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Offline [BFT]TriviumF22 
[Image: 1c6c_8042.png]

  • Blunt Force Trauma is a ten year old multi-game clan that has always had the Battlefield series as our backbone.
  • We currently play over 12 games actively and have over 300 members.
  • We have multiple servers in BC2, BFP4F and BF3, as well as supporting the COD series, including MW3
  • We actively use Xfire and Teamspeak 3 for communication and recruitment.
  • For those who are interested in competitive playing, we have been previously active on league's such as TWL, in fact holding the #1 position in the world on several ladders. We have some of the best players in the world and a camaraderie that is second to none.
  • [BFT] is a clan with no prohibitions on use of language except for two primary rules: no racist remarks, and no personal attacks.
  • If you believe someone has broken one of our rules, let an admin know and we will take action as needed.
  • We also do not tolerate cheating or disrespect by members or guests, and insist on good sportsmanship.
  • Violations can lead to permanent bans.
  • We play for fun, we play with honor, and we strive to treat each other with respect and consideration. No one, member or guest, is above our Code.

How to join

Hello and welcome.
BFT appreciates and encourages your interest in joining our gaming community or "Clan".

***Read this post completely, all the way through, before beginning the process. We have included a "hook" to verify that you have followed instructions.***

1.  The FIRST thing you must do is REGISTER for our Website and Forums.

2.  You are required to use the same name on our forums as you do in game. This is necessary to avoid confusion during the application process as well as to prevent problems with communication in the future.


4.  Create an account on the website here. [Click Here] <<-- WAIT! Did you read the entire post first?

5.  After Registering and logging into the website prospects will create a post in the linked section with the title "Membership application from (insert name here)" and copy paste the following questionnaire into the Message body and answer the questions accordingly. [Click here to Make Post] <<-- WAIT! Did you read the entire post first?

6.  From this point forward, ALL communications regarding the recruitment process shall be through bftclan.net on the forums and via PM.

7.  Follow the instructions and communicate through our forums and pm with our recruitment officers.

8.  DO NOT go back into game chat on [BFT] servers and attempt to solicit help or instructions. 

9.  You do not need to notify us that you have registered or applied in game chat, that is what TEAMSPEAK is for.


11. After submitting the application, if you have not already, join teamspeak. If you have teamspeak 3 installed follow this link [Click Here]

12. Once you have successfully connected to our TS server, go to "The Prospect Lounge" and wait for a [BFT] Officer to make contact.

13. By submitting your application you agree to the Clanwide Rules and Teamspeak Rules.

Thanks again for your interest... and now, let's get started...

Basic Guidelines

1. All applicants must be at least 16 years of age

2. Maturity is the main deciding factor for new recruits.

3. We are not tech support, if you are not capable of installing and joining teamspeak or navigating our website, then you probably won't be successful with your application. It is not our problem.

4. All new recruits will have a probationary period of AT LEAST one week, they are not considered full members until their original application has been replied to by a division leader that they have been accepted, only then can clan tags be added to your in-game name. Do not use clan tags on either your forum name, nor your teamspeak nickname. The teamspeak nickname must match your game and forum name without the clan tag.

5. Recruit applications must be filled out COMPLETELY and in the predefined format. Any errors will cause the application to be denied.

6. All questions on the application must be answered completely. Incomplete or unclear answers will cause the application to be denied.

7. After an application is submitted the potential recruit MUST join teamspeak, enter "The Prospect Lounge"  and wait for a recruiting officer, if a recruiting officer is not present, wait for contact from a division admin. Do not enter other chat channels to initiate contact. Be patient.

8. Forum names as well as TeamSpeak nicknames MUST match ingame names or they will not be considered.

9. Members of [BFT] are members of all divisions multiple applications are not required.

10. Clan tags must be uniform "[BFT]" is the only acceptable style of tag, it is the recruit's responsibility to get it right, if there is an error it must be corrected immediately. Pay attention because this can cost $$ depending on the game.

11. If clan tags are not uniform the offending player will be removed from VIP status on ALL [BFT] servers until the error is corrected.

12. If a member ever decides to leave [BFT] for whatever reason they must properly (via private message, not public posting) notify their division leader, failure to do so will result in a permanent ban from our TeamSpeak server, bftclan.net, and ALL [BFT] game servers.

13. (This is the "hook") IF you've followed instructions and read the entire post  before registering and posting the following questionnaire, you will type the number "13" in a red font color on the first line of your post above the word "Questionnaire". Failure to follow instructions will negatively impact your chances of being accepted as a [BFT] member.

The following is to be copied and pasted in your 1st forum post in its entirety - make your answers GOLD so they stand out.


1.  What is your ingame name?

2.  What division would like to apply for?

3.  What other games do you play?

4.  Have you ever been a member of gaming clan or community?

5.  List ALL former clans or communities and an explanation why you are not with them anymore.

6.  How old are you?

7.  How long have you been playing PC games online?

8.  Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best, on how mature you see yourself.

9.  Do you have a microphone for your computer?

10. Do you agree to use teamspeak and be active with [BFT] members while playing online games?

11. Do you agree to be active on the forums and contribute to the community?

12. List any weblinks you have to player profiles or stat trackers of yourself.

13. If you ever resign or leave [BFT] after becoming a member, do you agree to remove your tags within
ONE(1) week?

14. Do you agree to the rules and guidelines of [BFT]?

15. Do you understand that by submitting your application you agree to adhere to the rules of the community and to be a productive member?

16. Do you understand that [BFT] is a gaming community and the admins are not here to cater to your needs?

17. Who asked you to submit an application and when?

18. Type your real name and only your real name if you agree to all the rules and guidelines of [BFT], this will suffice as your signature to this agreement between you and [BFT].

For more information, add and contact TriviumF22 on Xfire and visit us at http://www.bftclan.net

You can grab xfire here, you only need to install the program not the toolbar ===> [Image: btn_download_xfire_v2.gif]

You can grab TS3 here ===> [Image: teamspeak-client-icon-32.png]

Visit our TS3 server at

Bookmark our BFP4F servers by clicking on the pictures ===>

[BFT] Blunt Force Trauma Air Maps -:Main Server:-

[Image: 637032_thumbnail_280_Blunt_Force_Trauma_...ive.v1.jpg]

[BFT] RUSH by Serratian -:24/7 RUSH:-
[Image: $T2eC16R,!zoE9s5ne3BuBQHS2pLTQQ~~60_35.JPG]

[BFT] Red Faction -:Rotating map lists:-
[Image: 9467.jpg]

[BFT] Nightmares by Neelix -:Alternating Airmaps:-

[Image: battlefieldplay4freeoma.jpg]

[BFT] Dragoonz -:Rotating map lists:-
[Image: bfp4f-myanmar-6.jpg]

Blunt Force Trauma Play4Free Server Rules
Revised 7-7-2013

Affected Servers-

North America East
[BFT]Airmaps (Main Server) hosted by Leetservers Atlanta, Georgia
[BFT]Nightmare by Neelix hosted by Leetservers Richmond, Virginia
[BFT]Rush by Serratian hosted by Leetservers Chicago, Illinois

North America West
[BFT] Mixed Maps hosted by Leetservers Seattle, Washington
[BFT] Red Faction hosted by Branzone Los Angeles, California

- Playing the Objective is the first and only priority. All of these following rules and restrictions have been voted on by active BFT members, mods, admins and division leaders and are what we believe are most conducive to that end. In short, PTFO or GTFO.

- No excessive camping with vehicles. This includes taking a Humvee/GAZ/Dunebuggy/Blackhawk/APC or Tank to a non-objective area and firing the guns. This is not to say these platforms cannot be used in a tactical manner, but tying up these assets rather than helping your team capture flags or arm/disarm MCOMs is not playing the objective.

- Respect all other players- Insulting other players in the servers will not be tolerated. This includes calling other players “noobs”, T-bagging or otherwise being a jerk can and will result in a kick or ban depending on severity. All of our servers with the exception of the Main Server allow all weapons (including shotguns), do not complain or whine about weapons that are legitimately allowed in the server. Usernames deemed to be disrespectful or inappropriate will subject you to ban without warning.

- Use of C4- “jihading infantry” (placing C4 on a vehicle and jumping out of it and detonating the C4 on infantry) was determined to be unacceptable across all BFT servers. We consider it a legitimate tactic to do this against tanks/apcs, and understand occasionally it will happen against infantry, but we believe vehicles are the intended target of C4. On the Rush server, C4 may not be placed on or near the MCOM, if the blast of the C4 can injure someone arming or disarming the MCOM, it is TOO CLOSE.

- RPG on Infantry-In the same token as the above, while we have no specific rule against RPG on Infantry, we believe it is the mark of a poorly skilled engineer to deliberately use his RPGs against infantry on a map that includes vehicles. This also ties into the first mentioned rule. Playing the objective. As an engineer on a vehicle map, you are the first line of defense for your team against armored vehicles, use what precious RPGs you are allotted wisely!

- Wasting team assets- Kamikaze attacks with the jets/helis aka intentionally ramming aircraft in a manner which results in the destruction of both yours and the enemy’s air asset is not conducive to playing the objective. Don’t do it. If the server has more than 10 people in it, do not take aircraft without the ability to properly fly it. Teamkilling and destruction of aircraft due to inexperience with the fundamentals of flight control will result in removal from the server.

- Trolling your team- “Trolling” covers many topics. If you are a passenger in an APC, or other form of transport vehicle, do not fire the guns just for the sake of firing them. You are distracting the pilot/driver and giving away their position to the enemy. Do not fire on your teammates when you are on the ground. Again this is distracting and reveals your position to the enemy unnecessarily. Intentionally teamkilling with the AA or any other method is punishable by ban WITHOUT WARNING.

- Shotguns- Shotguns are allowed on all servers except Airmaps Main Server. Failure to observe the no shotgun rule on the main server can result in a ban from all 4 BFT servers if you are observed frequently violating this rule.

- Cheating- BFT has a zero tolerance policy for cheating, stats-padding or intentionally abusing a glitch. We run T4G Blacklist, PBbans, Punkbuster, and GGC in our servers. Cheating in our servers will result in a T4G submission and a permanent ban. Do not be fooled by those peddling aimbots for profit, we can and will catch you cheating with relative ease. Further, because of the current in game glitch which occasionally renders your character invisible (or invisible weapon that cannot be “heard” by your enemy), we expect you to log your character out of our server and log back in to resolve the glitch. While we understand this occurs through no fault of the player, it is dishonorable to knowingly exploit this glitch, and abuse will be treated as any other form of cheating.

Written by:
[BFT]Neelix- Division Admin
Approved for posting by:
[BFT]TriviumF22- Clan Supervisor
[BFT]Serratian- Division Leader
[BFT]Stretched- Division Leader


[BFT] TriviumF22

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Offline [BFT]TriviumF22 
This is the type of game play you can expect from our members on a consistent basis.
[Image: 123759918-4.jpg]

[Image: 125802645-4.jpg]

[Image: 858221_4127597483109_894417448_o.jpg]

[Image: 120910216-4.jpg]

[Image: 121889268-4.jpg]

[Image: 117358178-4.jpg]

[Image: 121889261-4.jpg]

[Image: 121889888-4.jpg]

[Image: 125951433-4.jpg]

This is a different round
[Image: 125988734-4.jpg]

[Image: trivium_banner+black+with+skulls.jpg]
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Offline [BFT]TriviumF22 

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Offline [BFT]TriviumF22 
We are also competing in the cup.

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Offline [BFT]SG51m 
you better get hot on this page trivium, dont be a slacker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want fresh meat!!!!!!!!
28-02-2012, 09:17 PM | Post: #6
Offline skaterjonas 
if you want add me in game skaterjonas and add me in skipe joao_luis_dias
10-03-2012, 04:20 PM | Post: #7
Offline [BFT]TriviumF22 

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Offline capt.Goat 
Is it possible to join? I'm an assault player (almost lvl 22, preffered weapons: AN-94, M416)

[Image: af1.png]
11-03-2012, 06:46 PM | Post: #9
Offline SFC.Stone 
I would like to join the clan.
17-03-2012, 12:42 AM | Post: #10
Offline [BFT]TriviumF22 
Hello Goat and Stone. Contact me on our TS3 server ts35.gameservers.com:9248

I know I have talked to you Stone, no problems there.

Goat, I look forward to meeting you!

- [BFT] Trivium

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Offline [BFT]XTR3MiST^M 
::[Bumped 3/18/2012]::
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Offline [BFT]XTR3MiST^M 
::[Bumped 3/18/12]::
19-03-2012, 11:58 PM | Post: #13
Offline [BFT]XTR3MiST 
StoneCold accepted into the clan. Congrats.
21-03-2012, 12:08 AM | Post: #14
Offline [BFT]TriviumF22 
StoneCold has been proving his worth!

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Offline [BFT]TriviumF22 

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Offline [TC]Sgt.Standish 
How many members in the BFP4F section? You don't even have 2 pages! And, do we need [BFT] in our name and or sig? Also, how could I become a CL or SA? I have Goldeneye007 for Wii and play that a lot and could "run" the clan in that game, Halo:Reach, BFH, MAG, BF:BC, that's mostly it. Also, I can't download xfire but I have mic and TS3? Would I still be able to join? I am thinking about joining BFT Tongue

[Image: GOLRender-1.jpg]
02-04-2012, 01:04 AM | Post: #17
Offline [TC]Sgt.Standish 
I just joined guys!

[Image: GOLRender-1.jpg]
02-04-2012, 08:53 PM | Post: #18
Offline [TC]Sgt.Standish 
I'm leaving this clan for DOS now, bye guys!

[Image: GOLRender-1.jpg]
02-04-2012, 11:31 PM | Post: #19
Offline [BFT]TriviumF22 
You never joined as you were never approved. And there are currently 76 BFP4F players in BFT.

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02-04-2012, 11:36 PM | Post: #20
Offline MurrayD 
(02-04-2012 11:31 PM)[BFT]TriviumF22 Wrote:  You never joined as you were never approved. And there are currently 76 BFP4F players in BFT.

You're lucky, you don't want that guy in your clan. Wink

[Image: v3Gcnj4.png]

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