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Offline Trister 
I believe this map isn't big enough for jets, not comfortably anyway.
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Offline FearTheSun 
(28-04-2011 08:58 PM)Trister Wrote:  I believe this map isn't big enough for jets, not comfortably anyway.

True, it's difficult to fly precision air-to-ground attacks.

It's a sniper sco... wait no, that's a holosight.
29-04-2011, 11:55 AM | Post: #123
Offline AmeerAhmed 
30-04-2011, 09:18 PM | Post: #124
Offline charliesheen69 
(09-03-2011 06:01 PM)Solid Wrote:  Nice Vid, you added a few vehicles Dodgy

I stil think, that Oman needs a major change in favor for the US (and a minor one on Karkand for the RU)!

-Problem: AA Gun at D is pretty tough, i just flyed over the Sea to repair my Heli and the AA Gun killed me w/o any warning
-Solution(s): Give the AA more Cover on the 1st floor or nerf the AA in general

-Problem: US can spawn at base, A, B and D and the RU can spawn at their base and at B, C and D. This is a problem, RU have a adventage, don´t they?
-Solution: Let the US spawn at C but not at D, maybe you should ad some cover or use your imagination

-Problem: The AA at A is as useful as... nothing? I just can defend A, nothing more!
-Solution: Place the Aa somewhere else, with cover which doesn´t blind it

-Problem: Traveling from the Base to the next flag, easier for US or for RU? I guess the RU, the APC is faster on ground than in the Water. Their transporters are faster at a flag than the boats + no need to switch the vehicle. It happens often that, if the RU wants to rush, then they will make it! Cap A and RU have a few at the other Flags and the US will loose 0:1000, only a wonder team can take a flag
-Solution: Well there is no easy solution, the only crazy solution i suggest is to stretch the street from RU-Base to C, the street will be longer.

-Problem: Tank/APC theft at A is easier than stealing a Tank/APC at D, also a Tank spawns at the RU-Mainbase, aswell as the APC
-Solution: Theft protection which is already suggested or a better placement which sadly seems impossible

idk. i always seem to do better as US

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Offline armymon 
05-05-2011, 03:48 PM | Post: #126
Offline CopterJoe 
I would really like to see a new map. But please no CoD-maps like Sharqi. They are so little and less of strategy. A lot of players always leave if the map comes and they have their reasons.
Please add big maps. There are so many good ones in battlefield 2 (also with 64 Soldiers at once).

I hope it would be still this yearConfused.
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