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Offline -=OG=-RPGforYOU 
[Image: OldGuys-logo-blackBG-HD.png]

Old Guys gaming community

revives OG2 Karkand only 24/7 server!

This time under an even better provider offering an even better server!

Don't forget you still can get VIP access on our servers -> HERE!

And because of this we have an event to celebrate it!

KNIFE, DEFIBRILLATOR & M9 on our OG2# Karkand Only!

Hello BFP4F members,

Our servers are known by allot of BFP4F players! And they know the Old Guys clan from the initiatives we took for the players and clan community's in this game! And for there our servers are always pretty full with competitive and good players!

We will host "KNIFE, DEFIBRILLATOR & M9 Only evening", this is an event where ONLY KNIFE, DEFIBRILLATOR & M9 weapons are allowed! So I hear you all shouting now: when, rules, rotation, server?



Saturday 25 February starting at 19 CET and ending at 21 CET**
Look your time up here!


OG2# Karkand Only! (Will be set to unranked mode!)
Rotation during event: Basra & Sharqi
[Image: server2karkandonly.png]

Click on the image to bookmark the server!


What is allowed?
  • KNIFE,
  • M9.
  • ammo boxes & medical boxes

What is not allowed?
  • NO Mortar strike in normal or boosted form
  • NO RPG in normal or boosted form
  • NO Air bust grenade launcher in normal or boosted form
  • NO Frag grenades in normal or boosted form
  • NO C4 in normal or boosted form
  • NO Anti vehicle mines in normal or boosted form
  • NO Claymores in normal or boosted form
  • NO main weapons allowed
  • NO other Pistols then the M9
  • NO Shotguns allowed

If you use any of these, you will be kicked directly from the server! You can come back when you play with the correct weapons!

Some extra advantages
  • Use bandages and adrenaline shots without losing them;
  • We can move players from RU team to the US team, just ask an admin!


We welcome EVERYONE, clans, closed beta players, new players! We hope to fill the server for 2 hours and have a great KNIFE, DEFIBRILLATOR & M9 evening!

Also we throw our teamspeak open for all players during the event!

So grab your headset and mic that evening and join our Teamspeak!
Go to Battlefield P4F -> event channel.

[Image: ts-logo.png]

If you can not click this image or it gives a error message!
Do it manually!
Password: oldguys


Spread and discuss the word about this event!
The success of this event will determine if we do more events like this in the future!

Regards, Old Guys gaming community!
or oldguys.eu

*Also the normal server rules apply on this event. (See server topic!)
The follow up on the rules will be done by members and staff of Old Guys! If you do not behave or do not have the guns that are allowed you will be kicked!
**CET = UTC + 1 | Still don't know exactly when? Go to here!
***Notice: During the event we could change rules or maps as we prefer!
****Notice: the one's that shout, join other channels, swear, or doing other not appropriate stuff. Will get kicked or banned from the Teamspeak! So keep it clean!
NOTICE: The OG2 server is not with the same provider, we took a better one! This does require to bookmark the server again in your list! So click the image to bookmark! or TAB + G ingame!

More information about Old Guys gaming community?
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Offline [TA]Stufa 
Bookmarked! Big Grin

21-02-2012, 01:41 PM | Post: #3
Offline maniacxx 
yeah Wink

21-02-2012, 01:42 PM | Post: #4
Offline Chang 
Shangri-La returns to us Smile

I won't be making the event, but I'm bookmarking. Glad to see you, OG2.

[Image: c64_burger_zps03fcba5b.png]
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21-02-2012, 01:46 PM | Post: #5
Offline whopper98 
Thats great!
Thank you! Big Grin
21-02-2012, 01:46 PM | Post: #6
Offline ay.j.eng 
Awesome! I'll definitely be joining that event Big Grin My defib can't wait.

21-02-2012, 01:52 PM | Post: #7
Offline HomeSen 
Sounds... erm... "challenging" Wink

Will see if I can take the time (generally, I'm quite busy with RL at the weekends Wink )

One question, though: Are ammo boxes/med kits allowed? They didn't appear in any of the 2 lists.

I am a Community Moderator, not an Official EA Representative
[Image: cache.png]
Thanks to cpt.stone for that awesome piece of art

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21-02-2012, 02:00 PM | Post: #8
Offline -=OG=-RPGforYOU 
(21-02-2012 01:52 PM)HomeSen Wrote:  One question, though: Are ammo boxes/med kits allowed? They didn't appear in any of the 2 lists.

Yeh of course they are allowed! Wink
21-02-2012, 02:16 PM | Post: #9
Offline motigoldfish 
only the few?

[Image: b72cc27a.png]
21-02-2012, 02:21 PM | Post: #10
Offline SakuraKoi 
(21-02-2012 02:16 PM)motigoldfish Wrote:  only the few?

I guess not, it has a minor damage advantage since 1st Dec afaik

[Image: chiaki-hair.gif]
I'm a cream whip Community Moderator, not an official EA Representative
21-02-2012, 03:37 PM | Post: #11
Offline 303ConArtist
*bookmarks new OG#2 server*

*huge smile*

*sees old OG#2 bookmark*


It is most likely that I won't be there, since this Saturday and Sunday are the carnival days here, but no one knows Smile
21-02-2012, 03:38 PM | Post: #12
Offline CriscoSpectrum 
OG servers are win!

[Image: p4f_signature.png]
Gameplay M60 - PDW-R
21-02-2012, 03:39 PM | Post: #13
Offline BlackPercy 
To bad such a renown clan decides to sponsor this crap.

[Image: percytest.png]
21-02-2012, 03:51 PM | Post: #14
Offline Heat76 

what about tracer only?, but without medics pls!

21-02-2012, 04:08 PM | Post: #15
Offline -=OG=-RPGforYOU 
(21-02-2012 03:51 PM)Heat76 Wrote:  Yeah!

what about tracer only?, but without medics pls!

tracer only lol like what 110 tracer darts on someone. Tongue
21-02-2012, 04:14 PM | Post: #16
Offline 303ConArtist
I hope the new provider will be more stable and the server will crash less frequently. That was the only con of OG#2.
21-02-2012, 04:16 PM | Post: #17
Offline -=OG=-RPGforYOU 
(21-02-2012 04:14 PM)303ConArtist Wrote:  I hope the new provider will be more stable and the server will crash less frequently. That was the only con of OG#2.

Well this one is now on i3d.net, which hosts our OG1 and OG3. And they are pretty stable servers, definably the OG3!

But as with every new server, its looking the light in a dark space. And hope this one performs just as good or better!

To easy: Maybe solving the memory leak will help as well!
21-02-2012, 04:20 PM | Post: #18
Offline kinggainer
finally , the heaven is back , but unhopefully i can't participate to the match , sorry Sad
21-02-2012, 05:28 PM | Post: #19
Offline Cheezy.Badger 
I`ll try to be there for the event...
21-02-2012, 05:30 PM | Post: #20
Offline HATE 
(21-02-2012 04:16 PM)RPGforYOU Wrote:  To easy: Maybe solving the memory leak will help as well!

On going work

aaaand "yay my noobie sniper has a place to kill people!"

EAsy Studio Lead Designer
HATE - Assault
B15H09 - Recon

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