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Offline [BFT]TriviumF22 
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Blunt Force Trauma Clan

Blunt Force Trauma is an eleven year old gaming clan that has always valued continued teamwork built upon the principles of honor and respect. Some general background about the clan:
  • We currently have over ten divisions with almost 250 members overall, separated into four corps.
  • We use TeamSpeak 3 for general communications.
  • We also use our own website where our forums are located.
  • All of our server rules are democratically voted upon by the entirety of our BFP4F division.
  • We are both a competitive clan and a "laid-back" clan.

Thread Rules and Appeal Producer
Follow these rules or your posts will be deleted, and in some cases you will be punished by the moderators. If you break these rules, we reserve the right not to deal with any statements you have transcribed to us.

  1. Follow all forum rules when address a server related issue.
  2. If you are having any sort of problem with the clan, message Killyouforfun or contact any other officer of the clan.
  3. If your problem is concerning one of our servers, please visit our server thread instead (link is in the referrals section).
  4. Do not beg to become an admin/mod/VIP upon membership/recruit trial or prior to membership from us in this thread. If you are applying this greatly negates the chances of you successfully gaining membership.
  5. If you wish to appeal a ban go here or contact Killyouforfun. Posting here with your ban appeal is not acceptable.
  6. We prefer that if you know 100% that whatever problem you have with a different user, that you go here and submit a ban request.

What [BFT] can offer:
  • A multitude of servers in a few games, not just BFP4F. VIP included, mod positions are handed out to those who have shown loyalty and fortitude within our clan.
  • Full usage of our website, forums, and TeamSpeak as a place to have fun and talk about games.
  • An orderly and ranked environment where our codes are upheld to the highest degree.
  • Fun.

Global rules for our clan:

All of the rules herein are enforced by officers of the clan. Any member is welcome to approach any officer within the clan all the way up to our founder about any issues.

  1. Maturity is the basis of all behavior. Be mature and you'll have a fun time here.
  2. Respect everyone. And this means everyone. Disrespect in any way, shape, or form will garner instant consequences.
  3. Clan tags must be added properly, they must all be uniform and should look like this: [BFT] . If a member fails to apply their tags correctly they are viable for any reparations to change them immediately.
  4. Any resignations must be handled via any private communication style, such as direct transcript via TeamSpeak, or a private message on either our website or the BFP4F forums.
  5. No starting drama with anything or anyone. Drama brings unwanted problems to our clan and it is a basis for a permanent expulsion- we don't want any of your unnecessary problems if they break our rules.
  6. No cheating in any games in any way, shape, or form. Cheating is grounds for a permanent suspension.

How to join:

Joining has become a very easy process thanks to our website. But first, please read all BFT global rules as well as this thread.
  1. First, go here and sign up for a new account on our website.
  2. Activate your account per the instructions given to you a message to the email account that you signed up with.
  3. Then, go here and fill out the application. Please read it very carefully and fill out all of the information to the best of your ability.
  4. Then, join our TeamSpeak at and go the channel known as "prospect lounge" and wait for an admin to come and process you. Visit the referral links below for more information or help on TeamSpeak.
  5. You will be subject to a one week recruit trial after your application is accepted. This period is to ensure officers and fellow BFT clan mates that you have what it takes to become a BFT member through the adherence to our rules and modes of conduct.
  6. Upon passing your recruit trial you will become a fully fledged member of our clan with all additional bonuses.

Submitting/Appealing a Ban:

>>>Submitting a ban
b]We prefer that if you know 100% that whatever problem you have with a different user, that you go here and submit a ban request.[/b]

>>>Appealing a ban
b] If you wish to appeal a ban go here or contact Killyouforfun. Posting here with your ban appeal is not acceptable. [/b]

BFP4F Division Officers:
  • TriviumF22, Clan Supervisor.
  • Serratian, Clan Supervisor.
  • Killyouforfun2, Division Leader.
  • Rampage, Recruitment Officer.
  • Sevrin, Recruitment Officer
  • Taisonmacs, Recruitment Officer.
  • Clovis, Security Officer.
  • Nikki, Security Officer.

[BFT] Servers:

Airmaps (Main Server)
[Image: piTdu4o.jpg]

Map rotation: Oman, Dragon Valley.
Additional Rules: Autokicks for shotguns (Scattergun/Nosferatu/EAsy piece is ok)
Location: Atlanta, Leetservers, East Coast
Sponsor: [BFT]TriviumF22
Tool: P4FCC (Soon will be running CFTools.)

[Image: piTdu4o.jpg]

Map rotation: Karkand, Mashturr, Sharqi, Basra.
Location: Germany, Leetservers, Europe.
Sponsor: Leetservers
Tool: P4FCC

[Image: CC9CHPc.jpg]

Map rotation: Sharqi (Rush).
Additional Rules: Autokicks for C4.
Location: Chicago, Leetservers, East Coast.
Sponsor: [BFT]Serratian
Tool: CyberFreak Tools (CFTools)

-=:::Player commands:::=-


-=:::Moderator commands:::=-

!k (Player name) (Reason)
!kt (Player name)(No T-bagging)
!kd (Player name) (Disrespect)
!kl (Player name) (Complaining about lag)
!kh (Player name)(No Hackusations)
!kn (Player name) (No Noob calling)
!stb (You only get one warning - NO T-BAGGING!!
!se (Please use English in game chat, thank you.)
!sr ([BFT] is recruiting!! Apply today at BFTCLAN.NET.)

-=:::Admin commands:::=-
!vip (Player name)
!sp (Player name) (Switch player)
!b (Player name) (Reason)- Perm Ban

Op revision: Killyouforfun 7-9

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Offline [BFT]TriviumF22 
This is the type of game play you can expect from our members on a consistent basis.
[Image: 123759918-4.jpg]

[Image: 125802645-4.jpg]

[Image: 858221_4127597483109_894417448_o.jpg]

[Image: 120910216-4.jpg]

[Image: 121889268-4.jpg]

[Image: 117358178-4.jpg]

[Image: 121889261-4.jpg]

[Image: 121889888-4.jpg]

[Image: 125951433-4.jpg]

This is a different round
[Image: 125988734-4.jpg]

[Image: trivium_banner+black+with+skulls.jpg]
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Offline [BFT]TriviumF22 

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Offline [BFT]TriviumF22 
We are also competing in the cup.

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03-10-2011, 08:54 PM | Post: #5
Offline [BFT]SG51m 
you better get hot on this page trivium, dont be a slacker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want fresh meat!!!!!!!!
28-02-2012, 09:17 PM | Post: #6
Offline skaterjonas 
if you want add me in game skaterjonas and add me in skipe joao_luis_dias
10-03-2012, 04:20 PM | Post: #7
Offline [BFT]TriviumF22 

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10-03-2012, 09:24 PM | Post: #8
Offline capt.Goat 
Is it possible to join? I'm an assault player (almost lvl 22, preffered weapons: AN-94, M416)

[Image: af1.png]
11-03-2012, 06:46 PM | Post: #9
Offline SFC.Stone 
I would like to join the clan.
17-03-2012, 12:42 AM | Post: #10
Offline [BFT]TriviumF22 
Hello Goat and Stone. Contact me on our TS3 server ts35.gameservers.com:9248

I know I have talked to you Stone, no problems there.

Goat, I look forward to meeting you!

- [BFT] Trivium

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Offline [BFT]XTR3MiST^M 
::[Bumped 3/18/2012]::
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Offline [BFT]XTR3MiST^M 
::[Bumped 3/18/12]::
19-03-2012, 11:58 PM | Post: #13
Offline [BFT]XTR3MiST 
StoneCold accepted into the clan. Congrats.
21-03-2012, 12:08 AM | Post: #14
Offline [BFT]TriviumF22 
StoneCold has been proving his worth!

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Offline [BFT]TriviumF22 

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Offline [TC]Sgt.Standish 
How many members in the BFP4F section? You don't even have 2 pages! And, do we need [BFT] in our name and or sig? Also, how could I become a CL or SA? I have Goldeneye007 for Wii and play that a lot and could "run" the clan in that game, Halo:Reach, BFH, MAG, BF:BC, that's mostly it. Also, I can't download xfire but I have mic and TS3? Would I still be able to join? I am thinking about joining BFT Tongue

[Image: GOLRender-1.jpg]
02-04-2012, 01:04 AM | Post: #17
Offline [TC]Sgt.Standish 
I just joined guys!

[Image: GOLRender-1.jpg]
02-04-2012, 08:53 PM | Post: #18
Offline [TC]Sgt.Standish 
I'm leaving this clan for DOS now, bye guys!

[Image: GOLRender-1.jpg]
02-04-2012, 11:31 PM | Post: #19
Offline [BFT]TriviumF22 
You never joined as you were never approved. And there are currently 76 BFP4F players in BFT.

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02-04-2012, 11:36 PM | Post: #20
Offline MurrayD 
(02-04-2012 11:31 PM)[BFT]TriviumF22 Wrote:  You never joined as you were never approved. And there are currently 76 BFP4F players in BFT.

You're lucky, you don't want that guy in your clan. Wink

[Image: v3Gcnj4.png]

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