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14-04-2011, 10:07 AM | Post: #1
Offline Silvanoshi
Attention Soldiers!

Today at 10:30 UTC we will be performing maintenance on the game servers, which should last approximately 30 minutes.

While we do not expect any downtime, there may be intermittent connection issues as servers are restarted. Also, players in game may be kicked and prompted to update their game when opening it again.

14-04-2011, 11:20 AM | Post: #2
Offline Silvanoshi
The maintenance is complete and the game is once again accessible. Jump in and try out some new weapons!

Today's update included the following
  • Adding 6 new weapons to the game
  • • M60 LMG
  • • Veterans M60 LMG
  • • STG77AUG Assault Rifle
  • • M95 Sniper Rifle
  • • Saiga-12 Shotgun
  • • MP412 REX Pistol
  • Fix for a front end resolution issue (the visible cursor location did not match the actual cursor location).
  • Misc minor fixes.


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