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Offline DrDred-E 
Assault Class Weapons fire tests: Elite Scar-L, Elite STG77 Steyr Aug, Elite w/Holo STG77 Steyr Aug, Veteran AEK-971, G3A4 and Veteran M16A2.


1. SCAR-L: This is truly an elite weapon with a huge learning curve, not for beginners. The damage is heavy but to use it effectively, you will need serious trigger discipline. The recoil is extremely heavy and its hard to get good groupings on anything greater than 3 round bursts. Luckily, the recoil is vertical (straight up). I don't suggest you spend your money on this unless your bored or very experienced.

2. STG77 Steyr Aug +/- Holo: This gun is a definite killer with or without the holo scope. You get a better sight picture with the holo but that’s it. Don't feel bad if you have the standard, there both great. High rate of fire, tight groupings coupled with high damage makes you one to fear. The only issue is the unusual horizontal right recoil. It's definitely something to get used to, but easy to compensate for. This is my personal top assault rifle suggestion.

3. AEK-971: This is a great gun especially if you don't want to spend money. Good damage, predictable vertical recoil and with controlled bursts, reasonably tight groupings. The relatively low rate of fire and great sight make it a great weapon to do small effective bursts of fire. This is my second favorite assault rifle and has given me many kills.

4. G3A4: This is the new sleeper rifle and totally free. Most people don't realize why. The last patch removed all perceived recoil. The barrel doesn't move at all!! What that means is you have the most stable gun in the game now. Just don't drag on the trigger and you will have 5 shot groupings in an area tighter than any automatic gun in the game...for now at least. The damage isn't the highest, the mag is small and it's not pretty, but at range the gun is evil. Definite props to this gun.

5. M16A2: This is a good gun but I detest it. Many will not agree. The tests that I've done show bad round dispersion if you fire continuously. That means bad groupings compared to some of the other guns. Considering the rate of fire the 3 rounds are coming out, I expected much better results. The recoil is vertical, controllable and fairly predictable. The biggest problem is the burst fire. My play style is very aggressive and the burst doesn’t lend well to aggressive flag assaults compared to the fully auto rifles. If you watch my videos...you will understand. This gun has gotten me killed and I don't recommend it over the others.

Engineer Class Weapons fire tests: Elite w/Holo UMP, Elite MP5, PP2000, Veteran P90 and Veteran MP7.


1. UMP +/- Holo: This weapon hits hard!!!...When it hits. The weapons is good close in and does heavy damage. The weapon has terrible accuracy compared to the other sub-machine guns considering the cost. 1 shot hit probability is good...not excellent. After a burst of 3 or 4, goodluck at any distance beyond 50 yds. Very disappointing. Rate of fire is fine and close in it's fine...but save your cash..either version.

2. MP5: This weapons is my new favorite and arguably on of the most deadly weapons in the game now. Large magazine, relatively high rate of fire, insane accuracy and heavy damage. At long distance average damage of body and limbs of at least 16-18 pts. Coupled with the rate of fire and 95% accuracy...you become a killing machine at all ranges. On full auto,there's almost no muzzle creep. Only a minimal vertical recoil. The only issue for some may be the reload time. It's a bit longer, but by far the best overall sub machine gun or rifle...yes even over my wonderful MP7. A must buy..get it!!!
Combat Vid 35 and 9: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lraJLJmlAM

3. PP2000: Well, it's free and it shoots bullets. Small mag, low damage and good rate of fire. This gun can work for a while but don't get trigger happy or you won't hit the side of a barn. In small 5 rnd bursts you will be okay, but after that bullets go every where. Not the best first round hit probability. Good gun to learn on but you will definitely appreciate the MP5 or 7.

4. P90: In real life one of my favorite guns. In game high rate of fire, moderate damage, good short range and moderate range groupings and massive magazine. At long range your in trouble. The large mag can make you overly confident. I'd rather have 5 on target shots than 15 pray and spray misses. Good gun but definitely inferior to the MP5 and MP7.

5. MP7: This gun destroys most enemy’s and is devastating close in against everything but a shot gun. At range it losses its punch but makes up for damage in rate of fire and long range burst accuracy. At long range only about 10-13 damage. Compared to the MP5 that may not sound like much but that can be 8 pts of damage difference per shot. Close in the MP7 vs Mp5 may have you but anything beyond 100yrds and the MP5 will eat you alive. Sorry, people the MP7 is no longer top dog. You better pray they don't holo it.

Medic Class Weapons fire tests: Elite w/Holo M249, Elite M249, Veteran PKM, Veteran M60 and MG3. Sorry, no Elite MG36 video...


1. M249 +/- holo: Wow, what can I say...This is a weapon of pure destruction and the most dangerous gun in the game. This LMG is a tack driver. A single fire, aimed shot will hit what ever you want too. Spray if want...aimed this gun will cut and entire squad down no problem. High damage, minimal recoil, huge mag, great rate of fire. This it the only gun where the holo makes a difference. It's great without but with the holo, it's incredible just watching the reticule rock slightly back and forth but always on target...not like the Aug. A definite game changer and a Must Buy..if you can swing it.

2. PKM: The most underrated LMG in the game. The sighting system is terrible, but look at the groupings in the video. Pretty good and the gun hits pretty hard. The recoil is vertical and predictable. I think this gun will take patience for someone new but it's basically free to use. You will be outmatched by an M249, but all things being equal, I wouldn't fear any other medic. Definite props for this gun.

3. M60: Wow, What a disappointment. It sounds great and hits hard. The problem is you will need a lot of luck hitting whatever you’re aiming at after the first round is fired. The recoil is awkward and diagonal to the upper right moving to about the 2 o’clock position. Bullet dispersion is terrible and anything at range is all but impossible to hit unless firing single fire. Definitely, avoid this dog of a model.

4. MG3: Used to be great..now it's watered down. Well, it's free. Damage is low, rate of fire is high, ammo dispersion is high. At close range it can be mean but I think the sounds effect makes it seem better than it is. The sounds isn't representative of the actual rounds counting down as you fire. It's a free gun...bet a better one.

5. MG36: I didn’t record it, but I did try it. It has some nice features like a good good damage, rate of fire and a faster reload...but the thing is very inaccurate with anything beyond a few rounds. You don't have to believe me but there are better LMG's to have in this game...Save your money.

Many more exciting combat gameplay BFP4F vids:

Main YouTube channel with 23 BFP4F vids:
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Offline Magister_Ludi 
Thanks for the comprehensive vid and info. I was wondering about the SCAR vs the STG77.

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Offline kunjj16 
WOW thank you soo much. Very Helpful. I wasnt a fan of engineer until I read this.

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Offline [TSS]Ballanor-E 
awesome work!! I love this post, good job!
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Offline kunjj 
After I read this, my KDR is 2+ now where as before I was just barely breaking even. Thanks for the help.

BTW kunjj = kunjj16 lol

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I go right when everyone goes left. (This post was last modified: 22-05-2011 02:58 AM by kunjj.)
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Offline [TSS]Ballanor-E 
now can you do a review on pistols for each class? =)
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Offline Drummernate 
@ Ballanor

The pistols are universal for each class. EG. my Engineer's M1911 performs exactly the same as my Medic's M1911.

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Dubstep, dragons, and tanks... Now that would make an epic game!
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Offline =LAMPA= 
MP5 is rly cool Big Grin

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Offline DrDred-E 
Important update: The P226 is not what I thought. After some extensive testing, I have concluded that as far as accuracy goes the stats are wrong. The Vet 45 is a tack driver and the P226 is mediocre at best at hitting the target.

Hi guys. I'm glad you like the guides. Thank you. Here are the pistols reviews some of you asked for. The vids will follow

Here's my thoughts on pistols...A good pistol will save your life in a pinch. I only use 3 pistols in the game. The rest serve no purpose to me. Vet or elite weapons are the way to go. Don't waste your time on the standard ones.

1. The Vet 1911-Best overall pistol. It has superior performance to the P226 with a bit more recoil but can has terrific (not like the Mp412) accuracy at medium and even mid to long range. Like I mentioned before the big difference is the magazine size and the biggest thing for some of you, may be that the vet 45 is essentially free. If I didn't have gold, I would bank on this.

2. The new P226-good gun. Has average accuracy, good rate of fire, controllable recoil and good damage. The primary negatives are the accuracy (huge), cost (huge) and it's only an elite weapon. The only reason it might beat the Vet 1911 is because of that insane magazine capacity (44%) almost double). 18 vs 10 and only a very slight difference in damage. I personally think the .45 damage should be much higher than the P226. I'm assuming it represents the 9mm,.40 cal or the .357 (they don't really tell us). But I know the .45 will knock you over. *This update is the disappointing part. Recently, I have done some serious testing including in battle and this thing is not very accurate at range. At close range the sheer volume of fire will kill if you have a fast trigger finger but don't snipe with it. I'm mad because I have 2 now. Back to my trusty .45's This weapon is best served as a back up for an assault sniper (capping sniper) or good for sniper defense if they run up on you. Other than that, get the Vet 45.

3. MP412 hand cannon-In the hands of an expert this gun is a sniper pistol. It has a predictable slow rate of fire for a pistol, massive recoil, a slow reload speed but.....it hits like a sledgehammer. You can afford to miss to often because you only get 6 shots but it only takes 3 to down a 100% target and inly 1 to the noggin. It has awesome range and I have eliminated many a sniper with it at extreme range. As a bolt action sniper, it is a definite follow up 1 shot kill. The reason you would do this is because it's faster to pull out than to reload a single rifle round. I own 2 but I have to say I don't recommend it. I would suggest one of the above pistols. Magazine capacity of the competitors, out weighs the positives to this gun.

The remaining pistols are the Mp443 Grach and the M9. To keep this simple MP443 is outclassed in the game by the top 2 and if thats the case, then why bother. The M2 has been watered down to a pop gun since open beta. It's by far the worst gun in the game now.

The Vids are done but I lost one...Coming soon...Smile.
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Offline kunjj 
If you ever do recon, mind posting your thoughts? So far you've been a big help. My games have been much better Big Grin

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Offline [BF-X]rugger.ger 
Very nice! I bought the UMP45 a long time ago and I love this gun really, because it sounds greater then all other weapons. But as I saw that there was the MP5 in the store and now, when I see your video about the MP5, I guess I need this weapon too ^^

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Offline aRkLeY 
I bought the AUGSTG77 just a little while after it was released, and it's still a great gun--I get pretty dependable 2.5-6.0 games with it. I'm a little pissed that EA did the rightwards recoil nerf though...

23-05-2011, 03:14 AM | Post: #13
Offline Magister_Ludi 
What's funny about the AUG is that in the weapon description it says straight line recoil. I think the AUG should probably keep the straight line and the SCAR should have the rightwards recoil.

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Offline .Iota 
any idea about the SVU-A?
25-05-2011, 05:37 AM | Post: #15
Offline Kukeye 
Great Video's a real help on decieding on which to get!!!
Thanks a bunch!!
Se ya on the battlefield

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Offline DrDred-E 
(24-05-2011 10:39 AM).Iota Wrote:  any idea about the SVU-A?

Yea Iota...save your money...it has many negatives...Low ammo amount,low damage. To be effective u have to use it as a semi auto. If your gonna do that u may as well get the elite SVD. I really hated it to be honest. They're r much better guns.
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Offline DeadNight 
Good Stuff Dred. I tried the Scar-L and that thing is incredible. Manageable recoil and insane damage.
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Offline exair 
(25-05-2011 05:45 AM)DrDred-E Wrote:  
(24-05-2011 10:39 AM).Iota Wrote:  any idea about the SVU-A?

Yea Iota...save your money...it has many negatives...Low ammo amount,low damage. To be effective u have to use it as a semi auto. If your gonna do that u may as well get the elite SVD. I really hated it to be honest. They're r much better guns.

I'd reconsider that, with clever motion sensor use every class is easy cake for the SVU, I just can't play any other class since I bought it.

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Offline Migop 
Good games tonight sir. I will try out the mp5 on my engi one of these days as apparently we get them free for 24hrs till the end of May.
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Offline MickeyMouse 
Great guide! Thanks for the tip on the MP5. I'm going to give a try right now!
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