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New Guidelines can be found here.

How To Post In Clan Forum

Soldiers, new stringent guidelines on posting in this forum will unfortunately have to be clarified. Clan topics are for the purpose of clan recruitment, clan activities and general discussion. They are NOT for airing internal politics, degrading or demeaning other clans, interfering with other clan recruitment threads or posting demeaning troll images to antagonize another.

If your post does not correspond with the below mentioned guide lines, it WILL get locked. You will not get a chance to edit it.
You are welcome to post again, provided that you do so in accordance with the guide lines.
Repeated posting without following the guidelines risks having action taken upon your account

Edit Subject headers appropriately, keep them updated.
  • [Recruiting] Clan Name – “Open/Closed” "Languages" Updated 00/00/00
  • [Recruiting] ProGamerClan – “Open” +English +German Updated 08/02/09 <- (example)

Edit Subject headers appropriately, keep them updated.
  • [Looking] Name – “Level” Updated 00/00/00
  • [Looking] eXtremous – “10” Updated 08/02/11 <- (example)

Posting in clan topics / NOT your own: ALLOWED
  • Posting in clan topics is encouraged
  • Clan interaction is encouraged
  • Competitive discussion is encouraged

Posting in clan topics / NOT your own: NOT ALLOWED
  • Posting derogatory images is NOT allowed
  • Calling out clan members or groups is NOT allowed
  • Name Calling is NOT allowed
  • Bumping*
  • Talking ‘smack’ about another clan

*Bumping to keep topic on first page

  • Topics may be locked without notice
  • Members may have actions taken against their accounts
  • Posts may be edited without notice

Do your part! Be a real hero and keep it clean, keep it friendly … If need be, use the report button if you witness a violation.
Please read the FORUM RULES before posting, proper posting is helpful to the community and will help not get your topic lost or locked. Also don't use ALL CAPS in your subject.


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