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Offline caparzoIEMedic 
Hi all.
I have a problem with my engineer-soldier. Every time I want to shoot an RPG i hve to aim directly on the tank. But i saw many guys who fired in the sky and the shot turned downwards on the tank. how is this possible?

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Offline NinjaSpeed 
If you see a white square on the tank, it means it has been tagged by a friendly tracer dart. Tracer darts allow RPGs to be shot from nearly anywhere in any direction because the RPGs home in on the marked target. Therefore, whenever you see an RPG shot in the air and making a sharp turn towards a target, its because the RPG is locked onto that target. An unguided RPG will simply just propel in an arc until it hits something.
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Offline .Fenderalac 
when u use traser dart (that green pistol) and you shoot a dart into a tank then you can shoot RPG into the sky and the rocket will automaticly follow the dart and slam into a tank Smile

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Offline mono 
RPG shots will automatically home in on any vehicle that's been tagged with a tracer dart. Tagged vehicles show up as a white square on your HUD, and the square will show up regardless of whether the vehicle itself is in your line of sight.

If a vehicle is tagged, and you shoot the RPG in the general direction but at an upwards angle, it will arch around to home in on the tag, hitting the vehicle from above and often causing more damage than a regular frontal shot.

It's also useful if the tagged vehicle you're trying to hit is hidden from view by buildings etc.

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20-04-2011, 11:45 AM | Post: #5
Offline caparzoIEMedic 
It has to be tagged Exclamation Huh .......... Idea
Thanks to all Big Grin

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