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first, i will open in my g-mods suggestions: first the titan mod imported to bfp4f in the shape of carriers for titans, airial aid pacs for ammo boxes that are dropped by a light plane that can be shot down for 400 score (becuase it is slow but full of health and has flares so it needs like 4 attempts of the stinger or the ru variant for the stinger), artilery/aa canons for the guns on the titan, and allso, for the anti ship missle launchers, torpedo launch stations, and for the shield, armor with close range insta kill guns so no enemy can land on the ship, and for the core destruction, a sieries of laiers that defend a led coverd nukelier reactor.
allso, deathmatch, elimination, and ffa g-mods could be cool.
allso, the new units i wanted to suggest are: the lander , a one time use craft that lands on the beach from a carrier and has: one mg turret (mounted on the gate) and one rocket turret, and allso, the lander has, instead the d day well known drop gate that gives no protection once the craft has landed, a special gate that rolls forward about 3 meters and turns into a gun position and cover from coastal shores.

allso, another ride is, the one and only, the ac 130 gunship that is a slow airplane with seats for 4 players (pilot + one gunner for each on-board weapon).
allso, a nice extra would be a stationary mg trurret in special zones.

allso, a nice variant for the black hawk would be a black hawk without the treditioal broad miniguns, and instead these, a pair of sidewinder missle batteries with 4 rounds in each one, in a total of 8 rounds with a 20 sec reload time and allso, a 50 rounds mg gun on the nose of the hawk as backup for the rockets that make this baby into a slow flying gunship!
allso, the most important addition in player suggestions is the killstreak system from c.o.d games, and that ,could be awsome!

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