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How to use Teamspeak 3 (AKA TS3)?

Well, let's start with getting it!

Unsure of which version you need?
(32 or 64 bit)
Check you system properties. Right-click on "My Computer" (can also be done in the Windows-menu).
Click "Properties"
You will see a screen that tells you everything.
In Windows XP, I don't know exactly, but it will probably say something like x64 if you have a 64-bit system.
In Windows Vista and Windows 7, there's a line "System type", if it says 64-bit Operating System. Get the 64-bit Teamspeak 3 version.
Select a mirror (primary is usually ok), agree to the End User License Agreement, and you're downloading the latest TS3.

Get the CLIENT-version (unless you want to set up your own TS3 server, but that's a different story Smile )

Installing TeamSpeak 3
After downloading, install TS3, I hope you've done this before, but it's pretty much "click next until done" and "change what you want to change".

After that, you can start TS3 by selecting it from the menu or double-click the icon on your desktop.

Ok, now what?
Connect to a server! Your clan will most likely have their own TeamSpeak server. Ask one of the admins for the server details or check their clan page/website.

Incase you are not a member of a clan, you can always join the Battlefield P4F forum TeamSpeak server.

Click in the menu on connections, then click connect.
Enter the details. The Server Address is often an IP. If it is not on the default port, you will need to add : followed by the port. This is usually given!

Choose a Nickname. On Teamspeak, I often use "Sir Timmy the Fifth" as nickname (just for fun), and also, don't forget the Server Password! (Or you won't be able to connect.)

Now, click Connect, and you're in a Teamspeak server. That wasn't that hard, right?

If you find yourself in a channel (or room as it's actually called) and someone is being really, really annoying, you can file a complaint.
These complaints show up in the servers admin-system. (At least, most servers have a complaint-supporting admin-backend)
How to file a complaint
Right-click the user that's being annoying. It should have the option "Make a complaint". (Note, if I'm not mistaken, you can NOT complain about yourself... Tongue )
Clicking this will give you a pop-up asking for the reason.
Enter the reason and click OK.
I personally will NOT ban any user after one complaint, but, if enough complaints from different users come in. A ban or kick can be considered.

Getting temp Admin on the BFP4F server
If you are in a match room with your friends, you can get Channel Admin. This gives you the power to kick users from the channel (idlers, 'listening in' etc.).
If you think you need this power. Contact any of the Server Admins.
They can give you temporary Channel Admin power. But only if needed!
Preferably, just ask (right-click and select "poke client") for help.

I want my own avatar!
Yes, you can!
Right-click on your name and select "Set avatar"
It's that easy.
The upload-limit is set to 2MB, but please, it's better to just upload a small image, around 200k.
Not because of the server, but it's better for other users. Low bandwidth-users might even encounter more ingame-lag because the Teamspeak Client is downloading an avatar.

But how to change channels?
Just double-click them.

But I want to change my nickname!
Right-click on your name, and select the appropriate action.

My sound is really bad
Check your ping. Right-click your name and select "Client Connection Info". If the Ping is below 200, you're good. Above 200, you might get some delay.
Above 600 and your connection to the teamspeak server is unstable and teamspeak is having difficulties keeping the connection alive and working.
On average, a ping between 0 and 300 is ok. 300-600 might have some stuttering.

Also, via Settings->Options, the screen you get, under "Application", you can set the checkbox next to "Show Ping" (in the "Statusbar" field). That way, you always see your ping in the status-bar at the bottom.
If it fluctuates really, really, really, really much, something is wrong with your internet-connection.

I want to see what nationality everybody is. Can it be achieved?
Yes, it can be done quite easily even! It doesn't even require installation of any addon.
Just go to Settings->Options
You'll get a screen with a lot of options and stuff. Select "Design" on the left. Under the "Channel Tree" there's a checkbox with "Display country flag on clients", just check it, click Apply or Ok, and you're done!

Enjoy teamspeaking with your friends, enemies... or whoever!

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Offline Johnysnake 
Awesome guide. ^^

Might be very useful for those having trouble with the set up.

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Offline G-BF.com^Danny 
Join our Teamspeak3 Smile

IP: <Removed by Johnysnake>
Port: <Removed by Johnysnake>
no password

Our Servers | Our Game-Admins | Website: G-BF.com | Contact Us

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Offline Johnysnake 
(09-07-2011 11:39 PM)G-BF.com^Danny Wrote:  Join our Teamspeak3 Smile

IP: <Removed by Johnysnake>
Port: <Removed by Johnysnake>
no password

This is not the right place for this. You guys have a Clan page right? Put it there.
There is no need for "advertising" in this thread.
This way we can keep this guide clean and everyone who got an own server can refer to this guide, without being worried about others who are "advertising" here.

(Btw, the server details of your clans TS3 server are already in your signature. Wink )

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Offline Sphere 
Added some info about how to use teamspeak.

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Offline pwner12 
do you need a ic to do ts3?
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Offline pwner12 
-Mic- i mean
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Offline Mitchell 
Nice guide. With all these new clans being created, they'll need to know how to use teamspeak effectively.

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Offline Sphere 
(17-07-2011 12:44 AM)pwner12 Wrote:  -Mic- i mean

Yes, to actually talk, you do need a mic... or shout really, really, really hard outside your window Tongue

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If you want to save some resources, always minimize TS3 and disable all DSPs like automatic gain etc. You'll get 50-100% lighter process, both CPU and memory.

Bonus option: You can save some additional CPU power by changing TS3 priority in Task Manager, change it to "below normal". This may cause stuttering (haven't noticed yet..) but it's better that TeamSpeak stutters and not the game Wink Remember connect, test and set all settings you need before you lower the priority. TS3 interface is painfully slow with lower priorities (where do you think that saved process time and memory comes?) The change is only minimal, but when you do get spikes, TS3 is the one that's paused first. You rarely have situations where 20ms delay in VOIP is more important than who clicks first..

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Offline Dr.Storm
If you want to save resources and not have your pc sleep states messed up then completely close out TS when you arent using it, better still, dont install it in the first place, use a better coded app
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Awesome thread.

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