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(15-07-2011 04:56 PM)Silvanoshi Wrote:  
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While many members of the Battlefield Play4Free community are Battlefield or FPS veterans, not everyone that plays this game has that level of experience.

In an effort to improve the field craft and know-how of our less experienced players we thought it a good idea to hand the mic over to our battle hardened veterans for general Battlefield advice, in-depth expertise, and maybe an insightful philosophical thought every now and again (what, too much? Angel ).

As such, we have set up a thread in which our veterans can leave their top tip of the day, the best of which we will publish to our Homepage and Facebook!

Lets kick things off with some basic, but extremely important tips!

If you are a medic DO NOT forget the medic boxes and if you are assault DO NOT forget the ammo boxes. Also DO NOT forget to give them to your team.
Submitted by LUCASKAZUO

For improved accuracy and more effect against enemy players, fire automatic weapons in short burst of 2 or 3. this works very well with the most SMGs and ARs.
Submitted by StealthyOwl

Be fast, be creative - dont use the same attack route every time if you get slaughtered.
Submitted by timt


#1 Tip ---> Fix the --->customization<--- Lag...after you have been killed! pls n ty
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Offline captainslow147 
lol i find it funny how they only just corrected the typo it used to say top tipps lol

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Offline Doofy 
Never drive through bugy sidewalks!

[Image: sysp-113502.png]
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Offline cadtace 
omg how mach do u guys not know them tips and tracks i used in the past b4 i started playing dah.

i rock i am lucky hehe Smile.
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Offline [TA]Vulcan_Xion 
If you happen to be lucky enough to get a tank dont be reckless with it and take an extra second to aim before you shoot. If you wanna be reckless then train for the coaxial machine guns when shooting infantry. Also DONT camp, as a tank your the toughest and strongest behemoth the land has to offer, so take that to your advantage and capture!

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Offline killerbrady 
If you a engineer do NOT forget your RPG.
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Offline Angel99 
(15-07-2011 04:56 PM)Silvanoshi Wrote:  what, too much? Angel

Yes, very much. translate.google.ru can not handle Big Grin

Tip 1. When you play in MEDIC:
Throw a medical box in the fortified places, so they did not break from shock or fire.
Tip 2.
On the HUD monitor shows the amount of health players on the team. Treat those who have low health.
Tip 3.
Throw a medical box in large crowd of people. It is more appropriate.
Tip 4.
When you have two medical boxes - you IMMORTAL! Smile
Tip 5.
Use the defibrillator. If you're as swift as the wind and agile as a fox, you come back to life most of your team Wink

Tip all:When you play in assault, sniper or engeener DO NOT forget the TRACER DART. [Image: BFP4f.jpg]
This gadget is very much helps your team to destroy a lot of vehicles the enemy for a short time.
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Offline Zedoctor 
To get an stealthy kill when dog fighting when using the jet, go to bomb mode and destroy the enemy jet with your machine gun this wont give the enemy pilot a heads up. And this will make you rule the sky
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Offline Mitchell 
Always help your fellow teammates, on the battlefield and in the forums.

[Image: 30w0511.jpg]
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Offline SYSanin-13 
For engineers:
- Repair team armor. It's easy way to earn some XP and teammate-pilot be pleased.
- Crouch and hide behind armor when repairing.
- If you sneak up on enemy firebase - mine vehicles.

For medics:
- If you have defibrillatore - use it! Resurrection helps to your team with the defense positions. Besides
every teammate res give you 50 XP (such as kill).
- Do not run out under crossfire for resurrect teammate. High risk to go down.
- If temmate under heavy fire (after res he go down immediatly) - DO NOT res him indefinitely. Let him appear in safe place and regroup.

For drivers:
- DO NOT knock teammate.
- Use third person view for better maneuver, watch teammate (especially engineers repairs your vehicle) and detect enemies.
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Offline maarten019384 
nice guysSmile
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Offline Ste_sniper89 
if you are a sniper
make sure you get not spotted or if you get spotted by enemies move in other position
18-07-2011, 06:03 PM | Post: #73
Offline captainslow147 
(18-07-2011 02:00 PM)Ste_sniper89 Wrote:  if you are a sniper
make sure you get not spotted or if you get spotted by enemies move in other position

If you are a sniper
make sure you dont get spotted or if you do get spotted by enemies move to another position

there we go all corrected looked like a google translate job Smile (if not please dont take offense!!!)

[Image: 8oq2yYz.png]
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Offline Ste_sniper89 
no problem Tongue italian boy
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Offline Soldier.K. 
Even Russians can be American if you dont die!
Your Enemy can even be your Ally, If you dont die!

Make sure that u load ur: Costumazition (<-- Or Whatever)
By: B1G-K3FJ3

[Image: BFP4F_Mini_Sig015.jpg]
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Offline KrashDummy 
Tips for Newbs when you are playing against Krashdummy:

Don’t bother using cover because you’re probably out of range for Krashes little M95.

Likewise, it’s OK to stand still for a while because you’re still out of range and Krash won’t be able to place a .50 cal bullet in your helmet.

No need to be cautious when running around the corner of the building because Krash usually forgets to put Claymores there.

Jump a lot like some other mentally slower than "average" FPS game. Krash can’t shoot you when you jump.

Tips for when you are playing WITH Krashdummy:

Don’t crowd in front of Krash while he is spotspamming for his team.

Medics – Be nice to Krash and drop off a medpack. He’ll Spotspam for you.

[Image: bfp4fsig.jpg]
19-07-2011, 05:03 AM | Post: #77
Offline manic1 
Recon units got superior range with sniper, using the spot option always helps your team out especially when that one gets away.
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Offline SScham 
Crouching is not always a life saver: imagine someone is shooting at your torso... and then you crouch...

[Image: bf3.png]
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Offline [MIA]Tylerhan 
DO NOT wait around your base for vehicles to spawn. Either hop on a AA or TOW, or get moving and help out your team.

[Image: xwEI3.png]

-FPS Veteran-
20-07-2011, 05:23 PM | Post: #80
Offline Life3asy 
For those who want to take flight lesson, do it AFTER we capture MORE flag than the enemy team.
After that, you can do whatever you like at base; knifing each other, scoping your team f8ck face, set hellos on fire unnecessarily are just a few amazing examples.

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