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09-06-2011, 01:23 PM | Post: #101
Offline [13th]Adicomedic 
no more sharqui maps!!! they remaind me to Cod Confused

sorry for the bad english
09-06-2011, 01:26 PM | Post: #102
Offline BGCrusader 
Is this game going to be infantry only combat or a Battlefield game which is going to be played for free?
Cuz at the moment I am seeing it as the first option.
09-06-2011, 01:28 PM | Post: #103
Offline RobHasThePower 
Actually more People would play or stay playing BP4F if there were more maps like OMAN...
Lutsch meine Eier
09-06-2011, 01:37 PM | Post: #104
Offline Admiral_X 
I play Battlefield for the vehicles... Notice the key word "VEHICLES"
If I want an infantry type battle only then I'll stick to Call of Duty.

Stalkin' U through my Scope
09-06-2011, 01:37 PM | Post: #105
Offline [==C]Elefant 
(09-06-2011 01:09 PM)Ballistic Wrote:  I like this.

I hate vehicle maps, sucks for medic AND assault and recon a bit, only are really good for engis who just repair themselves.
Again just for you. WHY play Battlefield in the first place??? Go back to COD maybe or even worse Counter Strike?
09-06-2011, 01:38 PM | Post: #106
Offline MikeAlphaLima 
c'mon create more maps like OMAN we love helis and jets we hate to be on foot pls create more maps like OMAN
09-06-2011, 01:40 PM | Post: #107
Offline [==C]Elefant 
(09-06-2011 01:19 PM)Tanis Wrote:  Battlefield is not only about vehicle gameplay it is about all aspects of combat on the battlefield.
yeah which has been balanced PERFECTLY in Battlefield 2. I had intense tank battle and close quarter combats on every map. Why isn´t that possible here?
This is not Battlefield. It´s CODfield enough said... . What a dumb reason your naming omg. Doesn´t make sense. Ever played Battlefield 1942 or Battlefield 2?? Probably not. Otherwise you wouldn´t post this "comment". FAIL.
09-06-2011, 01:43 PM | Post: #108
Offline tenevoy43 
Coolот душиииии!по больше бы карт
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09-06-2011, 01:46 PM | Post: #109
Offline Tanis 
Actually I have played them all. So before assuming anything about me try asking or at least allowing me to answer.

Some people like the vehicles some do not. They are trying to make the game where everyone can find something they like in it. You don't like infantry only maps that is fine. Don't talk down to people who do just because you don't like it.

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09-06-2011, 01:50 PM | Post: #110
Offline Markiller 
(09-06-2011 11:09 AM)Bombardement Wrote:  Dude the all the new Battrlefield games are all about defaming the Middle Eastern Countrys. It´s just another tool to scape goat the "evil" terrorists. Just take a look at Battlefield 3´s content.
Enough said.
They´re trying to promote this political correctness even though i´s supposed to be just a game... .
It´s like USA (patriotic brave soldiers fighting to preserve freedom and peace) vs MEC (axis of islamistic evil terrorist scumbags).
They´re trying tho shove down this BULLSH!T on TV and now even in video games.
COD ain´t better btw.

Karkand is Pakistan city.
Sharqi is UAE city. its nearest to dubai which is opposite in there political policy and life stile. Sharqi is more religions. dubai is more open "sexy" way.
Oman is Arab country. also known for its relational life style. but not like Pakistan and Afghanistan which are both more radically religions way.
Also the new map ofc is city in iraq.
btw not all BF maps in Arab or islamic Citys. some BF2 in china citys.
ofc i agree with ur point. its all about political reasons.

09-06-2011, 01:52 PM | Post: #111
Offline Dracula666 
No one Dev answered my post...

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09-06-2011, 01:55 PM | Post: #112
Offline Sam_Sweet 
first off how is this game even fun if i can't even play on max settings cuz my screen goes blurry when i aim down my sights ive mentioned this in game and it seems nobody smarter than a 5th greater even responds im an avid beta tester and developer of some amatuer game projects since i was 7. this games releases seem very under dated and the player to player contact and teamplay is utter garbage tutorial missions should be required for players to even enter a vehicle. bug reports should be an automatic button you can send them info on the bug you discovered. it's rediculous how this aiming issue hasn't been solved yet.
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09-06-2011, 02:00 PM | Post: #113
Offline SScham 
i like Basra despite the no vehicles stuff. (feels) bigger than Sharqi and good for training the weapon-use and must watch contsantly everywhere cuz there are so many corridors and spots from where enemies can jump out. frustrating :)

yeah, tell me to play CoD but... it is NOT free and the feel of weapons is more to my liking in BF.

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09-06-2011, 02:03 PM | Post: #114
Offline Asraelite 
Map is fine!
And I like that P4F has some IO maps, and some with vehicles.
More of this!!!!

Love the tank, hate the sniper!
09-06-2011, 02:03 PM | Post: #115
Offline .:bfp4f:. 
WOW NICE I Love this new map

09-06-2011, 02:10 PM | Post: #116
Offline ElliottSpencer 
(09-06-2011 11:09 AM)Breakthru Wrote:  
(09-06-2011 10:32 AM)EgoPrimez Wrote:  
(09-06-2011 10:27 AM)Kojon Wrote:  If sharqui starts I usually close game and open again trying avoid it - now I will be do the same with basra.

amen to that m8


Same here. I got really excited when I saw a new map named "Basra", thinking of my favorite map in the old Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat mod "Basrah's Edge", so those of you familiar with that old map I'm sure can understand my disappointment.

No more battlefunds for me here. In my mind, this game is only a placeholder until BF3 comes out.
09-06-2011, 02:10 PM | Post: #117
Offline -=DF=-Genocidal 
can anyone get into the ''updating errors'' and the fact that the game crashes when loading screen should be done...

I allready reinstalled and cleared my cache..

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09-06-2011, 02:11 PM | Post: #118
Offline DocOlds 
Awesome new map and glad it isn't another Omen, all people do there is spawn camp waiting for aircraft anyway.

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09-06-2011, 02:11 PM | Post: #119
Offline Pvt_Davis 
All players like Oman. Pls create new map with 3 Comanches and 3 Black Hawks to all sides and create map with 64 max player.
09-06-2011, 02:11 PM | Post: #120
Offline [SoG]LT.Astartes 

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