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09-08-2011, 11:08 AM | Post: #1
Offline Silvanoshi

On Wednesday the 10th of August at 08:30 UTC we will be performing maintenance on our game services which should last approximately 30 minutes.

Most players will not experience any issues during this time, however there is a small possibility that you may lose connection to the server as it is taken offline in order to update it. Once the maintenance period is over, you will be prompted to update your game.

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Offline Silvanoshi
Just tying up loose end.

This maintenance window introduced Dragon Valley to Battlefield Play4Free.

Quote:"Once fabled to be the final resting place of the Aronian Dragon, the last of the world's "true" dragrons, these day's the rockfaces of Dragon Valley are alive with the roar of completely different beasts. Sweeping in low and fast, the Apaches and Littlebirds hit hard in advance of the heavy armour convoy and Transport choppers rolling in to take hold of the valley, thereby securing a critical supply line through what is otherwise hostile and impassible terrain."

Dragon Valley

As darkness descends, Dragon Valley opens up ahead of the attack choppers, revealing sprawling fields, large changes in elevation, waterways and secure compounds. Dragon Valley affords vehicle lovers the opportunity for open vehicular combat while providing those with a focus on infantry combat intense hotzones around which bullets, rather than shells, will be vital. Just remember to use transport to get to your goals and keep the enemy vehicles away from your flags!

[Image: DV_4s.jpg]
[Image: DV_1s.jpg]
[Image: DV_5s.jpg]
[Image: DV_3s.jpg]
[Image: DV_6s.jpg]
[Image: DV_2s.jpg]

The Littlebird

Not only has Dragon Valley been introduced to Battlefield Play4Free, but within it, we have introduced a brand new vehicle too! Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the Littlebird, a new light attack chopper making its debut in Dragon Valley! The Littlebird is fast, nimble, and packs one hell of a punch in the right hands!

Enjoy the new map and vehicles!

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