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PTE (Public Test Environment) FAQ

What's a PTE?
PTE is short for Public Test Environment. The development version of the game and site.
This is a “preview” of, and testing ground for, upcoming content, both for the site and the game. This is basically a fake version, which is not and will never be “live”.

What should I expect to see on the Public Test Environment (PTE)?
The Public Test Environment contains the features we are currently working on. These features might not quite be ready to be released into the Public Environment yet. We would love to see your feedback, both on which parts of our new features don’t quite work as you’d expect and also your suggestions for possible improvements.

I can't login... Why?

The PTE is completely separate from the current version of the game you are playing. This means you need to create a new account and soldiers on the PTE website as the login details you use here will not work. You can still use the same e-mail address and password if you like, but you still need to register for a new account. You can do that here:

Can I log into the PTE with my usual EA Account?
Nope, sorry. You will need to create a new EA Test Account. Click the “Sign Up” link on the PTE website to create yourself a test account.

Can I bring my Soldiers from the Public Environment over to the PTE?
Sorry, at the moment this is not possible. Once you enter the PTE, you will need to create a new test account and new soldiers.

How does it work with Funds in the PTE?
As it is now, you will not be able to buy Funds in the PTE.
In order to help testing new features we may, when we deem it’s needed, grant you some test Funds.
We will likely offer what is needed for Credits instead.

Will the points, credits reflected in the Public Environment?
No sir! The PTE is separated from the Live Environment you are used to playing on. Everything you do in the PTE stays in the PTE.

Is the Public Test Environment (PTE) always available?
Nope. It will usually be available for a few days at a time, maybe less, whenever we need to test something, be that a map, a game mode, profiles pages and what not.

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