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Offline Silvanoshi
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The Battlefield Play4Free community is expanding at an extraordinary rate, the number of players entering the fray each day is unprecedented. With new players come new "Boots", soldiers who are fresh from boot camp and completely oblivious to the realities of war.

Luckily our community and forum is full of battle hardened veterans bursting at the seams with combat knowledge and field experience. Every soldier wants to fight alongside the best and the brightest, why not share that knowledge with your future teammates through your very own tip of the day!?

We are looking for those neat little facts, tips and tricks that you didn't know about when first starting the game, but that's not all, your tip of the day could serve as a simple pick me up, a joke, or a solemn reminder of what they are fighting for when entering the battle. Any way to psych yourself up for the hell that is about to rain down upon you is welcome preparation for Boots.

A quick example would be:
After tracing armor, make sure to throw nades at it to deal damage and pick up points!

When we have enough tips built up, we will pick two or three of the best and publish them to the homepage once a week Smile.

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Offline SakuraKoi 
If you have more Time than just to read some short Tips, then take a look at the Guide Section and learn some more!

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Offline Sphere 
Same old saying goes!

Quote:Guns don't kill soldiers, soldiers kill soldiers.
So, make sure you bring enough soldiers to the battlegrounds!

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Offline Griaumedis 
If you've won, then it's because of you, if you lost, then it's because of your team.
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Offline Ghost911 
remember to reload before going in combat!!

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Offline spartanabc 
How many Engineers does it take, to screw in a light bulb? "Do your class specific duties"

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Offline timt 
-) Trace armor, and keep the tracer on it even if he they smoke them. (yeah I stole that - but its important enough to repeat it Big Grin)
-) As assault, use smoke grenades to shield yourself when capping a flag
-) As engineer, throw down a mine right in front of the guy trying to run you over in a vehicle
-) Do NOT use Tanks, APCs, Apaches or Jets as taxis and then abandon them
-) As engineer, as soon as you see a tagged vehicle, fire your RPG straight up in the air - it will hit its target pretty much certainly across the whole map
-) SPOT, SPOT, SPOT - but dont spam it, every five seconds is enough
-) Be fast, be creative - dont use the same attack route every time if you get slaughtered
-) Throw down Ammo/Med packs all the time, even if nobody asks for them
-) As recon, max the motion sensor, and USE IT!
-) Get a sniper scope, dude
-) Your RPG is a pretty nice sniper rifle, get used to its drop and laugh about those camping snipers who seems to be unable to take a single step sideways Big Grin

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Offline Cloud90PL 
aim at enemy head, you will live longer than your enemy

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Offline Eltener 
Never use the jeep, sand buggy or transport helicopter unless you have a gunner.
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Offline StealthyOwl 
to have more accuracy and more effect against enemy players, fire automatic weapons in short burst of 2 or 3. this works very well with the most SMGs and ARs.

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Offline Nirvash 
- As a Recon, your team can see your motion sensors. So be sure to place them in strategic locations.

- As an Engineer, your weapons excell in close range encounters. So get in close for maximum damage.

- As an Assault, your weapon is much more accurate when you fire in single shots or short bursts.

Basic FPS stuff I suppose.

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Offline Absol 
to learn how to fly heli please use the transport instead of the apache..
12-07-2011, 04:24 PM | Post: #13
Offline Wurz3lbert 
It is not so hard to destroy a jet with your rpg Big Grin
simply shoot stright up in the air when it comes to you

Tag all vehicles you see! Cars too!

if you are a medic then get the defi and heal and revive the others! dont shoot all the time
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Offline mickey107 
its fun to shoot someone, but not if he shoot back...[/u]
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Offline theumpwolf 
Use the RPG in the close combat: If you see an enemy just throw a rocket next to his feets.
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If you are medic DO NOT forget the medi boxes and if you are assault DO NOT forget the ammo boxes also DO NOT forget to give to your team.


Sorry for any English errors I am brazilian.
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Offline Snipe0 
Use the F-key to boost your ego... and to look around cornes.

12-07-2011, 04:26 PM | Post: #18
Offline XkSAssassin 
Learning to get head shots is a crucial part of becoming the best. Head shots on unexpecting opponents is your best advantage.

I still do.
12-07-2011, 04:26 PM | Post: #19
Offline Nosgarath 
Here's one that compliments the tip: "keep moving"

Flank, Flank, Flank....and then Flank some more. Using as many different routes as possible in order to catch your enemy off guard and get that flag your team desperatly needs.

12-07-2011, 04:27 PM | Post: #20
Offline CaptainBane 
You are not a one man army. Take cover when you advance and dont stop moving when you are moving.

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