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29-08-2011, 12:22 PM | Post: #61
Offline xNubby 
I have a question!
How do you get Veteran Weapons and how do you get to be a Veteran?

29-08-2011, 05:48 PM | Post: #62
Offline Laur94 
Hello i have a problem with this game when i choose a server at bookmarks,he still uploading but the game closes every time load,and i have .NET Framework 3.5 SP1.What can i do for play this game?
02-09-2011, 10:04 PM | Post: #63
Offline MateoAssault 
Hi! Does anyone know when the 128 mb video card support is coming out? Please reply
04-09-2011, 12:25 PM | Post: #64
Offline AngryBok 
hey do i need to download the net frame works? is that really needed?
11-09-2011, 08:00 PM | Post: #65
Offline Cpt.DeJongh[NL] 
So.. you cant play on other character without bf?that would be a big dissappiontment to me :/
11-09-2011, 08:02 PM | Post: #66
Offline Cpt.DeJongh[NL] 
(29-08-2011 12:22 PM)xNubby Wrote:  I have a question!
How do you get Veteran Weapons and how do you get to be a Veteran?


you can get veteran just when you started but you need the normal bf and cr
14-10-2011, 08:20 PM | Post: #67
Offline Discreet 
I am running windows 7 so that means i cannot play?
06-11-2011, 04:54 AM | Post: #68
Offline FDB1988 
(14-10-2011 08:20 PM)Discreet Wrote:  I am running windows 7 so that means i cannot play?

i play on w7
06-11-2011, 05:46 AM | Post: #69
Offline Col_Cruton 
(11-09-2011 08:00 PM)Cpt.DeJongh[NL] Wrote:  So.. you cant play on other character without bf?that would be a big dissappiontment to me :/
you can create another soldier for free, (maximum 2 slots)

The Noobs National Anthem
22-12-2011, 04:16 AM | Post: #70
Offline Snipe.Zacattack 
You should probably add to this post that buying weapons with money is discouraged, as repeatedly in the past, said weapons are taken away. Probably be a nice thing for newcomers to know.
23-12-2011, 03:51 PM | Post: #71
Offline vorda_zg 
mortar is goood?
return my amo for gool elite(bought for my money)
25-12-2011, 03:59 PM | Post: #72
Offline budcola 
read this thread (http://battlefield.play4free.com/en/foru...&page=226) before you start buying anything in this game.

I was ripped off
31-12-2011, 03:37 AM | Post: #73
Offline StormovikC4 
^^ agreed, dont buy anything unless your certain and went to the doctor for a checkup.
31-12-2011, 03:58 AM | Post: #74
Offline Jerdomino 
Don't spend any real money to buy, or use your valuable time to take surveys for, battlefunds. You take a survey, somebody pays real money to EA. In any case, anything that is called "permanent" or "lasts forever" doesn't. Just that.

Play, but don't pay. You'll regret it.

[Image: PLAY4FREE.png]
31-12-2011, 11:03 AM | Post: #75
Offline X_x_Tomislav_x_X 
Help me,i m new here and i dont now can my pc run it?Please help!
microsoft xp profesional
intel celeron,cpu2.40ghz
768mb ram
nvidia gforce mx/mx400
01-01-2012, 01:21 AM | Post: #76
Offline bekletser 
nice and helpfull , really a fan of this game since bf1924 Tongue oldschool bf Wink but how i get a cool signature pic like u al ?? Tongue Wink
20-01-2012, 01:30 AM | Post: #77
Offline Windshaw 
Hey. I was just wondering if you were able to delete any of you characters and replace them with new ones.
24-01-2012, 06:47 PM | Post: #78
Offline Lixil 
its irritating that you cant delete characters... i thought assault would be good but it got wasted, then i made a recon and im not that good... its basically EA's way of making money, sell slots -.-
26-01-2012, 03:56 AM | Post: #79
Offline banger2233 
let me see if you can really help!!
i'm playing battlefield play4free win7 32 bit mozilla is my browser
my prob is everytime i click the play now button the game window pops up said checking installation blah blah blah then just a second suddenly disappear, that's what happening everytime i try to click the play now button.
can you please help me i've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and still have this issue i don't know what to do and i really want to play the game, i've been with this for a long time already and so far this is my first issue i've had.
help me please!!!
28-01-2012, 11:04 PM | Post: #80
Offline Mrlegodude96 
i hate the way you cant delete hero, i made an assault on accident meant to make a medic, and i rly want to make a medic, but i cant delete my assault and i don't want to waste my BF points

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