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Offline [MIA]Dacron 
Hey guys, we at Mercenaries International Alliance, [MIA] clan are recruiting players for BP4F


Please know we are a family friendly clan which does not allow foul language in our teamspeak nor does our members use them in games.

We have members all around the world to include Denmark, England, Germany, Scotland, Egypt and the Netherlands to name few.
Our only guideline is the ability to use English as the primary language.
This means we have US based squads and EU based squads that compete in competitions, scrim's, tournaments and other events.
We also have casual members who just want to meet new friends and play during the weekends.

Within our clan you will find: Hours of fun, talking and gaming with people from all over the world, creating long lasting relationships and experience a living community with gamers by being part of our social gaming network. We have Face book and Twitter giving you access to gamers all over the world.

Our main goal is to have fun, both in games and in our community. The MIA Clan is represented by both men and woman, boys and girls.

The MIA Clan provides the tools for you to be an active gamer in the most popular
games. If you want to compete on a high level against other clans, have serious
training with serious drill instructors on our own closed servers or just have fun
shooting it all up, MIA Clan is your answer.

The last thing we also support games such as:
Any Battlefield Game Series, up to battlefield play 4 free, Call of Duty4 & MW3, Tribes Ascend, World of Tanks, World of Warcraft, Starcraft, DiabloIII, Eve Online and also console games we support as we got our own console division.

Please step by: at http://www.miaclan.net
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Offline Cameron7343 
Dacron, you may want to put [RECURUITING]MIA CLAN .... It's the rules, there going to tell you lol. On a good note, MIA clan is a very good clan. I was in there for a year. Many good people, events and games! It's a very good clan, I regret leaving sometimes.. Good luck MIA.

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Offline [MIA]Dacron 
thanks cameron and we miss you 2!
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This topic does not follow the guidelines for the Clans Forum.

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It would be in the best interest of a clan to keep players updated, however this is up to the clan owner. We do ask that you provide a tag (found below) the name of your clan and the faction(s) that your clan caters too. This will allow you and players looking for clans a quick and easy process. As always, please follow the Forum Rules when posting.

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/closed. Feel free to post another thread with the correct format. As I recall, MIA also already has their own thread open. Feel free to bump that one instead of making another thread, if that's the case.

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