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Do you love the open beta and enjoyed the closed beta of BFP4F? Do you enjoy and love the feel of dominating the skies with allies and ripping up the battlefield as a chopper gunner? Is it enjoyable to win EVERY MATCH like a pro? Introducing the newest battlefield clan is [AF1] We stand for Air force One (Yes, we know AF1 Is a commercial airliner.) we are a group based on aviation and Fireteam support on Oman, Karkand and others! they're is no limit to our fireteams and Legions..
ANYONE. and I mean ANYONE. Can be apart of our cell network and community. Precise accurate strategys directly from the minds of the Battle Commanders is our key to victory.
Pick your ground! Aviation or Fireteam?
Or both! comming soon even more choices and roles on our front!
Judgement in the skies is our say.Tracked matches keep all of our members in the game and in control!

Do you think you got what it takes to be a pilot, Sargent or even possibly rank up to a Commander!
We just don't play just for slapping the enemy team in the face, but for Merit...Commendations and Respect among other clans.

(Comming soon Medals and Rewards!)

YOU Decide your destiny
Soon, we're going to be migrating to other games! To keep track of our members.
we will be establishing a Member activity board.
Practice runs and trainee boot camps will be implemented in our Code of Wings.
The Code of Wings will be explained about later..throughout your stay. (Full character support included!)

What are you sitting around for? join and get your wings.

(Week of Merit: Doing daily games improves your chances of promotion.)
Requirements to join: Dedicated players, Mature. (Full requirement! WARNING You must have 1 open space for a character, with its tag on if your accepted..full details at site.)

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