useless!!
06-09-2011, 11:24 PM | Post: #59
Offline Verboten420 
TRACER DARTS!!!! use them often! and engineers blast ur rpg's in the air on tracerd vehics. the heat will guide the missles Smile

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