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12-07-2011, 05:54 PM | Post: #121
Offline Omulet 
Being your usual player in a random server that you play theres things that you need to know to get a good score and improve your teamplay at the same time
1.--Trace vehicles/spot them you get +10 points for spoting/ tracer tag +10, killing a enemy that killed you gives you +20 vengenge points
Dosen't mater if your Recon/Eng etc. this you have to do always when your in a battlefield

2.--Being a Medic seems cool[Image: monkey197.gif]
but you need to learn when you can revive the player in front or not
I know Reviving your teammates can give you +50 points for doing that, but sometimes you do more dmg than hellping,we all seen when e medic revives you in a spot where you get killed over and over till that medic realizes that its bad or he gets killed
Don't keep that Med pack just for yourself give it to your team,if your close to them it helps them survive longer and you get a constant feed of +10 points for doing that,you dont have to hear or read chat for "Need medic!!" this must be your second nature for playing a medic

3.--Recon the sneaky class[Image: monkey113.gif]
,either be shotgun or sniper rifle,be aware of your surroundings spot enemys when using the sniper rifle and throw that senzor motion ball ( maxx this skill out cause it helps more than you know) where the enemy team is masing or to the flanks to be aware of the behind enemy lines players,and helps your team to know how the enemys moves, thats if your team is not a full team of newbs
You have claymores use them,placing them in key positions can slow the enemy advance and get you some nice triples or double kills
Kiling a enemy that is firing on your team or friend in front of you you get the points for kiling him plus +10 for being a savior

4.--Assault you have the most neded ammo box, for thoes players that can rack up kills in the first 2 min of game and they ran out of ammo,youl be their live savior and get some +10 points for resuplying the team
Throw the ammo box where you see more of your guys,maybe they will need it ,keep doing that and get points,you dont need to stay near them, throw and move on to what you need to do

5.--Engineer, you guys can get the most scores on vehicles maps, just by destroying tanks,apcs etc
Repair you team tank or apc,dosent mater if that driver suks bad,he might keep the enemy team from advancing and you get some nice points while reparing
Throw thoes At mines on tanks or Apcs you can get awesome scores and deprive the oposing team for using heavy tank suport etc.
If your team is not noobish and actualy spots and trace the tanks etc. fire your rpg at them from wich ever direction you are ,it goes to them like a homing misle
Your Rpg dosen't need to be used just for the vehicles you can snipe the pesky snipers or the guys that camps in a spot,just need some practice with the drop while firing the rpg,it rages thoes guys off when you do that

6--Always cover your team when they advance,helps your team win the match
---Throw grenades at tanks/apc etc. get you guys some points or might kill them and helps the engineer kill them faster
--Using light vehicles to their full potential is key to succes if you know how to doit,sometimes its frustrating when you are in a good spot and keep supresive fire and geting some nice kills but out of nowhere one of your guys jumps in and drives away being rambo and geting killed in 10 seconds from doing that.Pls people remmeber don't do that ,you actualy do more harm than good
--geting on the AA guns on Oman can save your team from utter destruction ,when the enemy has air superiority,and your team has bad pilots
Either in your base or flags you captured use them you can spot while firing and increase your score
--Smoke grenades hardly used,but can get some cover to your team and yourself while capturing a flag or just by flanking to another position
Another way to use them is by geting behind the enemy team throw and get into the smoke and start kiling
--DMT( the most hated skill ever in this game) if you can spare the points ,then there is no problem of you not having this, perfect for infantry maps or Karkand ,most people ignore this and its their fatal mistake,either you kill more or just random when one of them runs over the spot you died and gets killed
--Make a small shock team for flanking(friends),its best to save the situation when the rest of the team literaly sucks

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Im a Medic/Engineer maniac
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Offline XkSAssassin 
1.When facing stronger bad guys that can do more serious damage to you, toss a grenade as fast as you can, and continue firing at the enemy so that he won't get a chance to run from the grenade's explosion.

2.When sniping, just like hunting, fire VERY early if the enemy's charging without firing and heading your direction very fast.

3.However, don't use headshots if there is another enemy soldier nearby.

4.The time between reloading your weapon could mean the difference between life and death. After the end of each gun-battle, stop, and reload quickly afterwards.

5.Before you reload, make sure to find a place to defend yourself from heavy enemy fire, such as a nearby room.

6.If you find any explosive objects such as barrels, vehicles, etc. and your enemy is nearby one of them, don't hit the bad guy directly.

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Offline x_Master_Piece_x 
Medic - Using a healing box near your teammates heals them !
Assault - Using a ammo box near your team mates gives them more ammo !
Engineer - Using RPG allows you to destroy any vehicles !
Recon - Using claymore gives you an advantage to kill a player that's trying to kill you from behind !

The tip of the master

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Offline Chaunce922 
Heli noobs , gtfo.
12-07-2011, 05:59 PM | Post: #125
Offline XkSAssassin 
Listen to see if any other bad guy is still alive. Whether it's shouting, stomping, footsteps, jingling, running, etc., you still have enemies to blow away.

Your weapon have different reloading times, so use the weapon with the faster reloading times.

Don't get too close to the enemy. When you aren't caught or seen, back off by a few inches.

I still do.
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Offline NOOOOB.91 
WHY CAN NOT play with your friends together, because I play IF he is on the opposite side for me for example: I us; and he is Russian.
Thanks if you could change something and add some new MAPS.
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Offline Kronin 
In maps with water, remember APCs from both team are amphibious and are harder to hit when in the water!

When on a jet, remember you should never attack enemy armor frontally and flying low: even tanks may shoot down you!

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Offline G7R1 
"If your atack is going to easy, maybe there is an ambush waiting for you."

"Watch the rooftops."

"Drop some Medic kits or Ammo Boxes near a spawn point, maybe help your team."

"Anti-Air missiles are good agaisnt Heavy and Light armoured Tanks."

"Call for close air-support when retreating."

"Be air-dropped behind enemy lines are usefull for ambushing them."

"Remember, LMG's may help you agaist a Light Vehicle or Infantry, never use them agaisnt a Heavy or Medium Armoured Tank."

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G7R1 = Medic / G7R2 = Assault / G7R3 = Recon / G7R4 = Engineer
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Offline Mikolajtr 
Hey, where's his grenade?! Oh, f***...
12-07-2011, 06:09 PM | Post: #130
Offline waravebger2.0 
make sure if your a engineer be with a assualtsoilder and a medic soilder they will be you best friends when taking care of tanks
12-07-2011, 06:11 PM | Post: #131
Offline Sonson-CZ 
Never wait for a Jet to respawn, at the best a teammate who is shooting down other jets can destroy it, at the worst your team will fail.
Never look at your dying teammates, call for a medic or heal him by yourself.
When playing as Medic, always look up on the team chat when it says I need a Medic! you should always drop the little red box you have.
Anti-vehicle mines deal massive damage and are useable when the driver is a idiot.
Recon is a class that should always use their motion sensors to warn their teammates.
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Offline LeoaprdM95 
Don't stick around where you killed before, they know where to find you!
12-07-2011, 06:19 PM | Post: #133
Offline x_Master_Piece_x 
choose the ability of dropping a grenade after you die it helps alot

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Offline markocro100 
Ok i will be short here:
3.More teamwork
4.A little bit of more teamwork
5.Last but not least teamwork
yea and that would be it....

Oh and did i mention TEAMWORK?

[Image: ?m=54]

Doom on you mister tango!
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Offline Naade 
1)Always take heavy armor to flags, it will help your team secure the flag faster.
2)Your main weapon will damage every vehicle except the tank and attack helicopter. Shoot the APC's tires.
3)When shooting the TOW missile always track (follow) a moving vehicle in the front.
4)At the start of the game always use your vehicles, they will help your team secure flags faster.
5)Use anti-air guns often, you will help your team survive certain impending doom.
6)You can capture flags faster with more teammates around it, if you notice your progress has stopped or is reducing, it means enemies are around the same flag.
7)Flying your helicopter or jet back to your teams home base will repair it.

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Offline SZASZ 
release tier 3
12-07-2011, 06:26 PM | Post: #137
Offline Jagdpanther 
- If you want to survive - be allways on the move.
12-07-2011, 06:28 PM | Post: #138
Offline spartanabc 
(12-07-2011 05:56 PM)x_Master_Piece_x Wrote:  Medic - Using a healing box near your teammates heals them !
Assault - Using a ammo box near your team mates gives them more ammo !
Engineer - Using RPG allows you to destroy any vehicles !
Recon - Using claymore gives you an advantage to kill a player that's trying to kill you from behind !

The tip of the master

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That would make me so rage Angel

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12-07-2011, 06:29 PM | Post: #139
Offline General_Kitteh 
knife is faster than the bullets

[Image: sniper-kitty-300x247.jpg]
12-07-2011, 06:32 PM | Post: #140
Offline HOTSHOX 
Always think about the tips of the day !!!

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