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It's a short tip, but it's a decent tip that.. I see a surprising number of people um.. do.. It's avoidable.

If you are scanning a target and you think or see that they are aware of you. Jump off of the turret after firing your first shot. The turret will reload without you parked vulnerably on it.

You can therefore avoid dying right away, which might make or break the defense of that area because of randomized respawn logic if you just died on that AA/Tow Turret.

You may even have been able to use grenades if you had any to spare, etc etc.

Just jump off of it between shots (mostly applicable on TOW launchers, but also on AA if you see patterns in Jets/Helo sweeps.. a good pilot will just automatically bomb the AA sites when they start getting lazed... So jump off of it between their airstrikes, not between the AA reload cycles in that case.)


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