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Listen up Soldiers!

We are proud to announce a big revamp to the Battlefund purchase method. Firstly, by checking the Get Battlefunds link, you will notice a visual change but that's not all!

Today we are also announcing the implementation of a new payment method, Moneybookers and two more countries added to the SMS payment service

SMS Payments
  • U.S.A
  • Canada

What is Moneybookers? - source

Moneybookers allows you to grab Battlefunds quickly and easily with various payment methods online, another choice added to your arsenal for those shopping spree needs, whether it be cool clothing, awesome emotes to taunt the enemy, life saving widgets or death dealing weapons.

Which countries can use Moneybookers and which payment methods do they support?
  • ELV (Germany)
  • Nordea (Finland, Sweden)
  • EPS (Austria)
  • Poli (Australia)
  • Pekao S.A. (Poland)
  • Przelewy 24 (Poland)
  • eNets (Singapore)
  • Laser (Ireland)
  • ePay.bg (Bulgaria)
  • Poste Pay (Italy)
  • Inteligo (Poland)
  • Euro 6000 (Spain)
  • Ideal (Netherlands)
  • 4B Card (Spain)
  • Mbank (Poland)

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