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The Shotcons are a small folk and are the counterparts to the Snipers.

While Snipers camp, the Shotcons are a quite restless and build for CQC.


This Manual is quite a big one, it covers everything from the Basics, like Equipment and the Meaning of Being a Shotcon, to Advanced Strategies.
Feel free to skip some parts anytime, i made this Manual quite Structured and you should find the paragraph for which are you looking for in Seconds.
Each Section has its own unique Color and some Sections are divided into smaller paragraphs

Table of Contents:
  1. Introduction
  2. Table of Contents
  3. General stuff about your Class
  4. You and Your Goal(s)
  5. Equipment and Training
  6. Basic Strategies
  7. Advanced Strategies
  8. Emergency Strategies
  9. Final Word

General stuff about your Class

  1. Recons in general
  2. Renegades

Recons in General

Recons are a Support Class which shall be found in the 2nd Row.

By Spotting with "Advanced Reconnaissance" they Spot more Enemies than any other Class and by throwing their Motion Sensors (MS) they can reveal enemy movements in a specific area.

Their usual primary weapon is the Sniper Rifle (SR).


The above definition is the Natural State of this Class, due some factors like Individualism and to less Score for being a "Real Recon" the Class itself can be divided into Sub Classes or Renegades

On the one hand side is the Camping Sniper aka "Camper"
and on the other its counterpart the Moving Shotcon aka "Shotgun Noob"

You read this Guide because your either interested in this Sub Class or you want to be like us, a devastating Close Combat Fighter who is in the 1st Row or even behind the Enemy Lines!
Snipers excel on Longer Ranges while you can need to be Close

You and Your Goal(s).
  1. You
  2. Your Destiny


You are a Recon equipped with a Shotgun, well, you are a Shotcon! You will fight in Close Quarter Combat (CQC) and you will protect, assault and flank several areas. Your only defense at longer ranges will be your secondary Pistol. You will step into the 1st Row and die like the rest of your teammates (and respawn after a few secs).

Your Destiny:

Only a Single Word: W-i-n.
Use everything possible to get the next Flag, try out the Strategy below in 6 to 8!

Equipment and Training
  1. Weapons (Primary)
  2. Weapons (Secondary)
  3. Gadgets
  4. Abilities


Your Equipment is limited to a Shotgun of your choice and a Pistol. Also you can carry several Gadgets like the MS, Grenades and Claymores as well as buyable Bandages and Adrenalin Shots.
Later on you will get a Mortar Strike a devastating Area Effecting Support Tool

This Paragraph will give you an overview of these Weapons and Gadgets:

First of the Weapons:

You can buy several modern Shotguns. reaching from Pump Action over Semi-Auto to Full-Auto Shotguns. A Shotgun is build for CQC Uses and is not able to kill a fly at 100m. Shotguns fire a set Number of Projectiles and some Shotgun fire a bigger Batch than other ones.

Below you can see a Modified Stats Chart which shows necessary Data of the Shotguns and Pistols as well as your Equipment, the Chart below the Chart shows the Range
[Image: attachment.php?attachhash=b614713ad5ffcd...c04c0e00ed]

The 870 Combat and the SPAS-12 are both Pump Action and will Pump the strongest infantry projectile into the enemy. The Medium Damage is quite higher than the other (Semi-)Automatic Shotguns

Do not miss a Shot or you will be likely to get screwed, unless you were that smart and flanked the enemy before.
The Situation when you get screwed is one of the emergency situations! More will follow later on
Both reload every shell one by one, unlike Semi-Auto and Full-Auto which have a normal Magazine.
Veteran Versions are actually slightly better than default Versions and Elite Versions are of course better than the Veteran Versions .

The Semi-Auto SAIGA-12 and the SPAS 15 are Battlefunds-Only Weapon. Their Rate of Fire is lower than the USAS ones but the Spread of the SAIGA is tighter and the SPAS 15 does more Damage on long Range than the SAIGA.
Still the Number of Sub-Projectiles, is as big as the USAS Batch Size. They have a Batch Size of 6.
The Advantage of a Semi-Automatic Shotgun is the controllable Fire which will spare you lots Ammo.

The USAS 12. Most people think it is the best Shogun on the Battlefield and maybe they are right though it has lower damage on longer Ranges.
It eats lots of ammo while it kills some enemies. To reduce the Ammo-Loose, i and other Experts suggest Tab Shooting or Shooting in Burst of max 3 while you need only one shot to kill in CQC.

Try them and compare their statistics, use the Shotgun which fits you.

Secondary Pistols.

Your Mid- and Long-Range Utility, use it when you are stuck in a fight where a Pistol kills your enemy faster than your Shotgun.

The "M9" or "Only the few" is your free secondary weapon, it is the worst Pistol with its Accuracy and its low Damage it is only an Emergency Weapon. You will be more likely to kill the fly with a Shotgun than with this weapon

The MP443 is a Pistol with a big Magazine, a really big one! According to its stats it is superior to your default Weapon, the M9. Though it is inferior to the M1911.

The M1911 is my Weapon, actualy i didn´t invent it but it is a part of me, it is the Pistol i ever wanted to have as little child! We could discuss, if it is the best Pistol for a Shotcon but everyone has its own pistol and this one is mine. I advise the M1911 due to its easyness and giant damage output

Did you ever wanted to have a Revolver? Than the MP412 will fit you! Bring back the wild Wild West to the Battlefield for less than 10 Bucks! One Headshot at Close Ranges will kill your enemy instantly and its accuracy at longer ranges is quite good! It´s a wild Wild West Gun with a classy 6 Rounds per Mag and a total amount of 10 Mags! Get it now at !

Just get the Gun which fits you, with which you can kill at longer ranges the fastest.

Gadgets and more:

Your first gadget will be the Motion Sensor, it is free and won´t cost any training points to get it, still you can upgrade it. I recommend this Tool because it is your legitimated wall hack and with an upgrade it will have a faster recharge time and a greater Radius
Throw it at your feet and look at the Mini Map, you´ll see any enemies in your area with the direction they are facing. As well it "Binges" when some hostile is moving around and your close to the MS
You can throw the MS more far away to see the movements of you enemy at e.g their base or any other area.

The Grenade does what a Grenade does, it will blow you (later on) or your enemy up, it is perfectly suited for killing a enemy behind Cover, you just need to get used to it and you will blow up anything within your range. Note: It bounces!
Train some more to get even more Grenades and to deal some more Damage

Claymores are good for setting up a trap, well it´s not deadly most of the times but it is a Trap!
A "Bing" and a Explosion afterwards will tell you if there was someone stepping about your Claymore while you´re close to the set up point. They disappear when you die and an upgrade will bring you more Clays

Dead Man´s Trigger is one of the infamous ways to get a kill or even Vengeance, it will give you a Grenade which will be triggered on your Body when you respawn

Mortar Strike will give you Area Support, when you look through the given Binoculars you can call in a Mortar Strike once in a While which will deal massive amount of damage though one shell won´t kill anyone instantly with its splash damage, the danger is the devastating Impact Damage which will deal massive damage to ground Vehicles. An Upgrade may give you more Strikes per Timeframe or a higher Batch Size, It´s still under development.

Bandage and Adrenaline Shots will heal you either over Time or Instantly, both are buyable and have a Cooldown Time


Just for the Record: You do not need "Increase Sniper Rifle Ammo", it is just for Sniper Rifles and not other Primaries though you can profit from other Sniper Abilities
If you like to drive a Vehicle or fly some Aircraft than you have to take a look at other Guides, this Guide is just for your Infantry Time.
Jet Guide i recommend: Johnysnake´s Awesome Jet Guide
Helicopter guide i recommend: iStalker´s Helicopter for the Basics and Jensin´s for Tactical
Tank and APC Guide not found (not really useful), so try some of the Recruit Training Vids:
Tanks and APC

It is useful to "Avoid Trip Wires" aka Claymores from other hostile Players, it will help you to take out camping Recons which camp on Rooftops, some of them use Claymores and most of the time the Claymores can´t be shot or avoided.

Your still a Recon and can Spot multiple enemies with "Advanced Reconnaissance", if you're tired and just shot down a camper than you can gain some extra score with spotting multiple enemies
but beware, get back to work sometime!

It is less important for you to see the Health of the Enemy, you will kill them right away with one shot or you will see their health during respawn if you failed

It´s useful to be aware of your Surroundings, so you should invest some points into "Grenade Combat Awareness" which will show you any Grenades in your Surroundings with an Icon

"Combat Resilience" is fine if your moving in a group because then the Medic Box will heal you faster though it is also useful to kill a hostile Medic and refresh some more health via his Medic Box ebfore it disappears.

"Tactical Threat Awareness" is good for locating any enemy who shots upon you though you should be the one who fires 1st. It´s more useful to locate (Wannabe) Snipers than someone close to you

Any "Physical Training" is important for you, either you have no time climbing up/down the ladder or you just need to be quick. Fall damage will be reduced significant which allows you to take some shortcuts

Basic Strategy:

  1. General
  2. Team based


Evertime when you attack someone it is good to:
  1. Stop Sprinting,You can´t use your weapon while you do
  2. Stand, this will improve your aim
  3. Crouch, improves your Aim even more
  4. Aim down the Sights (ADS)
  5. and do not Jump

Though it is required to skip some steps, either your in hurry or else. A Skilled Player will do the above mentioned Steps in [Insert ADS-Time Here]

also If you encounter someone who is aiming and shooting at you, you should get into cover, face him and shoot back in some associations, sometimes is when you are close to him, so that you can kill him with one Shot. Don´t try to engage anyone shooting you at mid- or long range, you got only your pistol for it.

Only use your Pistol if you really have to as well only your Knife. If you can kill someone who is out of your Shotgun Range and is not facing you, then use your Pistol but only if his death is necessary, you would waste your time and ammo for someone who would have been killed else w/o killing someone, capping a flag or doing anything useful

Team Based

It´s simple to stick with your Teammates, so do it and cover your back or clear the front with your Motion Sensor, your Grenades and your Shotgun. Cap Flags with them and Win!
If it´s only one you stick with your still a Team, don´t get killed and get some skills, aim, shoot and kill!

and never run in the open! Stick to your Teammates and to Cover and nearby Obstacles and never ever sprint around corners! Slow down and be prepared for any enemy who may kill you. I advise you to go first, be the Scout and be a Hero when you kill an enemy instantly who just were waiting for you.

Always try to surprise your enemy by flanking them.

There are only "two" things you have to practice:
Tactical Knowledge, which will help you to kill any enemy with the support of the Environment and your Tools as well as psychological and physical Knowledge about the Game and your Enemies Behavior.
A quick Reaction + a good Aiming which is important and only gained through practice, practice and practice. Unless Knowledge you can´t improve them through reading a Guide like this.

Advanced Strategy:

  1. Basic Advanced
  2. Cap a(n unprotected) Flag
  3. How to kill...?
  4. or...?
  5. and...?
  6. futhermore...?
  7. Where to hit Infantry?
  8. Light Vehicle Hunt!

This is quit a huge Paragraph, it is some of my Knowledge sumed up:

Basic Advanced

If you are alone and want to be alone, then you need to encounter your Enemies from behind or catch them by surprise. To do this you need your Motion Sensor, it is suited for locating your Enemy before he does, so you can rack up a kill after the other but wait... you have to win and not to kill!

Cap a(n unprotected) Flag

The Motion Sensor will help you to avoid enemies while you are sneaking through, this is one of my favorite doings: Win the Game by Capturing the A or D Flag which is usually not protected, just by sneaking through. If you want to get that flag than i suggest you to not to kill anything unless it would kill you! It´s rather simple and if you reached your goal, the Capturing Zone, then you should do this while Capping:
  1. Throw a Motion Sensor at your Feet
  2. Set up some Claymore at some entries, A on Karkand is the best Example, just one at each ladder
  3. Get some Cover where you don´t get into a long range fight somehow

Now If any Enemy is coming than you can hear the "Bing...Bing" If a Group or a single Soldier is coming then you have various possibilities:
  1. You try to kill them while they approach from the back one by one, the last one first (Sneaky)
  2. You retreat and start a surprise attack while they are capping, their position should be on your map. Be aware that skilled players can be really dangerous and may expect you an attack already. (Rambo)
  3. You retreat and go cap the flag after the enemy is gone (Coward)
  4. You are that sure that you will kill anyone in a "fair" fight and make Swiss Cheese out of them (Rambo)
  5. Your that mad that you call in a Mortar Strike (after the Update ofc) and rain death upon them or just scare them (Mad) Let them get killed by the Mortar Strike or use this as a tactical maneuver, they will concentrate on the Strike and will make a Surprise Attack even easier

If you already capped the Flag for your team you should defend it somehow, your Motion Sensor will help you in every case. Be aware that Enemies may use Grenades

How to...:

Kill a Sniper? To kill a Camper is quite easy, with enough tactical knowledge you will know a safe route to the Camper, if no route is safety you must fight your way through a minimal number of Enemies. Most of the time the Sniper is scoped and an easy source of Dog Tags, only sometimes he may fight back but you have a significant advantage: You have no Rifle but a Shotgun!
Alternately you can practice your Pistol-Sniping Skills and kill him like that, though you should not be his target. Find a Position from where he won´t guess an attack but have still some Cover


Kill Tank? You may try to use your Grenades or Mortar Strike when the Tank isn´t moving (Soon™), though you should trace the Tank first and any allied Engineer may kill it with ease.


Kill Aircraft? Either you get into a Jet yourself or you use an Anti Air Stingers which are positioned all over the Map.


Kill Infantry? The whole Guide is just for Infantry so read on...
Where to hit the Infantry?

I recommend to (try to) hit the Upper Body Part

you have the chance to get a bullet into the enemies´ face (Headshot=x2.1 Damage) while you land most pellets in his body. If you (try to) hit the Head more Pellets will miss the target though 2 Headshots are enough for most Pump-Shotguns and 3 for (Semi-)Automatic Shotguns. Believe me it´s better to hit the Upper Body Part because you can still miss the center no matter how skilled you are and then, if you go for the Head, then you may only hit with 1 Pellet...

Light Vehicle Hunt!

If you use an (Semi-)Automatic Shotgun you can deal massive amounts of damage to light armored Vehicles, though you will waste some Ammo
Example given:
You have the Elite USAS 12 (some may call you "Noob!", if you really are is another question which you can only answer yourself) and you have a Mag Size of 14 and a Batch Size of 6...
A Pellet will hit with 1-3* Damage according to the distance:
14*6= 84 Damage at least, *2=168 Damage approximately and if your close enough with luck +84=252
These Values must be Validated due to the different "Material" of the Shotgun Shells, the Damage done to Light armored Vehicles is *0,16 for Small Arms but *0,25 for Sniper Rifles, i calculated with the *0.16

Emergency Strategy

  • The Aircraft
  • Outnumbered
  • You are surrounded! OMGWTFBBQ, You will die in here!
  • A Tank is heavy, powerful and luckily slow...
  • You are gravely wounded!
  • Out of Ammo

You are in danger, you can feel it or you can see it through your Motion Sensor, either a Tank is Coming, you are surrounded while you Cap a Flag or your seriously wounded, Aircraft is also Dangerous .

The Aircraft:

An Attack Helicopter is facing you, ready to rain his (Hellfire) Missiles upon you...
You can hit the Pilot with most weapons but your Shotgun is very weak and has a huge range penalty so i recommend to RUN!
How? Sprint diagonal forwards so he won´t hit you that hard or even misses the Shot, to do this is better than any other thing. If you want to survive you have to sprint so, Cover is most of the Time useless against the huge Explosion Radius of the Hellfire Missiles, though you can try
Additionally if you're on a Rooftop you can try to jump off it but don´t "jump" just drop off, it´s a matter of seconds if you survive or not so just run towards the edge. Still i often loose my Life mid-air but i would have been killed no matter what i do

Jets are less dangerous but they are fast, avoid them by not to be in an often Bombed Area, like AA-Rooftops


You can´t get through and if you attempt so you will only loose your life or Enemies are approaching from all sides. This happens when you want to flank a Flag to Cap it or while you Cap it.
First thing to do: Be calm, or try to be at least
You have your Motion Sensor which shows your miserable situation, that´s fine, the MS will help you either to Win while outnumbered or to Kill most of them before you die.
You flank or try to defend a flank and the flank is covered by numerous enemies, so you can, if you want to attack:
simply the best: Try to go the other Flank, there are usually 2 or more ways to get to a Flag
or you try to take one out after the other, for longer ranges you should have a trustworthy Pistol /u] ready. Another possibility is to use your [u]Grenades to kill them behind Cover. If it is possible to get closer to them by using a slightly alternate route, then do it! Your MS will help you to locate any nearby enemy.

But what´s if you defend a Flank alone against numerous Enemies? Well, your Shotgun is suited for CQC and Defending though you must react fast and hit every target, use your MS and use Grenades.

You are surrounded! OMGWTFBBQ, You will die in here!

No, you won´t! Make a quick tactical analys where is the enemy, what do you have has defense (Claymores) and how much Grenades do you have? What are your Advantages? Reload your Shotgun and do your best:
The best thing to do is to break through, you have to find the weakest "spot" of the Circle and kill the Soldiers there, either you bounce your Grenades into the Soldier (Group), jump from above and rain downs some Shells or go around the Corner while they do as well.
You have to have luck to survive but if you break through you have the possibility to:
Run away
Attack them (with Grenades), sometimes there is only one left and one is none soon if you know how
Luckily you can survive without killing by finding an escape route which isn´t covered by foes, you just have to see it.

A Tank is heavy, powerful and luckily slow...

To meet a Tank (and APC) is not that good if you are somewhere in the open where you can´t hide or find cover, though it´s your own fault! I said it already but...
Well, you just can trace it and inflict some minor damage with Grenades but there is something which every soldier can do to survive as long as possible, with luck you get reinforcements in the shape of crazy RPGs flying to the Tank from all sides or a (missed) Hellfire Missile which finds it way to the Tank and if you die you still not wasted your time, you wasted the time of the enemy Tank which has more tactical value as common infantry.
How to Survive? Well you have to be fast and you must be close to the Tank. Any minor Cover which helps you to stay out of the tank sight for 1 sec is already enough for some to survive long:
You have to run around the Tank or the Cover, when you run around the Tank the Tank has difficulty to aim at you with the 120MM Canon though his Coaxial Gun may bring you down, the close you are, the better! Watch out, he may roll over you. If you go around the Cover you have to wait until the Tank sees you again, then you try to go out of his sight again, beware that he still can shoot the ground to damage you.

You are gravely wounded!

and so you would die instantly, neither what you hit (randomly). There are some things you shall remember when you want to survive. Alternatively you can just use Bandages or Adrenaline Shots.
Now you should avoid any frontal contact, even more than without these Wounds. With some Knowledge and Experience about the most used (Covered) Medic Box-Spots you should make your way to those. It is easier to get Medical Supplies when you´re going with your Team Mates or when you are within your territory. When you are behind the Enemy Lines you have to leave them or you go for Enemy Medic Boxes. It is smarter to respawn than to take a walk, a long one, for gettting healed (Respawn=Heal+Resupply). Use your remaining Grenades before you get killed Tongue

Out of Ammo!

It´s the same as with the Health, though now you have to use your Pistol for fighting, also you should also avoid frontal attacks and find some Resupply, somewhere...

But sometimes, dying is more effective for gaining the Victory. The Kill/Death Ratio is something for ...well,... i don´t want to call anyone names Dodgy .

Final Word

I hope i could help you with my Manual, this is what i can teach you. Feel free to Comment or use my Tactical Maneuvers in another way and i know it is quite long, MS Word counted ~4000 Words over 17 Pages but it´s necessary at least for me to have a Comprehensive Guide instead of small Tips all over the Place. Keep in mind that it is much more work to write a guide then to read it.

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Offline SakuraKoi 
List of my Guides:
-My BF Price List
-My Guide about Tanks and Tanking
-My Stat Charts for all your needs
-My Shotcon Manual
-My All you need to know about Defibs
-My Assault Guide
-My Karkand Maps
-My How to Spot and Report a possible Cheater
-My How to Search

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Offline Pandora_Fox 
Very Impressive, I look forward to Utilizing This Input

Weapon Cache Series
22-07-2011, 08:45 AM | Post: #4
Offline .L1Gh7~ 
Nice work Solid Wink

22-07-2011, 11:06 AM | Post: #5
Offline flashteckboomzy 
wow man, very awesome guide, goodjob Wink

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23-07-2011, 12:06 AM | Post: #6
Offline Giourgia 
Good one..

[Image: giourgia.png]
23-07-2011, 02:24 AM | Post: #7
Offline Admiralty 
Didnt read properly.
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24-07-2011, 04:27 AM | Post: #8
Offline [?]HopeNSpray 
great guide i appreciate the time you spent to write this
24-07-2011, 05:13 AM | Post: #9
Offline robcodd 
Pretty much exactly what I do.
Ill add that the faster sprinting ability is priceless for those knife kills.

Also with tanks, if they are going slow enough they just push u around and dont hurt you.
Also try jumping on them for some fun.

And now I know what CQC means Smile

oh and throw your motion sensor at D on karkand. that flag is very easy to ninja cap. Usually its an easy kill when you see them with your "wall hack"
24-07-2011, 11:29 PM | Post: #10
Offline Chang 
(24-07-2011 05:13 AM)robcodd Wrote:  oh and throw your motion sensor at D on karkand. that flag is very easy to ninja cap. Usually its an easy kill when you see them with your "wall hack"

Yes. Solid - this might be something to address when you expand this guide.

It pays to be flexible and unpredictable, but that being said, it also pays to have a 'running order' of flags to cap on each map. Shotgun recon is the best kit for flanking and sneak-capping in the game - it's vital that you retain the element of surprise, and formulating a plan so that you can attack from unexpected angles will mean that you'll get the best from your shotgun.

For example: On Karkand, if I'm on the US team I head from the spawn to B with all possible haste, sweep D via the alleyways, then flank round to take C from behind. Do this quickly enough, and you can roll up behind the RU side, steal C almost immediately after it's been capped, and pick off the cappers as they're moving up the map towards A and B.

The same strategy works for RU - cap D quickly, skirt around B, and take the long alley all the way to its end, so that you can steal A and pursue the US as they're moving up, taking them out one by one.

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Offline Bacon_bawllz
granite launcher > shotcon
25-07-2011, 12:39 AM | Post: #12
Offline Bacon_bawllz
You have the Elite USAS 12 (some may call you "Noob!", if you really are is another question which you can only answer yourself)

I can answer myself, I have a shotgun, I am moving up close and getting flags.
...What exactly is everyone else up to?

Dodgy <--- (the look on my face)
I eventually made that face so many times that i got tired and probably enough facepalms to make anyone else bald.
So i decided to stop using shotgun as my primary, It was good while it lasted.
25-07-2011, 12:46 PM | Post: #13
Offline flashteckboomzy 
i have a question,
what can you do with a shotgun in oman,dragon valley,(and there are comming larger maps)
you only can play in karkand sharqi and basrah ?

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25-07-2011, 05:25 PM | Post: #14
Offline St0mpy 
good guide, one thing to add rather than recon having 2 types, to be fair there are 3 distinct roles, camper sniper/area control (m95 or m24 typical), frontline sniper (svu or svd typical) and combat recon (shotty)
25-07-2011, 07:31 PM | Post: #15
Offline SakuraKoi 
(25-07-2011 05:25 PM)St0mpy Wrote:  frontline sniper (svu or svd typical)

i´m actualy writing a guide about this one. I prepared some snippets while i was traveling (that´s why you didn´t see me today and won´t see me until Thursday),even if you are alone and bored and have btw forget "The Study in Scarlet" out of haste Dodgy then you could work on something and i worked on a "Marksman Guide" Tongue Oh, You forget the M14 EBR Big Grin (I know it is UP but it is worth to be mentioned)

and i´m also may add some more later on, for Oman i suggest you to hunt down some Campers, stick to D or get into some vehicles. Pistol Sniping is also a good choice

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26-07-2011, 01:53 AM | Post: #16
Offline robcodd 
Oman is definitly tougher to get points on with a shotty.
What I tend to do, is stick to close combat areas like D and A. Otherwise, use vehicles and AA.
Spot everything you see. Tag vehicles. Although Dont tag everything at once. The rpg will most likely go after the stupid buggy even though a tank is marked right next to the engineer.

So ya play to your strengths.

I do have a blast flying around in a buggy, jumping out and filling someone with lead. Jump back in...repeat.
27-07-2011, 11:25 AM | Post: #17
Offline St0mpy 
ah yes the M14, it sounded awful and didnt perform so i forgot it existed

also now we have the new 110, combat sniper has had a buff lol

however now we have additional weapon slots, the idea of a single role loadout has just gone out of the window lol
27-07-2011, 05:31 PM | Post: #18
Offline SakuraKoi 
(27-07-2011 11:25 AM)St0mpy Wrote:  however now we have additional weapon slots, the idea of a single role loadout has just gone out of the window lol

I have lots of work to do now, updating the stats chart and such, let us what changed...

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I'm a cream whip Community Moderator, not an official EA Representative

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