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maybe it would be good if :
standard - vet - elite weapons FOR CREDITS would be:

ASSAULT (AEK and M16):
1. they all have the same ELITE damage
2. vet has extended mag from 30 to 35 bullets
3. elite = 35 bullets + red dot sight (not that red circle with dot) with slight ADS magnification, say if standard ADS is 1.1x then red dot sight would be 1.2x (not to make them sniper like)
4. black color for M16 (I hate "orange" M16)

similar to ENG and MED class
sniper weapon (all elite damage) difference would be in
1. vet = extra mag
2. elite = enhanced scope

P.S. I'm a buyer but I have a bad feeling killing with SAW people who have, say, MG3 (btw. that's 7.62 version of MG42 so it's stats should be like in PKM and M60)

all others weapons should be also offered for credits at some higher price

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Offline thefighter0106 


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