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Flyght Academy : Assault 101

Simply put, there has not been many guides on the assault class, especially ones that go in-depth in its important characteristics. The class, which is one of my favorites, is probably one of the one most underestimated classes within the game despite being the most popular. Though it may not be a tank-killer, healer, assassin, etc., the assault class can pull its own weight within the game due to its relative bulk and unlimited ammo.

Basics Before Picking The Class

People need to be aware of what they are choosing as a class when creating a player (especially since EASY has now restricted incoming gamers to only 2 characters each). The Assault class, as a whole, is mainly for those who like to be in the heart of combat. Seriously, the class is not necessarily meant to be an ultimate setup to be a camper every time, but instead to be the main force for the team to capture and secure flags. Here are some reasons on how to approach this class before regretting the decision:
  • Be aware of the available weapons. The Assault Rifle, mainly the G3A4, is the only supplied primary weapon and handles differently from other guns as it is a weapon that is basically average in all statistics (damage output, accuracy, and magazine size) except with its versatile range. The class allows access to the shotguns too, but nothing else. Also remember that the iron-sights will take time to get used to on the AR's as they are bigger than most other guns (like going from a MP7 to an M16A2). Just be patient until you are accustomed to its usability.
    Use Rukgoa's Comprehensive Stats Charts : http://battlefield.play4free.com/en/foru...804&page=1
    or shadow00's Guide to Choosing Weapons : http://battlefield.play4free.com/en/foru...#pid135091
    Both these guides can help you make a clear decision based upon the statistics and general opinions from players.
  • This class rewards those who can pay attention and support their team even while attacking a flag. Seriously, if someone is screaming out that "I am out of ammo" do not be ignorant to their commands (unless the person is intentionally spamming the command repeatedly for annoyance). The fact that the command can be heard, is seen in the chat display, on the map, and on top of the person issuing the command (temporarily) provides little excuse for an assault to not drop an ammo crate next to that person or at least when you die, so that way their efforts to call will not be in vain. And more importantly, providing covering fire for your teammates and using your unlimited tracer darts is a big boon to everyone playing and it rewards you with a lot of points just from providing ammo crates when you spawning at base, tracer dart assists, and so on.
  • This class requires tactical and environmental awareness. If you plan to choose the Assault class, take caution in the fact that you will always be looking around the map when crossing enemy territory. Remember, an Assault player can only be successful at taking a flag if they can take out or sneak past your opponents by taking the long way as well as utilizing various other strategies to beat the enemy and capture their flags.
  • Choosing to fly a jet to take a flag is unnecessary for an Assault. The idea that an Assault is meant to help their team capture flags is understood by most people, but this class does not intend for players to rush over to the jets in Oman. Sure the abilities are available to every class, but unless you plan to do something effective enough to take some flags with those vehicles, then just don't choose this class to do so. Probably, the Engineer or Recon class is a better choice thanks to its versatility, but that decision is not mine but yours to choose. Also, choosing to learn the ability to fly helicopters is not a bad choice to substitute for fighting solely on the ground as well as not choosing to fly jets, but please fly responsibly.

Note: If you think this guide is too long, see Solid's Assault Guide, JynX's In Depth Assault Guide And Tips ,
or HURRDURR's Assault Guide By Exair
that are simple, basic, and provide helpful information on the class.

What Weapons And Tools Are Available

Keep in mind, the information like the damage stats comes from the direct stats placed in the weapons section in-game. These stats actually compare the weapon with the other weapons within its class. Stats like the reload rate come from Rukgoa's new Comprehensive Stats Charts.

Also, the Rate of Fire is according to the rounds per minute (RPM).

This class is the practically the only one with access to AR's, or Assault Rifles. Assault Rifles are practically a very versatile gun. They can be used many ways, but the range is meant to be close-to-medium due to the fact that the user is probably less than a few meters (yards) or so from the enemy (the rifles can be used carefully at long range). Generally, the M16A2, AEK971, and the STG77AUG are better guns than the G3A4 as they put out more damage, have less recoil, and have more ammo than the aged rifle. Regarding the available guns that can be rented with credits, the M16A2 and the AEK971 are suited for different play styles: the M16A2 suited for those who want more medium to long range in their battles while the AEK971 is best for those who desire more control with their bursts. However, the M16A2 is not going to always face up well with Close-Quarter Weapons like the SMGs or the shotguns, and the AEK971 cannot quickly and accurately fire bullets at medium to long range targets like the M16A2. For the STG77AUG, the gun produces the most damage, fires faster than even the M16A2, and is even more accurate than the AEK971 or M16A2. Yet, it has the highest recoil and takes the longest to reload, so think before spending your Battlefunds on this weapon as the M16A2 and AEK971 will easily match up to this gun with their softer recoil and quicker reload rate.

Assault Rifles Statistics:
  1. G3A4 : Full Auto, 20 Mag Size, 3 Mags At Spawn, 4.1 Seconds to Reload, Range - 38, Accuracy - 58, Damage - 65
  2. M16A2 : 3 Round Burst, 30 Mag Size, 3 Mags At Spawn, 4 Seconds to Reload, Range - 40, Accuracy - 60, Damage - 86
  3. AEK971 : Full Auto, 30 Mag Size, 3 Mags At Spawn, 4.3 Seconds to Reload, Range - 40, Accuracy - 58, Damage - 86
  4. STG77AUG : Full Auto, 35 Mag Size, 4 Mags At Spawn, 4.8 Seconds to Reload, Range - 42, Accuracy - 70, Damage - 93

The shotguns, which includes the SPAS-12, 870 Combat, USAS 12, and the Saiga-12, are feasible enough to finish off a target with only a few shots. But, the shallow range and poor accuracy, even at medium range, are not comparable with the AR's who can still punish enemies at the cost of a few more bullets extra. But, gamers who prefer to be right in the face of people (give or take 5 meters) could probably utilize a shotgun better than an AR. The shotguns also vary for play styles, with the 870 Combat used at more close quarters than anywhere else, SPAS 12 for less reloading time to get off more shots at the cost of close range damage, the USAS 12 for more accuracy and fire rate at the cost of damage, and the Saiga-12 for more damage with better range than the USAS 12 at the cost of the rate of fire.

Shotgun Statistics:
  1. 870 Combat : 8 Pellets Per Shot, Rate of Fire - 120, 8 Mag Size, 4 Mags At Spawn, 1 Second to Reload (Per Shell), Damage - 92
  2. SPAS-12 : 8 Pellets Per Shot, Rate of Fire - 120, 8 Mag Size, 4 Mags At Spawn, 0.6 Seconds to Reload (Per Shell), Damage - 88
  3. USAS 12 : 6 Pellets Per Shot, Rate of Fire - 450, 10 Mag Size, 4 Mags At Spawn, 4.37 Seconds to Reload, Damage - 80
  4. Saiga-12 : 6 Pellets Per Shot, Rate of Fire - 360, 14 Mag Size, 4 Mags At Spawn, 4.2 Seconds to Reload, Damage - 86

Of course, the secondary pistols cannot be forgotten among the rifles and shotguns. These weapons are an immediate savior to an Assault who needs the finishing touch on a bruised enemy. So far, there are four available pistols for every class just like the shotguns, the M9, MP443, M1911, and the MP412 Rex. Each of these guns are usable in the right hands, but the M9 is the best starting pistol for Assaults thanks to its quick fire rate and decent accuracy to finish the job quickly (and it happens to be the standard secondary weapon for the class). However, the MP443, M1911, and MP412 Rex are feasible if one has good control over these guns as they have more power but less accuracy and fire rate. The M1911 outputs more damage at the cost of ammo and accuracy compared to the MP443, and the MP412 Rex outputs the most damage out of any pistol but with higher recoil and lower reload time than even the M1911.

Pistol Statistics :
  1. M9 : Rate of Fire - 450, 15 Mag Size, 4 Mags At Spawn, 2.1 Seconds to Reload, Damage - 32
  2. MP443 : Rate of Fire - 600, 17 Mag Size, 4 Mags At Spawn, 2.1 Seconds to Reload, Damage - 48
  3. M1911 : Rate of Fire - 600, 7 Mag Size, 6 Mags At Spawn, 1.8 Seconds to Reload, Damage - 50
  4. MP412 Rex : Rate of Fire - 225, 6 Mag Size, 10 Mags At Spawn, 3.2 Seconds to Reload, Damage - 96

These guns are what can be considered in the Assault class, and provide different options to be utilized on the battlefield. Remember, the guns that do not come included with the class can be bought with Battle-funds or rented with credits. Hence, you should not fret when you find these guns not given to you automatically, you just need to rack up enough credits or Battle-funds to buy those weapons.

Also, there are Veteran versions of these weapons. These weapons are double the price or even more of the available weapons like the M16A2 or USAS 12, but they provide a greater damage output and increased magazine size. These can be helpful in easily winning fights, but the prices are doubled that of a regular bought item. So, you can pay twice as much just for get a +5, +6, or +7 boost in damage per bullet and 3-5 extra clips in each magazine, but that difference is for you to decide if the investment is worth it.


Interestingly enough, the Assault Class is blessed with an interesting slew of abilities it can access.
Remarkibil's Guide to Training Abilities can help show all the available abilities for each class.
Anyway, there are some distinct abilities that do an amazing job to help out the player using this class based on its most important responsibilities.

Recommended Abilities: (not all are listed)
  • Grenade : One of the most deadly essentials an Assault can have in the arsenal, the grenade is still one good way to clear the way of enemies. With a good blast radius and the availability of having 4 grenades , this ability is good at cleaning out rooms, an anti-tank tool for the RPG-less classes, and getting rid of clumped groups. Just be accustomed to the fact all characters created are right-handed only, and the physics on how far to throw the grenade and you'll be set on making your path a little less populated. Also, fully upgrading this ability increases the damage dealt to armored vehicles.
  • Dead Man's Trigger (or DMT) : This distinguishable ability is one of the few interesting additions EASY studios has created, and the DMT's usefulness is great for an Assault who should actively charge into enemy territory for a flag. What it essentially is to 'revenge-kill' people who have flanked and killed you off, but forgot to move a few steps away from a grenade that spawns where you have died at. This ability works wonders especially on Karkand, where charging into Flag A can at least not be wasted as it can get revenge-kill or delay the enemy a few seconds in recovering their flag, benefiting your team altogether.
  • Request Reinforcements (Assaults Only) : Of course, this ability just happens to be one of the few reasons not to take an Assault too lightly. Once this ability has been equipped to one's weapons bar and activated, it can spawn your recently killed teammates right next to you. This is absolutely one of the reasons an Assault should exist, and that is to easily turn the tide of the battle with one stroke (or button) as you can now easily capture or flank the enemy. However, this ability has to cool down after one use, give or take 60 seconds or more. Also, this ability may not spawn anyone at all if they do not die in time to your use. Use this ability wisely, and do not pointlessly make your effort to press a button go to waste. Else you will have a trail of people wondering why they spawned out of nowhere.
  • Ammo Box (Assaults Only) : This is another tool only accessible to Assaults, and no surprise on what it is other than the ammo box. Remarkabil has even done a poll to find out that this ability is one of the best assets an Assault can have. This is one of the reasons Assaults can be feared for, and their bulk in terms of ammo can really leave a dent in opposing forces. What could be better to increase an Assault's bulk in combat other than investing in this ability up to 4 times in order to increase the capacity and range of the box. Now, you can finally hold your ground off as well as be one of the reasons Engineers, Recon, and any other player will praise before your presence. But, with power comes important responsibility in the terms of:

Ammo Box Common Sense
  1. Do Not Hog It All For Yourself
  2. Place The Boxes In Areas Where Your Team Has Easy Access To, Not The Enemy
  3. Do Not Hog It All For Yourself

    • Advanced Combat Supply (Assaults Only) : What is better than just have one ammo box available to your team, when you can have two boxes. Yes, this ability is what it does, which is to allow Assault classes access to placing two ammo boxes at once. Only one point is needed after fully investing in Ammo Box, and what better can it be used for other than giving more ammo for your team, and hopefully not the enemy. More importantly, the first ammo box will not disappear when a second box is placed with this ability.
    • Smoke Grenade (Assaults Only) : These grenades can be unlocked by spending at least 5 points in the equipment section, and spending a point on the ability where it can be equipped to the weapons bar. These grenades are very helpful to have when rushing a zone susceptible to enemy fire or to help out a fellow armored vehicle gain cover from tracer darts. But, the grenades can be replenished by the ammo kit so there is no need to conserve them to an extent, and have a cool down of 30 seconds. This feature still allows an enemy who has spotted you before you have deployed the grenade to still spot your tag in the smoke, so use solid cover while in the smoke to avoid being fired at by a lucky shooter. Also, make sure not to inhale too much of the smoke in order to avoid a future heart attack or stroke.
    • Physical Training Safe Fall : This training abilities is very usable in game, as Safe Fall can be helpful when your parachute is not. More likely, one's parachute is not going to open in time when someone falls from even just a two-story building. Since fall damage does hamper one's bulk, having a few extra Hit Points can make all the difference in a close gun fight. But, if one is careful not to fall too high or can manage to run down the hill (by facing a hill and going down while on the ground like at Karkand's Flag C), then this ability is unnecessary.
    • Physical Training Increase Sprint Speed : This ability seems very helpful to those who rush towards the flags, but are more of a give-or-take ability. Having a 19.4% (1.2x) increased sprint speed is great for reaching flags and cover faster, but the ability also increases the time it takes for the reticle transition back to the starting position. The ability does work wonders for assaults especially ones with Avoid Trip Wire : Advanced, but remember that it takes 5 points already in the combat expertise so you have to invest in some other Combat abilities like Improved Threat Awareness or Physical Training : Safe Fall. And just be wary when getting ready to shoot after sprinting with this ability, as the time increases to reach the normal reticle position.
    • Combat Resilience : This ability is very helpful for those Assaults who like rushing into combat head on, with full health or temporary invulnerability. The ability has the access to 3 levels, with 3 points help reach the max level for the ability and best upgrades. For example, one can now have more health flow in from field bandages and medic boxes as well as increasing the length of adrenaline. Rushers who tend to lead the pack can exceptionally utilize this ability, but it does take a good investment to reach its max potential.
    • Avoid Trip Wire (Basic and Advanced) : Claymores have been quite a nuisance when introduced into the game, and they still are for people who have not yet grasped the typical places the Recon will place them at. The Basic Ability is permanent survivability against claymores when jogging, while the Advanced Ability has three levels to give one, two, or three seconds to the player before the claymore blows up when sprinting. In-game, these abilities are helpful but eat up 5 points altogether thanks to the fact that Mortar Strike Awareness is needed to learn the Basic ability. Overall, newcomers to the Battlefield or FPS genre of gaming can take these abilities to help them survive against the keen Recons who now occasionally place a claymore here and there, but people with enough tactical awareness can just look carefully before they run and take a different path than the obvious one to death.
    • Improved Threat Awareness : This ability works wonders for scouters and Assaults who want to scan the perimeter before advancing into enemy territory. Needing four points to reach full potential, this ability allows players to easily hunt down the positions of faraway enemies without the need to press the "spotted" button multiple times. To expect the incoming push from the enemy or the whereabouts of snipers or guarders can easily help out your team and yourself punish your enemy for trying to over predict.
    • Tactical Threat Awareness (Assaults and Recon Only) : This ability is good to obtain when one has fully upgraded Improved Threat Awareness and desires to know who is firing at them. What it does, and I quote, "is a passive "spotted" action without the benefit of seeing a position on a minimap or communicating to others the shooter's position" (RemarkaBil). Seems very useful for one to know who is firing at them, but one has to be quick to respond or else this ability goes to waste. This does take 4 points to reach its full potential, but spending some points in it can be worthwhile to know the location of someone.
    • Tactical Reflexes : Understandably, there has been increased usability of this ability that allows people to visibly see a marker that indicates where they are being damaged from. This ability does give a good indication just as JynX states on where the attack is coming from, but its downfalls are a bit too much for the price of 1-3 skill points to be fully upgraded. Of course, it will not display the damage from a melee attack as that is a one-hit kill (or OHKO) and even with it fully upgraded, there is no visible sign that pinpoints the attacker. Thus, if you are new to Play4Free where 16 players can get you hurt, this ability is good to have to increase awareness. But, skilled players can just listen carefully or instantly pinpoint the attacker, from instinct or with the help of the Tactical Threat Awareness ability.
    • Helicopter Piloting : You probably know by now that this class is really not suited for those who like to fly a jet, but it can be utilized to fly helicopters for the sole purpose to get from Point A to Point B instead of running or waiting for the next land vehicle to spawn. This ability can prove its worth when stranded on your home base if all the flags are captured by the enemy, but the one point could be spent better if you can just wait for another pilot to jump into a helicopter. But, if you seek to fly a helicopter, please be aware of its mechanics by checking out -
      iStalker's Attack Helicopters [Version 1.0] : http://battlefield.play4free.com/en/foru...?tid=22600
      Pvt. Parts' Attack Helicopter - Strategies And Hints : http://battlefield.play4free.com/en/foru...?tid=13095
      DefaultWarrior's Assault Helicopter Tips :http://battlefield.play4free.com/en/foru...?tid=10391
      Jensin's Attack Helicopter Guide : http://battlefield.play4free.com/en/foru...?tid=18320
      Pvt. Parts' 12 Transport Helicopter Hints : http://battlefield.play4free.com/en/foru...?tid=12018
      Jensin's Carrier Helicopters and You, Tips and Tricks On How To Use Them : http://battlefield.play4free.com/en/foru...?tid=19032

      Also, [FR]Scompe has made a good guide on training your helicopter skills on the BF2 demo so here is the link : http://battlefield.play4free.com/en/foru...?tid=15789

    These abilities are not the only ones available, but merely can help an Assault become better at capturing flags, and having a few advantages over the enemy. Just choose wisely when spending points, and if you find a point being wasted remember that the two arrows (refresh button) in the top right of the training page which will give back all the points you have earned thus far hopefully (there has been claims that the button sometimes will not refund all your points so be aware).

    Also, ObHeRrAtEd has come up with a good guide on these setups and can help those who seek advice on abilities :
    the link is right here - Assault Training Builds

    The setups are very helpful, and offer some of the best possibilities an Assault can take.
    Of course, these play-styles are not mandatory, but can offer extra help to those who need it.
    Just center on your best attributes, and avoid choosing ones that are not going to be beneficial at all.


    Overall, the class is a worthy choice for those who can burst their weapons at the enemies, and forever (until they die). But, a good Assault knows their limitations and understands that this role requires teamwork and awareness in order to win the objective. With that in mind, I hope this guide has been helpful and gear you towards choosing the right class to pick. Leave any comments and positive criticisms, and I hope to see you on the battlefield.

    Thanks go to Rukgoa, RemarkaBil, Solid, Pvt. Parts, DefaultWarrior, ObHeRrAtEd, shadow00, Jensin, [FR]Scompe, JynX, iStalker, and HURRDURR for providing important details in their guides,
    [KZ-0]Archangel for posting this onto his list of remarkable guides,
    and more importantly to all of those who have left the advice and comments so far Smile
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    Extra Information

    If the guide could not seem to satisfy your needs, maybe this section can help out a little better. I planned this section to add more information for a newcomer or a person who is willing to learn some new things on the Assault Class that they can at least apply on the battlefield. What will be discussed is some setups I am currently discovering or found for the class along with some added tips.


    Of course, when playing a multi-player game the control scheme is important in getting a good feel in-game. After having the Play4Free web program open up, you can change your controls simply by going into the Options tab in the tool bar. There, you can set up your controls that are easier to you to use than the default settings so that way you can feel more comfortable when selecting your equipment in your arsenal or choosing a performance option. If you need to have more complex options, see -

    St0mpy's Settings Superguide (Including One Button Spotting & Binding Multiple Keys) : http://battlefield.play4free.com/en/foru...?tid=17798

    Also, there now happens to be software that allows players to utilize their controllers in accordance to keyboard commands. Thankfully, Cronaldo97v2 has created a guide to satisfy those who seek to use a controller in-game -

    How To Use Unsupported Controllers in Battlefield Play4Free : http://battlefield.play4free.com/en/foru...?tid=23363

    Anyway, the suggestions I will offer on using your controls wisely and effective go as so:
    1. First, Free Up Some Keys to Be Replaced - There are some keys, like the Keyboard Button G that are already in use and can be used as a key to instantly call upon your Grenades. All that is needed is to be done is simply change or add in a different key to the command to free it up. Hence, when wanting to change the G key from the default option, just put that option as a key that you will preferably won't use like the +/= button.
    2. Add Your Mouse Controls to Needed Commands - Put all your mouse button keys into the game so that way you can easily select your most needed items or commands available. For instance, placing your melee weapon on your Mouse Scroll Button [M2] can easily help you knife someone who is just close enough.
    3. Then, Add Your Keyboard Controls to the Other Commands - The reason why use should put all of primary controls on your mouse first is to prevent having to waste more time replacing more keys that have taken up the options you seek to put on the mouse. Also, your keyboard can get more space if you have taken up more commands onto your mouse so that way keys like Number 1, 2, and 3 can be used for other things like calling up your primary, secondary, or your tracer dart gun.

    For example, I have my own controls bound in the game to suit the available resources I have and what I can use more efficiently.

    [Image: attachment.php?attachhash=f84b50d4e6931e...62183243fe]

    If you cannot see the keys clearly, what I have done is that I kept my primary/secondary weapons at Keys 1 & 2 as I can call on these keys easily since they're right next to my movement keys W,A,S, and D. My other tools, like my smoke grenades and tracer dart gun, I have set to the keys 3 & 4 as I have gotten use to the fact that my smoke grenades can be called close to my movement keys when I need, and that I have my tracer dart gun at a key I have gotten used to all my games as the one to deal with armored vehicles. Then, what I have done is that my important tool is right next to my Sprint (Left Shift) key and Jump/Parachute Key (Space), so that I can call on my ammo box quickly while moving regularly. My available mouse key, which happens to be my M2 button, is for my melee weapon to easily use it in tight situations. And finally, my other keys call on my other necessary tools like my G key calls on my grenades because I have gotten used to it being like that and my C key can easily call on my Request Reinforcements ability while I wait.

    Also, note the position of my weapons. I have kept my needed keyboard number keys and moved the other non-numerical keys to places that will replace the rest of the number keys, like keys 9 and 0. That is to prevent having too much clutter happen when organizing your commands, which can occur if one is not careful enough.

    Anyway, these controls should be binded solely to your equipment and performance commands, like calling upon your secondary weapon, so that way you will be able to shave off some extra seconds to kill or reach an objective. This is highly influential in a fast-paced game as this where a few more seconds means the availability of taking more flags or putting out an enemy faster.

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    Welcome To The Play4Free Beta
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    8D Brilliant Guide, you sir, are going on the list. go easy on the Colors though. xD simply bolding or underlining an important statement works. Pick a slightly duller color or something. All of the Blue Large Blue in the midst of the dull greyish colors distracts me from reading the whole section

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    Thanks for the advice, especially from Archangel himself Big Grin

    Welcome To The Play4Free Beta
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    Offline Coatl 
    Excellent guide, I personally am not of the type assault, but I see helpful to know what this type can do and which are their skills.

    13-03-2011, 06:05 PM | Post: #6
    Offline [KZ-0]Archangel 
    Much better M8! keep the amazing guides coming

    13-03-2011, 07:56 PM | Post: #7
    Offline Donutz 
    Fantastic guide.

    Medic soon? (:

    13-03-2011, 08:14 PM | Post: #8
    Offline SnAjP 
    nice guide
    13-03-2011, 10:46 PM | Post: #9
    Offline Flyght 
    (13-03-2011 07:29 AM)Coatl Wrote:  Excellent guide, I personally am not of the type assault, but I see helpful to know what this type can do and which are their skills.
    Thank you for the comment, and for acknowledging the true intention of this guide. Big Grin

    (13-03-2011 07:29 AM)[KZ-0]Archangel Wrote:  Much better M8! keep the amazing guides coming
    Well, I couldn't have done it without the advice, and I think I can come up with a few more guides, maybe on the engineer if I can.

    (13-03-2011 07:29 AM)Donutz Wrote:  Fantastic guide.

    Medic soon? (:
    Thank you for the comment, and well I am not sure about the medic. I so far only have an engineer and a assault in my arsenal, but I have played a little of the Medic class before to know the basics. I believe any good players who can see this comment can make a good guide on that class. To be honest, I can't make a good guide to benefit newcomers and people willing to learn if I do not have much experience to back up. Sorry...

    (13-03-2011 07:29 AM)SnAjP Wrote:  nice guide
    Thank you very much for the comment. Smile

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    What an amazing guide !!!!! i felt i was hearing my general giving me instructions ..... xD
    ...And that´s true, we (the assault infantry) really like being in the core of the combat,its so thrilling Big Grin
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    Offline Flyght 
    (14-03-2011 12:44 AM)Havock_Shingler Wrote:  What an amazing guide !!!!! i felt i was hearing my general giving me instructions ..... xD
    ...And that´s true, we (the assault infantry) really like being in the core of the combat,its so thrilling Big Grin

    A general giving instructions, now that's an interesting characterization Smile. BTW, thank you for the comment, and it's good to see a fellow assault who can understand the concepts easily.

    Welcome To The Play4Free Beta
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    Btw why is there "damage range" instead of just "damage" on M16A2?

    This account now in control of a friend, moved to BF3 & MoH as BoscPear (This post was last modified: 16-03-2011 05:35 AM by [BFT]Porsche.)
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    (16-03-2011 05:35 AM)PorscheLover Wrote:  Nice.
    Btw why is there "damage range" instead of just "damage" on M16A2?

    Oops, made a mistake in that. What I originally thought of was including the range of damage the weapon would make for its minimum and maximum, using Rukgoa's Weapons Stats to classify each weapon. But, since he has not updated the guide much I could not solidly make the judgment that each gun would still use the same stats. So, what I decided was to go from the actually Damage Stats seen in the weapons section of the game, and henceforth those stats were the ones listed.

    Thanks for the observance, and thank you for the comment. Smile

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    Do you think the M16A2 is overpowered?

    19-03-2011, 01:55 PM | Post: #15
    Offline SnAjP 
    as long as aek doesnt have usable optics, m16 is best
    20-03-2011, 08:05 PM | Post: #16
    Offline Flyght 
    (19-03-2011 01:30 PM)Donutz Wrote:  Do you think the M16A2 is overpowered?

    Personally, I prefer the M16A2 over the AEK971 but I know for a fact that it is not OP, or overpowered. It does around the same damage as the AEK971, but the 3-round burst is the main seller for the gun as well as its downfall. With the 3-round burst, the M16A2 can easily hit anyone and KO from medium to long range. But, if you dare try the gun at close range, you will easily lose a battle with a close-range gun, especially to another Assault carrying an AEK971.
    Henceforth, the AEK971 is better at close range than the M16A2 because a skilled player using an AEK971 will easily trump a M16A2 user and even a MP7 user at close range. That is why the M16A2 is not overpowered, because an AEK will beat it at close range, along with the shotguns and even the Submachine guns.

    (19-03-2011 01:30 PM)SnAjP Wrote:  as long as aek doesnt have usable optics, m16 is best

    Now to SnAjP, the M16A2 is as aforementioned only going to win at medium to long range battles compared to the AEK. But, I would even say a skilled Assault player would use an AEK971 to win any battle they fight in. The Assault class depends heavily on its variability so that opposing classes cannot truly beat it at its own game, and thus that is why Assault rifles like the AEK971 and M16A2 work so well for the class than even shotguns. If you do face up in close range with a M16A2, you better have aimed for the head or neck of the opponent to beat them compared to what an AEK971 user would typically go full burst on. That is why I have left no bias on any of the Assault Rifles and rather pointed out that the AEK971 will give you more freedom and full control over your bursts, while the M16A2 can easily beat the medium to long range battles the AEK971 may not win thanks to its 3-round burst.

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    26-03-2011, 10:23 PM | Post: #17
    Offline Flyght 
    Updated with more information.
    Along with the info, my thanks go to ObHeRrAtEd for creating an new guide on Assault Setups and of course to those who commented on this guideBig Grin.

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    26-03-2011, 10:24 PM | Post: #18
    Offline ObHeRrAtEd 
    flyght would you allow me to create a link in my guide to your guide please? (i mean, put in my guide "for more info check flyght's assault 101 guide)
    ty for the thanks btw

    [Image: hardname.png]
    (This post was last modified: 26-03-2011 10:30 PM by ObHeRrAtEd.)
    26-03-2011, 10:30 PM | Post: #19
    Offline Flyght 
    (26-03-2011 10:24 PM)ObHeRrAtEd Wrote:  flyght would you allow me to create a link in my guide to your guide please?

    That will be highly accepted from me Big Grin, and maybe make a link to Solid's guide if you want to.

    Oh, and sorry if I didn't ask for permission to link your guide. But, I hope you are alright with that.

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    26-03-2011, 10:33 PM | Post: #20
    Offline ObHeRrAtEd 
    Of course I'm alright xDDDDD

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