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Offline i-just-killed-u 
if you hear usas, and you have time to get into cover, get there. and when walking around corners, it's smart to either knife or pre aim....i have my knife to the mouse wheel so i knife around corners alot, but if you miss by an inch when knifing around the corner, it's hard to get a shot off before your dead.

add me plz

i-just-killed-u you might want to try my recon name Gotpizza??? b/c you'll have trouble finding me b/c there is alot of people with a similar name to i-just-killed-u. Wink
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Offline i-just-killed-u 
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Online Tempo_Rarity 
Are you the lone soldier manning the machine gun in the cargo choppers ? Switch gun positions often to find more targets .
Switch sides too if you just used all your bullets . A good pilot will turn as the gunner shifts position to the full mag .

Wise Man Say : Don't Shoot Mouth Off Unless Brain Loaded
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Offline Solo_Kamen 
(14-02-2012 01:04 PM)samanaslt Wrote:  After reviving your teammate, immediately drop medic box if you dont have defibrilator on level 3.

Fixed it for you Smile
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Online Jim1771 
Jim's Tip # 1771: Ignore the forums as much as possible too many whiners here.

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By starbuck1771 at 2007-03-07
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Online Tempo_Rarity 
Recons : Wounded an enemy who's now running towards you all vengeance-minded ? A final stand with your pistol at the ready is heroic , but running around the nearest corner and quickly dropping a Claymore or two at that corner is just plain hilarious as they come around to get you ... pling-boom ...

All Players : Instead of 'raging' at the need to respawn , congratulate the soldier who did it , especially if there was obvious skill involved . Then learn from it .

All Players : If your team is about to lose but the score is close , steal a flag . Momentum shifts sometimes turn a imminent loss into a surprise win .
... Tips ? Tactics ? Have F U N trying 'em ...

(screams from pilot seat) "Engie! Repair our chopper!"

Wise Man Say : Don't Shoot Mouth Off Unless Brain Loaded
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16-02-2012, 07:28 PM | Post: #2787
Offline xBorcx 
Когда в конце концов сделают русский интерфейс!????????
16-02-2012, 07:49 PM | Post: #2788
Offline Solo_Kamen 
(16-02-2012 07:28 PM)xBorcx Wrote:  Когда в конце концов сделают русский интерфейс!????????

Well, Russian interface would be cool but I would hardly understand it Big Grin
Instead of this, this game should be translated in all languages possible.... and I´m signing in as Slovak translator for BattleFunds
as a reward
P.S. Wrong topic?
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Offline meeha2
My tip of the day is, if Silvanoshi or any dev reads at all, is to make game fair by either introducing all Elite weapons or removing Elite shotguns, making helis not too op'ed, repair alt+tab, sometimes during gameplay it works just fine, but most of the time it won't return to full screen and I have to close it and start over. That is fair play as well, since that way I could play a little more, because it loads way too long! I don't want it to load for a minute or two only to find out it'll load the map for another minute! Most of the time, it loads just fine, but sometimes it takes too much time to load, and I can't wait for it to load, so I have to start all over. So, Silvanoshi, VitalBullet or any other dev, if you are here, reading this message, please release an update next week introducing Elite AK-47 and lemme play! (I mean, since you wouldn't have play me fine, how about Elite AK with a discount on the first day of sale?)

After all, at first, if I'm not mistaking, there were no Elites, and the weapons were too expensive. Then, the stock weapons were lowered in price and a little after, Elites came. Then you removed Elites and made customization. Not a fair game was that, but (less, not more or...) okayish. Now, you've lowered prices for stock weapons, and it's time to introduce Elite weapons. You can start with just one gun for every class, and be it AK-47 for Assault. I'm tired of all those noobs with shotguns and helis. I wrote to Silvanoshi, but he wouldn't respond. So, I'm writing it here, so that EA would start caring about game and introduced Elites and made the game fair!

P.S. Pistol that is more expensive than rifle... (at least in late December) ...that is too ridiculous...
P.P.S. I gave to Silvanoshi one more day to respond, but that'll be like a fine for not responding.
16-02-2012, 10:02 PM | Post: #2790
Offline MuffinYea 
-Don't bother dropping Ammo/Health boxes near spawn points, you respawn with full ammo and health anyway

-Assualt, give ammo whenever you see a friendly sniper with a M95. You only get 12-ish rounds, and that goes FAST M95 is easy to spot - it's a bullpup andhas the pointy barrel-thingy-bit (technical term)

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17-02-2012, 07:02 AM | Post: #2791
Offline victicious 
my tip of the day is to uninstall this turd.
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18-02-2012, 03:53 PM | Post: #2792
Offline gazainrussia 
There's always more than one of them, never let down your guard
18-02-2012, 03:54 PM | Post: #2793
Offline firstpirate1 
tip of the day - keep moving (you will soon learn from this)

also when giving experience points - give some to fast running and build up your heath as well.
19-02-2012, 05:38 AM | Post: #2794
Offline ArcaneChariot 
as assault-dont be afraid to waist a little extra ammo when you are in a safe place giving surpressing fire, but when infiltrating be careful cuz your primary will run out quickly and assault guns have a very identifying sound in this game. also the whole process of laying down a box, and realoding is just deadly when you are trying in enemy territory

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Offline ajb2 
Have locations planned out for each map, get a few kills in each location and move on before people figure out where you are.

If you just killed another player don't immediately go to camp out or set up in another location, wait for about 10 seconds or they will know where you are.

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Offline Sodahs 
Don't stop moving, snipers. Constantly scope in front and around you non stop. If you can get the first bullet, you will more than likely get the kill.
20-02-2012, 01:47 PM | Post: #2797
Offline Chang 
(19-02-2012 06:40 AM)Sodahs Wrote:  Don't stop moving, snipers. Constantly scope in front and around you non stop. If you can get the first bullet, you will more than likely get the kill.

Or, sniper gets the first shot, hits body. Target draws M1911, wastes sniper before he can get a second shot off.

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20-02-2012, 02:01 PM | Post: #2798
never trust a hippie!
21-02-2012, 04:45 AM | Post: #2799
Offline TheCrossFTW 
Don't bring your "Call of Duty: Magical Warfare 3" tactics here. Work with your team, help out and don't try to be a one man show.
21-02-2012, 03:03 PM | Post: #2800
Offline theshow176 
(12-07-2011 04:17 PM)Eltener Wrote:  Never use the jeep, sand buggy or transport helicopter unless you have a gunner.
yes never Blush

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