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Offline Johnny3Tears 
Okay so the M249 is a fun gun in just about any FPS, but come on this was in the early beta. Does anyone else want to see some actual new guns? Plus the fact that I have to buy battlefunds to get the saw kind of annoys me. I preferred it when I could buy permanent weapons with in game money. I understand that they need money to keep the game running, but couldn't there be atleast a couple guns that you could buy permanently using in game money? And I wish there was weapon customization.

I usually play as a medic, if there are BC2 weapons I'd like to see:


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Offline Mauidan 
EA wants you to spend money. They have data that shows since you've posted on the forum you're likely to spend 10 times as much money as someone that doesn't use the forums. So if you want to customize or buy your M249 permanently start shelling out $$$.

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