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Offline BlackHack 
Hi, im currently looking for a clan which has ventrilo.. im a lvl 10 Recon my main weapon is m24 my ign is BlackHack
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Offline Shadowe 
Crux is always recruiting.

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Made a serious sig finally. Stop by our thread
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Offline zehpickle 

MIA is recruiting. we use Team speak 3 instead of vent. i joined a couple days ago and its amazing. very active.
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Offline Jensin 
Join 13th MEU, we are well established, have an excellent player base. They're friendly, helpful, and skilled in the game and are willing to give you tips. We have an excellent communication system and are also established in many other games if you wish to game with them on other games. Check us out at http://13thmeu.forumn.net/

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Offline -=OG=-Vercetti 

U-238 Wrote:..when I participated in the EVGA Jeep Battles and I first heard MassiveImpulsa's voice I thought he was a girl......
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Offline [L3]De[v] 
(10-04-2011 12:04 AM)0x5b;L30x5d;De0x5b;v0x5d; Wrote:  
(08-04-2011 07:42 AM)0x5b;L30x5d;De0x5b;v0x5d; Wrote:  L3git Tactics is recruiting a lot of players at this time.



About us:

First and foremost read this ---> We are currently only 25 members strong. We're trying to build a team from scratch here, so it may take a while to have a full roster. If having to pub with us for a little while until we have enough guys to scrim.

We were one of the biggest clans back on America's Army 2.x we have just moved from America's Army to bfp4f to grow bigger but in the move we dropped our America's Army 2.x players due to the growing number of hackers hitting our servers. We have members from all over the world from USA, Canada, Holland, Sweden, Hong Kong and India.

What we're looking for:

- Asking that all members download Teamspeak3 (It helps working as a team). Link: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads

- We are not exceptionally talented, if you're looking for that, you probably wouldn't be happy here. We're not total noobs, we have some experience with the BF series, and don't want to recruit total noobs, but if you're just average that’s alright.

- If you have very high aspirations for this game in competition we're probably not the team for you. We're going to try to do well- scrim/practice/strat but we have full time jobs and playing games is fun, not work.

- We don't require past clans/experience. That isn't important to us.

- We don't need your money. We have teamspeak3 and a game server paid for, we only need players.

- We want members that are fairly active, but we aren't nazis about practice and scrims. We'll do them whenever we can, but if people have something to do, school/work/women/life is more important.

- We want players who are interested in competition, and want to try and improve as players and as a team.

- We don't recruit people that TS rage. If you can't stop yourself from crying and saying "ARE YOU KIDDING ME" or "OMG NO WAY" every time you die, we don't want you.

- We don't recruit immature kids, childish stupidity isn't something that appeals to most of us.


Basically if you want a place to play competitively with a relaxed group of players without having to dedicate all of your free time to work at a game, hit me up my GSN=
Leader: [L3]De[v]


Most of our members are over the age 18

L3git Tactics is actively recruiting www.L3git.com
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Offline [TCP]=SP[FR]= 
feel free to visit our clan website !
Welcome in BFP4F Tongue

The Corner Pub

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