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Offline xXCannonFodderXx 
Hi I'm Making This Topic To Post My Own Sniping Tips, If Anyone Else Wants 2 Add Feel Free =)
1. try and hide your body: use F to look at yourself from the front, the less that is exposed the less likely you are to get shot
2.Motion Mines: Use Them At Every Oppertunity, It Will Help You And Your Team.
3. Elevation: If You Are Up High The Enemies Are Less Likely To See You.
4. Spotting/Tracer Darts: If You See A Vehicle Spot Or Tracer It, Then An Engineer Can Take It Out.
5. Distance: Remember That If Shooting Over Distance The Bullet Will Take A Bit Of Time To Hit. Slightly Lead Your Target, It Will Take A While To Master But It's Worth It.
6. Movement: If You Think You May Have Been Spotted, MOVE!, It Could Save Your Life.
That's All I Can Think Of, Please Add More & I Hope This Helps New Players

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Offline Tobias 
7. Imagine yourself as the enemy. Where wouldn't you expect a sniper? Get to that spot, and get a nice score.

[Image: photo-283473.gif?_r=1369849301]

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Offline The.Reason 
8. To get Headshots, you have to aim a little bit over the head.
9. Clear your sniping spot with Claymores
10. Airborne Assault's are almost impossible in this game, so dont jump and then shoot
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Offline xXCannonFodderXx 
11. At Distance Aim For The Body, You Are More Likely To Hit

07-05-2011, 02:45 PM | Post: #5
Offline OMGikilledyou 
(07-05-2011 02:39 PM)xXCannonFodderXx Wrote:  11. At Distance Aim For The Body, You Are More Likely To Hit
Thats not right. At long distance you even need to aim above the head to get a hit or headshot.

I have a tip: If you have time enough aim for the head.
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Offline xXCannonFodderXx 
Thanks, Even Better

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Offline Hit.girL 
12?. If a vehicle comes upon you suddenly in an open area, spot/dart it as fast as possible - you will not survive (99.99%) DO NOT JUST DUCK BEHIND THE ROCK and hope the vehicle will just drive away

(lol I have used every tactic and have NEVER survived against any vehicle, so I basically kamakazi. Also, when darting it and/or spotting, it usually is destroyed within a second or two depending on the map)

13. When spotting, if someone is around a corner, point toward the wall about where you think the enemy is - IT WORKS (if the enemy is JUST around the corner), the enemy will be spotted.

(I have saved many allies, and got vehicles to go take them out several times.)

14. Snipers are the best to take out their kind - try any way to eliminate the opposing snipers. Because they only pop their head up most times, sniping them is the best and easiest way to kill them.

(if I see trails, I focus completely on taking out the creator of those trails, even if i have to go up and stab them. I have gotten 5 kills in a game because I went up and there was a crowd up there once.)

15. After getting a kill try and move - each kill you get causes the enemy to know where you are.

(I find about 1/3 of the time the enemy will try and get me back)

16. Try and place motion sensors in close range combat areas such as halls where there are sharp turns, it will give you team great advantage with the faster reaction time.

PS: If my tips are bad or need to be changed, let me know and I can modify/remove as necessary Big Grin

Yevgeney Wrote:  we will be charged even more money. Sadly, I will likely buy them

...a slight improvement in the chance that I will actually be allowed to drive, rather than follow behind it, repairing it [...] only to see the rude sniper drive off in it the moment it's repaired
08-05-2011, 09:28 AM | Post: #8
Offline xXCannonFodderXx 
17. DO NOT stand out in the open, you will die

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20-08-2011, 12:49 AM | Post: #9
Offline Surfing.bird 
18.If you need to sacrifice your life for a flag, DO IT

[Image: 7f43102ba9ab461a.png]
20-08-2011, 12:51 AM | Post: #10
Offline road-runn3r 
The most important "sniper" tip -->>>> Change class, be useful! XD

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Offline Peoples 
20. Avoid camping, as campers will either run out of ammo, luck, or become completely overwhelmed.
21. Instead, try to stay with your teammates.

[Image: Sig01.jpg]

(I made that)

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Offline [ETA]Gulcasa 
22. Pull the trigger to shoot..

oh wait..

Scratch that.

22. Don't camp in the same spot the whole round.. Flags get taken and the battlefront is always changing, move up or fall back accordingly. Don't sit around doing nothing at a deadzone flag.

(Deadzone: Referring to flag areas where no enemies are present or are likely to be present at a point in time)
21-08-2011, 04:42 AM | Post: #13
Offline Kasada 
thanks for the advice.

leading targets is an artform more than practice, you have to truely guess where they are running to and aim there. they always make a straight dash, so shoot there, head shot even from distance all the time.

long time sniper / engineer

gotta support the heavy guns, or your team won't move. so i am a useful sniper, but i am always down for sniper wars too.

on another note, i do hope they allow us to use shotguns as a recon as they did in BFBC2
21-08-2011, 04:44 AM | Post: #14
Offline Kasada 
i forgot to add, it is better to try adn see the direction the target is moving 1st, and predict where he may run too.

everyone has a pattern and when you can recognize a player, then they are easier to kill
21-08-2011, 08:34 AM | Post: #15
Offline Dreadstorm 
(20-08-2011 01:38 AM)Peoples Wrote:  20. Avoid camping, as campers will either run out of ammo, luck, or become completely overwhelmed.
21. Instead, try to stay with your teammates.
Actuall i have been succesfull on my own on the Building at B on karkand. our team only had A and i "camped"on that building and kept all the enemies out of the right side of A ALL ON MY OWN with an SVU-A and ESM95. So if you're good enough you can keep a lot of enemies at bay by "camping" in their territory.

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21-08-2011, 08:35 AM | Post: #16
Offline SgtXand 
Not bad.
When you want to shoot a running enemy, you should aim for the body, the head is very unlikely to hit when sprinting.
And never forget: It's a sniper scope, dude

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Offline ch4rm3nd3r 
just pewpew.
21-08-2011, 10:35 AM | Post: #18
Offline Play2Die 
when in a high traffic enemy area. change your sniper spot/escape route after each and every kill you make. if they can see you on kill cam but cant find you in their on territory they will spend the entire match trying to take you out. if you play your cards right the enemy team will spend more time trying find you then to go after your teamates/flags.

for takeing out hidden enemy engineers: if you see an ally tank walk behind it. since the tank is alot bigger it will drew more attention to himself and less attention to the person behind it.

allways stay at knifing distance from all enemys that are in your motion sansor area of effect

for team player long range recons: allways keep the lest bullet in your rifle. if your like me and loves to spot.then you probbly allready know that spoting while scoped is alot easiyer.
you cant use the rifle if you dont have any bullets. right?

invest one skill point in the "sprint upgrade" that one is a must for all snipers i belive.
21-08-2011, 07:26 PM | Post: #19
Offline Ime34 
23. The SV-98 will NOT get a 1 hit kill over long distances (90+?), especially if the opponent is using -10% damage.

[Image: attachment.php?attachhash=d244d8e01ec9ee...mp;amp;c=1]
"War does not determine who is right - only who is left." AK47 rekoil
28-08-2011, 03:06 AM | Post: #20
Offline Tankdestroyer123 
theres one you for got (even tho my name says im not a sniper but my other account "soccerplayer5" is a sniper) you forgot to add headshots or chest shot decress helth Smile

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