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does this still apply :/

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Quote:y = - (g / (2v²) ) * x²
So if I understand this right, to calculate the drop that I have to compensate on my scope, this has to be divided by the distance(x).
Quote:y = - (g / (2v²) ) * x
Now because g / (2v²) always stays the same value, the compensation is linear with the distance.?
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The nature of projectile ballistics means that the angle (away from zero) by which you need to compensate is linearly related to the distance to target. In simpler terms, if your target is twice as far away, you need to compensate with twice the angle (or twice the number of mill dots on your reticle), and so on.

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thx for information Smile

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u r awesome
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Thank you I have never been motivated to use the equations to find the drop at around 300m and these helped a lot.

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u just blowed up my mind.

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damn you're good at maths.
nice job indeed
keep it up
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I will never calculate a shot while online gaming, but man, you got my respect.
PS.: Sorry for bad English.

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(10-02-2011 09:34 AM)Assault. Wrote:  Even though i didnt understand any of that, well done

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(09-02-2011 09:55 AM)rukqoa Wrote:  Rukqoa's Ballistics Guide

Fundamental Equation:
A basic equation is used to calculate all my numbers. Because this game has no drag, bullet speed is constant between when you fire your projectile and when it hits your target's distance. Demize99 has confirmed that this equation was used in BF2 and in BC2 (modified only velocity of projectiles and added visuals).
y = - (g / (2v²) ) * x²
y = drop, g = Earth's gravity acceleration, v = velocity of projectile, x = distance to target
In my chart, I also calculated lead using velocity and distance. Nothing too fancy either.
l = d / v * s
l = lead, d = distance to target, v = velocity of bullet, s = speed target is moving constantly at

I made two versions for the files.
Spreadsheet version: Uploaded onto Google Docs. This includes everything, all the numbers and up to 1000m. The tabs at the bottom switch between different projectiles at different velocities.
Image version: Right in this post. For the purpose of saving space, this only goes to 860m and is missing some universal constants. If you don't want to know how I got my numbers and don't plan on shooting over 860 meters, this is all you need.

Explanation (MUST READ):
* Distance x: The distance from your launcher (gun) to your target.
* Velocity v: Velocity of the projectile. Taken from game files.
* Gravity g: Gravitational acceleration on Earth defined as 9.81m/s^2 as you might have learned in high school.
* Drop y: Bullet drop in meters. This is how far the bullet is going to drop from its original target. Notice they're negative numbers (drop = down = negative). Compensate for this when you're doing long range shooting.
* Drop y2: Bullet drop in degrees. This is basically just Drop y, just in degrees. Note that if the y2 is greater or equal to 90 degrees, the projective will never reach the target.
* Walking s: Walking speed of a soldier. Constant as defined in game files. (In the game files, walking = running. And running = sprinting. I use walking and running. Game uses running and sprinting. Confusing, but I'm not going back to change the variable names.) It's 2x if the user gets the ability upgrade.
* WTravel z1: Lead in meters. Lead is how much you should shoot AHEAD of your target because projectiles take time to reach the distance. This is how much you should lead by if the target is walking constantly at that distance.
* WTravel z2: Lead in degrees. See lead in meters. Note how it's the same for all ranges because distances in long range are perceived the same in degrees as in short range. With experience and practice, you will know exactly where on your scope you should be shooting.
* Running r: Running speed of a soldier (aka. sprinting in game files). See walking speed for more information. It's also 2x if the target has the ability upgrade.
* RTravel w1: Lead in meters for sprinting targets. See WTravel z1 for more info.
* RTravel w2: Lead in degrees for sprinting targets. See WTravel z2 for more info.

Short Guide for Compensating for Ballistics


Drop is real. It happens to every projectile in this game except the guided launchers. If you want to shoot long range, this is important to compensate for. At 100 meters (+100 Ranged Kill), your shot is only 17 centimeters (or 6.87 inches) off. So, if you aim for the top of the target's head, you will still get a headshot. However, drop becomes increasingly apparent after 100 meters. If you read the chart (Speed530 for sniper rifles), you'll realize that the numbers get progressively higher quickly. 0.17 meters may not seem like a big deal, but add another 20m to distance, and the bullet drops 8 more centimeters.

Practically, what this means is, you'll need to compensate more for your target as they get further away from you. A human soldier is about 1.70 meters tall. Use that to estimate about how much you need to aim above the target. Remember that drop is consistent and non-random, so if you spend a lot of time on the crane in Oman, you'll eventually get the hang of it and start scoring body shots at super long range. Then, use that to compensate and headshots will be like cake in no time.


Lead is also real. Bullets take time to reach their target. Don't believe me? Shoot an RPG at a tank and see if it reaches instantly. If you want to compensate for lead, you should read the chart as well.

Practically, you don't need much calculation and thinking for leading. Just remember that the "lead angle", how many pixels your crosshair has to be in front of the target. It's constant at all ranges. The only thing that differs is between running and springing. Experience helps, and it will work even better if you know the marks and mildots on your screen. I haven't figured out how to use those yet, so if anyone is good with using them to lead, discuss.


I'll figure out how to use the scopes and report back later. In the meantime, have fun with the numbers.

Index (use the search function on your browser ctrl+f)

Speed55: RPGs
Speed75: Jet missiles
Speed100: Chopper missiles and Hellfire missiles
Speed150: Main Battle Tank 120mm Cannon
Speed300: Armored Personnel Carrier Autocannon and Tracer Darts
Speed400: Chopper Gunner
Speed500: Jet Autocannon (aka. MG)
Speed530: Sniper Rifles
Speed750: Assault Rifles and Light Machine Guns
Speed900: Submachine Guns and Pistols

Here they are:
Google Docs SpreadSheet

[Image: Ballistics1.jpg]

[Image: Ballistics2.jpg]

[Image: Ballistics3.jpg]

[Image: Ballistics4.jpg]

[Image: Ballistics5.jpg]

[Image: Ballistics6.jpg]

[Image: Ballistics7.jpg]

[Image: Ballistics8.jpg]

[Image: Ballistics9.jpg]

[Image: Ballistics10.jpg]


What do you do out side of this game?

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(09-03-2013 01:22 PM)PsP_Z Wrote:  What do you do out side of this game?

Most likely quite a lot since he hasn't posted here since May 19th 2011.

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Way to quite one whole long post, mate.

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(10-03-2013 06:50 AM)NonJaBLOBS Wrote:  Way to quite one whole long post, mate.

Where are you these days?

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