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Offline InForTheKill 
(17-12-2010 01:46 AM)SilveradoZ71 Wrote:  Out of bounds death penalty needs to be longer....died twice because of the 5 second BS.
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Offline Fh2hi 
The grain...the grain! x_X
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Offline BattleFrost 
First Impression: I thought holy dooley
They're trying to make a perfect mixture between bf2, bfh and bfbc2

- trying to look and feel like a Battlefield game, as a play 4 free game
(classes, vehicles; soldiers, weapons, mapsTongue)
- nice redesign with the weapons, skins and maps
- the remarkable contact between developers and closed beta players
- runs great on low end (like my 4 year old sempron Wink)

on this point, cons:
- not much options for client side (video, sound, server)
- not a real feeling that you need to work with teamwork
in other words no squad options
- random spawn system
- web browser update and play now system

But yet, I see a great future in bfp4f, it's got a lot of potential. And I'm honored to be a closed beta player.

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Offline SteakDinner 
I like the game pretty well, I agree that it has some things that need to be fixed. I really enjoy the game speed, I like being able to move around the map, having time to react to what is happening. I like the different classes you can make and don't mind not changing in the middle of the fight. I personally like the over all look of the game. The graphics are not mind blowing, but its a P4F game an anyone could probably run it. I also enjoy the quick knifing.

I don't really like the power of some weapons. They seem slightly unbalanced. I'm not a fan of the limited ways to take down tanks, the tracer gun is really cool if there is an engi around, if not shoot an run away? idk seems like something could be done. The bugs that have been reported and the way people are already hacking kinda drives me crazy. I mean REALLY??? hacking in a closed beta?

Some ideas that I've read I like. The exp offset server browsing. Seems like it would work pretty good, also keep from noob bashing. Paying for new weapons is not a bad idea, as long as they are no more powerful than what is already there. A "I want my soldier to use the AK" type of thing. Lower prices for things like that are always nice. I would mainly like the store to be used as customizing options. Or soldier enhancements such as faster run speeds or body armor with a cost to speed, scoped weapons, or red dot sights. Things of that nature.

That is my first impression. Overall I am having a lot of fun with the game and enjoy being in the beta. Thanks for the game EA. GJ IMO
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Offline Jim-Patterson 
I was surprised how fun this game is when i first started to play, kindve weird everybody looks the same desert camo vs desert camo with a few BDU's on each side, kindve getting annoyed by the snipers with that stupid 1 hit kill and getting boring using same old weapons, but this has a lot of potental
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Offline McKie 
I have only played one round so far and want to bring this up right from the start. Please allow for multi monitor setups. (nvidia surround) or (ati eyefinity). I know that in the whole scope of things we are but just a few, But those numbers are growing daily. Fortunately I have another rig to play on in the mean time. The proper resolution is listed, but it stretches across the whole display. I hope also that when this goes live it will have more GPU settings / options. and the graphics of the game are a bit more "fine tuned" right now they are a little on the lame side. but i do understand that this is a Beta I'm looking at. I will save my other thoughts till I play some more. those are just my first impressions
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Offline Yahtzee 
i like it,not hard to play,catchy and teamplay is the most important here which i like Big Grin
just to fix these bug in game for normal game so we could test more Big Grin

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Offline Staggart 
I'm disappointed as well. Way to much lag. Have already encounter cheaters in the game, and I don't mean exploiting glitches. I like the original BFH more for now. I try to play but just can't get past the lag and poor sights on some of the weapons. Too cloudy/foggy on some parts. I get killed from a shot in the mist while playing my scout/recon character and still cannot see with the scope. How are they shooting me from so far away when I cannot even see them with my sniper rifle. I realized this is just a beta though.
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Offline HostaMahogey 
My overall first impressions of the game were very positive overall, so far the beta feels like the best free FPS I've played and it's been a lot of fun to play. It feels like a nice re-visit of Battlefield 2 with slightly more casual gameplay. The spawn system could use a little work, as currently it is a little too easy to spawn kill people when capping a flag for example, but that seems like something that can be easily fixed by adding in more spawn points per flag so that 1 guy can't spawn kill a whole team. Also they should just make it so you can change classes/loadouts throughout a round like in other BF games, and add in the option of turning the film grain filter off.

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Offline GarrilaPOW 
yep,,seems alright but too laggy to be able to comment on the gameplay..wheres the server selection ..its not working this way for bf heroes so why do it to this one as well? my GOD .. server selection.
an once more ..server selection. mind you i could be wrong.. they might only have one server running one game..in which case good job cant wait to see you guys make it better..
{p.s Server Selection}Tongue
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Offline EscapeGoat 
First impressions were I couldn't connect. Had that issue with BC2 and this is a beta so no biggie and it seems much better now.

Once I got in game the graphics were a little dated, kind of like CSS with 1.6 player models and animation. But I expected that, so not a problem and once you get into the action it really doesn't matter.

I've not played any of the Battlefield series other than Bad Company 2 but I felt right at home straight away. Point, shoot and use the map to your advantage. I've enjoyed playing it so far.

The main problem I've encountered is lag. Not the slightly jerky framerate (not my PCs fault) type lag but a new kind of lag that points you in a different direction. I've come a cropper a few times just running across an open street, lagged, got turned round a bit, didn't know which way I was facing and got killed.

It's hard to say what the cause was as there is no information about what server you are on or what your ping is. I could have been playing in Uzbekistan for all I know. It's not happened in every game and it's never been constant.

I like it.
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Offline xHORUSx 
Gotta say,

I like it! Obviously there's flaws and things to improve, but its CB; fixes are coming, we just need to be patient...

-While most people complain of lag in game, Im fine while playing... Game runs fine for the most part** (see below)
-Love Karkand map, best BF map ever IMO, and with the BFBC2 physics, its a fantastic hybrid... I cant wait for air support to be added, and more maps are gonna be interesting
- The fact that its a BF game, and has a great set of classes, vehicles, and weapons
- The weapons from the first person view look nicely detailed...
- The interaction the CBTs have with the Devs, who are very involved with the project

-While the game runs fine, the lag while logging into the client and trying to go through the menus, as well as loading the map/connecting to game server is abysmal... It makes trying to get in MUCH longer and MUCH harder than it should be.... **The only lag I encounter in game is when I respawn, and I get 16 msgs saying "LOADED [insertnamehere] CUSTOMIZATION"... it causes bad lag, but only for like 2 seconds, then it goes back to normal**
-Sometimes the server will just teamswitch you when you respawn, without letting you know...
-No friends list (CRITICAL)
-No server selection (CRITICAL)

I know friends lists will come eventually, but the faster its implemented, the better... But server selection is a must, regardless of what was done in BF Heroes

The only question I have that I cant seem to find an answer for is the server size going to have a larger range? i.e. a 16, 32, nd 64 player version for each map, like what was done in BF2?

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Offline Draguar 
I've been playing for about a day and a half straight and I can honestly say that for the problems it does have I really like it. It kind of brings me back to the old BF 1942 DC mod with a slash of BF2 in it. Really looking forward to helicopters as they are by far my favorite vehicle.

I was disappointed to see a few hackers already on it such as getechuban247 who was advertising a hacking site in game. But even with a hacker on the opposite team we still managed to thrash them 3 games in a row.

The vehicles don't seem over powered at least not as some have said they were. Sure they kill people easily but that is what Armor is suppose to do and they are easy enough to take down with a bit of concentrated fire. I know between the games where my team consistently used vehicles and the ones they rarely did you could see a big difference in the win/lose ratio so I don't think they need changed any.

Some of the guns like the medics and the engineers machine guns seem to be to well suited for long range, but other then that I don't have any complaints about the guns.

Only being able to start the game and create players in browser is a little annoying. I would like to see more client side focus on that, as well as a clear Exit Game button when game is in full screen mode as I have had to ctrl alt del close the game when I have it in full screen mode. Being able to exit to main menu and/or change characters between games while in the score screen would be nice as well. Also adding a more in depth score screen with stats like vehicle kills, head shots, assists and what not would be nice.

All in all I think its a pretty solid foundation for a great FTP FPS, way better then war rock or others that I have tried. Could use some polish but its in beta so its expected in its current state. I will certainly be keeping my eye on its development and probably play when its fully released as well.
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Hmmmmmmm first impressions??? um.... LAG and its so easy to die and kill witch is goodSmile
un like bfh gunner=human DEATH and mando cowards but still this awesome Wink))
this game its just needs a store more weapons tier 2 and 3 stats
and MORE weapons did i say that twice lets make 3 MORE WEAPONS but a great game when finshed (this is closed beta the test)

17-12-2010, 03:59 AM | Post: #75
Offline AnarchoKiki 
Hello, these are no first impressions because I played already for a week or two and made some remarks on another post... so:

First : for me no lag, very good
ammunition and health box bug fixed, very good
loosing m16 and other weapons, i cried and was angry first, but it seems if you play in a balanced teams play with some handle of the weapon that it doesn't matter anymore
connection issues seems fixed, very good
levels and abilities problems solved, very good
maybe put one or two more bases in the open beta for the map karkand and of course more maps and other armies
overal impression: very good refreshing of BF2 which I was found of Smile
suggestion: for the open beta, AK47 as standard weapon, please, please, please!!! ;p
17-12-2010, 04:26 AM | Post: #76
Offline Davidlaw 
So far a excellent game-
-so far devs and mods seem to care for the comunity
-all classes are balanced except for one
-Its only getting better
-can be a bit laggy
-fog of war there needs to be a toggle for jst that
-And now the worst thing to happen to bf since anything and it is drum roll please the PP2000 its overpowered it can kill me when im a sniper and im zooming in on him last time i checked te pp2000 is not as powerful as a sniper basically the pp is a machine gun with the power of and accuarcy of a sniper
17-12-2010, 04:31 AM | Post: #77
Offline xXxDOYLExXx 
My first Impression:

1.) LAGGGGGGGGGGGG. I have awesome hardware and internet too. It's the game and their servers.

2.) Movements are unfluid and very, very slow. Aiming a gun takes like 3 seconds to just pull up. And you run sooo slow.

3.) First Impression was how did they mess up the game so much when BF2 had everything already done for them.
17-12-2010, 04:46 AM | Post: #78
Offline rocknrobot 
(17-12-2010 02:40 AM)HostaMahogey Wrote:  My overall first impressions of the game were very positive overall, so far the beta feels like the best free FPS I've played and it's been a lot of fun to play. It feels like a nice re-visit of Battlefield 2 with slightly more casual gameplay. The spawn system could use a little work, as currently it is a little too easy to spawn kill people when capping a flag for example, but that seems like something that can be easily fixed by adding in more spawn points per flag so that 1 guy can't spawn kill a whole team. Also they should just make it so you can change classes/loadouts throughout a round like in other BF games, and add in the option of turning the film grain filter off.

^ This.

Today a grabbed a tank (not the big tank, i mean the one with the 5 shells) and drove to the other side of the map. At some point i saw some people capping a base and killed them. More and more appeared though and it already felt like the jackpot, lol... got 15 kills in one minute - then i realized it was pure spawn killing and already felt bad for the other team Wink I joined a already running round and ended up 1st of both sides, with 5087 points.

Spawn killing really still is an issue here. I think some additional spawnpoints, a tad further away would do the trick though.

Apart from that, this game really is amazing already, and i'm very happy and thankful to be in the closed beta. I always wished a game like BFH but realistic. The sounds also are just awesome and powerful... i see a bright future if you keep this good work up ! Smile

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Offline Axe564 
I only play one round because de lag
but in that round i notice some good things and some very bad things

the bad things first.
1. its to laggy.(you really need to change this)
2. an small variety of weapons, i played BF:H CB and i remember it has a little more of weapons
3. an squad sistem may be a good adittion more focus on teamwork
4. change the basic weapons for the factions example: that the russians have russians weapons and the americans american weapons example russian assault class with an AK74 and americans M4 or M16
5. the option to choose a server

Now the good things.
1. the classes something i like from the BF series
2. the BF2 atmosphere i feel
3. the strategy that offers the game
4. the good idea of the game is very cool

and thats all i know is beta and have still many things to fix
while the lag is like it is i wont be able to play it
i hope the lag problem be priority in the next update

i trust in you gonna be a good game for free and i will enjoy it
and maybe spent some money if the circunstances are good Smile

and just as a reminder
thats all
and thanks for give me the opportunity to test your game
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Offline M777Matt777 
-Hard to spawn camp
-Initial deployment zones are not next to each other.
-Remake of karkand
-"F" reverse look
-Accurate weapons

-No prone
-Cannot quick scope with sniper rifles. Massive delay relative to other weapons
-Apc's reloads quickly
-Too much Fog or war
-Knife range is small

At the current time this game is not friendly to aggressive snipers. I'll keep playing for a couple more days, but I would really love to see the delay in scoping removed.

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