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Here is my original email to SP:

For several weeks now, it says there are no offers available in my country right now. I know through my own research that this is a bold-faced lie. Why have I been banned? I did not deal fraudulently with SP, why is SP dealing with me fraudulently?

My user ID is xxxxxxx. I expect that this will be dealt with expeditiously and honestly. If not, I am prepared to ask my state Attorney General to block Sponsorpay from doing business in my state because of Deceptive Practices. I can prove I have been lied to, in violation of state and Federal advertising laws. And I won't stop there.

In German, for your convenience:

Seit einigen Wochen, heißt es gibt keine Angebote in meinem Land jetzt. Ich weiß durch meine eigenen Forschung, dass dies ein kühnes-Lüge ist. Warum wurde ich gebannt? Ich habe nicht in betrügerischer Absicht Umgang mit SP, warum SP Umgang mit mir arglistig?

Meine User-ID ist xxxxxx. Ich erwarte, dass dies mit rasch und ehrlich behandelt werden. Wenn nicht, bin ich bereit, zu fragen, mein Zustand Generalstaatsanwalt Sponsorpay aus dem Geschäft in meinem Zustand wegen der betrügerischen Praktiken zu blockieren. Ich kann beweisen, dass ich zu haben belogen worden, in Verletzung der staatlichen und bundesstaatlichen Werbung Gesetze. Und ich werde nicht aufhören.


and here is their response:


our system does block accounts according to certain criteria automatically, we are very sorry, we cannot change those decisions manually.
Please take a look into the alternative payment methods that your game offers.

The SponsorPay Support Team

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Sponsorpay reserve the right to withdraw their services at any time without notice or reason, like practically any other non subscription business.

If you are not on your own dedicated IP then your ISP may have put you on an IP that has previously been banned by Sponsorpay.

Inform who you want but IMO you have zero legal grounds for any action.

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Offline SplatGoesYoHead 
(02-04-2013 05:57 PM)fr4ser Wrote:  Inform who you want but IMO you have zero legal grounds for any action.

Illinois has some tough consumer protection laws, and is pretty anti-business. Using the far left as my personal army would only be easier in CA or MA.

There's no end to my life, no beginning to my death... Death is life.

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