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Offline Johnysnake 
[Image: ts3forumcommunityserver.png]

NOTICE: Unfortunately the Community Teamspeak server is not availabe currently, and we do not know if or when it will be online again. If it does become available again in the future, notice will be posted in the forums.

Listen up soldiers!

We (the community moderator team & Sphere) have set up a TeamSpeak 3 server for all who like to have a VoIP chat with other forum users.
Feel free to join us and talk about current discussions, ask questions or use one of the match rooms to communicate with your friends while playing the game.

The BFP4F TS3 Forum Community server can be used for:
  • BFP4F related General Discussions (Talk about "serious" subjects)
  • Off-Topic Discussions (Lol and troll with other forum users)
  • Support (Ask your questions directly to a Forum Regular or even Moderator)
  • Ingame VoIP (Join together with your friends while playing on a server)
  • Special Events

Download the TeamSpeak 3 Client here.

Server info:

Label: Battlefield P4F Forum Community Server
Password: BFP4F

Server stats
[Image: 968340.png]

Server rules:

While using the BFP4F forum community TeamSpeak 3 server, you agree to the following terms.

You will not:

Use the service to....
    Send spam/junk.
    Upload files which are harmful to others.
    Join channels to annoy other users.

Nicknames that are sexually explicit, racist, discriminatory, insulting or annoying are not allowed.
Don´t use an Administrator or Moderator’s name.

    English is the preferred language on the public non-passworded channels.
    Using other languages is allowed when talking in private or when all people in the channel understand said language.
    No sexually explicit, racist, discriminatory or otherwise insulting remarks.
    No flaming or excessive swearing.
    No discussing politics / religion unless in a private channel.
    No discussing of hacks / warez.

Any and all players that are found trying to compromise the server will be banned from connecting ever again.
Any decision made by a moderator or admin is final. There is no discussion about this possible in any way.

More rules may be added later.

Wanna use our TS3 server for your BFP4F event?
Ask one of the server admins if they can create a special event chat room for your event.
And add one of those banners to your thread to provide all necessary information.



[Image: dCQLN]
[Image: gTuDV]

TeamSpeak 3 is required for this Event. Make sure that you have installed the client! Don´t forget to bookmark this server!

BFP4F Forum Community Server

Password: BFP4F

[color=#CCCC99]TeamSpeak 3 is required for this Event. Make sure that you have installed the client! Don´t forget to bookmark this server!

[b]BFP4F Forum Community Server[/b][/color]
[color=#CCCC99]Address:[/color] [b] [/b]
[color=#CCCC99]Password:[/color] [b]BFP4F[/b][/align]

All credits for this TS3 server go to: Sphere. Wink

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Offline spark77 
nice work guys

spark77 | ivil.mc.nivil | hsdude | omg.hs
08-07-2011, 02:36 PM | Post: #3
Offline Motante 
(08-07-2011 02:22 PM)spark77 Wrote:  nice work guys


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08-07-2011, 03:18 PM | Post: #4
Offline .L1Gh7~ 
Cool Big Grin

08-07-2011, 03:23 PM | Post: #5
Offline Landia 
Please don't ignore the MG TS server now Johnysnake Sad.

08-07-2011, 04:16 PM | Post: #6
Offline hotified-MED 
cool Smile nice one!

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08-07-2011, 06:58 PM | Post: #7
Offline Johnysnake 
(08-07-2011 03:23 PM)Landia Wrote:  Please don't ignore the MG TS server now Johnysnake Sad.

I won´t. Wink I´ll keep switching between my TS bookmarks.

08-07-2011, 07:52 PM | Post: #8
Offline Tanis 
I will do my best to be on this server while at my computer regardless of what I am doing if people need to talk about a concern or complaint. If I am on my computer I will be in the TS3 server.

Thanks to Tobias for the sig! [] Dxdiag and HiJackThis
08-07-2011, 07:56 PM | Post: #9
Offline FarmerFaz 

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To put it short, use search
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Offline -=OG=-Vercetti 
Nice one guys!

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Offline iPwnU2 

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08-07-2011, 09:18 PM | Post: #12
Offline Jack.Sparrow 
how many slots are there available?

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08-07-2011, 09:59 PM | Post: #13
Offline Sphere 
Currently, there are 50 user-slots available.

I might be able to make more room later.

I'm currently experimenting with some army-style icons.
If you where in the Closed Beta, and you happen to see me online, contact me on teamspeak for a closed-beta icon behind your name!
(I will be checking against your closed-beta-forum-tag!)
ow, hey, cool!
Ok, if I'm not online, send me a PM with your username and Database ID on Teamspeak.
You can find this Database ID by clicking on your name, and check on the right, it should say your Nickname, Unique ID (long, unreadable code) and the Database ID.
Send me this ID and if you indeed according to the forums where in the Closed Beta, I will add you to the group.

[Image: 30891393.png]
Server Admin (General)
[Image: colmu.png]
Community representative (Forum moderator, representative, those guys that work here) (Colonel)
[Image: ltg.png]
Channel Admin (Lieutenant General)
[Image: sfcy.png]
Closed Beta Player (Sergeant first class)*
[Image: sgt.png]
Normal user (Sergeant)
[Image: 24recruitrct16x16.png]
Guest (default group) (Recruit)
*: I chose this icon, because it's most like the actual closed-beta armpatch AND looks kinda cool.
(Tanis, Johny, I'll send you a PM later on how to add to a group without using keys later, if needed)

Also, I *might* take down the server for about an hour or two coming week for some maintenance. (Only if I feel like it, it's nothing important, just some cleanup of the logs etc., but has to be done, and preferably followed by a system reboot Wink )

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Offline MarkyO 
I hope you aren't paying for the TeamSpeak server are you?

[Image: final.jpg]

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09-07-2011, 04:29 AM | Post: #15
Offline SkyDog13 
Wow! Awesome idea!

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09-07-2011, 10:28 AM | Post: #16
Offline Johnysnake 
(09-07-2011 03:31 AM)MarkyO Wrote:  I hope you aren't paying for the TeamSpeak server are you?

The server is offered by Sphere. So all credits for this awesome tool go to him. Wink

09-07-2011, 11:56 AM | Post: #17
Offline Rokka 
I gonna check this out.

[Image: hRV7vTO.gif]
09-07-2011, 04:12 PM | Post: #18
Offline SakuraKoi 
Aww, my Mic is broken Sad I may join the TS just to hear your voices when i play with some of you

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I'm a cream whip Community Moderator, not an official EA Representative
09-07-2011, 05:17 PM | Post: #19
Offline Johnysnake 
(09-07-2011 04:12 PM)Solid Wrote:  Aww, my Mic is broken Sad I may join the TS just to hear your voices when i play with some of you

Feel free to join any time. Ask your friends to join aswell and make use of one of the match rooms. We have currently more than enough slots available.

09-07-2011, 06:32 PM | Post: #20
Offline ST.Iscuria 
Nice works!

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