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310 pages and EAsy doesnt do anything
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Offline ~EMI~ 
Eff it.You know what?..
I don't care any more.
It's a game.If it dies on its arse then so be it.
If tish gets sorted out then wunderbar.
This is my last post.At least 'til the next time I get drunk.
I'll still be playing (but definitely not paying) until I find something new to amuse me.

Addiction is a female dog,isn't it?
+3 to all.

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Offline MestreMinete 
Next update will bring us weapons of mass destruction+3Big Grin

We just want our stuf back we paid for a beter weapon not a slitly beter one with an epic recoil
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Offline iBenny 
(07-01-2012 12:08 AM)MestreMinete Wrote:  Next update will bring us weapons of mass destruction+3Big Grin

We just want our stuf back we paid for a beter weapon not a slitly beter one with an epic recoil

^+ epic ammo count. i logged in and saw my m4a1 with just 20 rounds.... had 40 before D;

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Offline Atti~Honyi~ 
Give us back what we paid!
Not this +3 craps!!!!

even if their return is not certain that we will return

you thieves, crooks and liars

and look at this:

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Offline Tuga 
(06-01-2012 02:41 PM)psijaka Wrote:  
(05-01-2012 04:20 PM)Silvanoshi Wrote:  Threads merged.

Thank's for the abundant amount of feedback folks. I know you guys want more of a response on this issue, right now VitalBullet's initial post is it. That may change going forward, but for the time being that's where we're at.


Thanks Silvanoshi; good to know that you acknowledge the disquiet that exists as a result of the Dec 20th changes.

But please act soon to address our concerns; it is not too late to save this game (although I suspect it is for many people).

What I suggest EAsy does to improve the gameplay and remove some of the bad feeling that has been created, is:

1/ Enable people who purchased "permanent" guns for Battlefunds prior to the introduction of attachments (Dec 1st If I recall), to have the pick of the new rentable attachments permanently, but to remove the "+3" boost, so that newer players renting attachments can play on level terms.

2/ Buff all of the guns so that, with the appropriate attachments, they approach the level of performance achieved by the pre Dec 1st guns. In particular, buff the recoil; as it stands, the recoil on the new guns is just impossible to control, even when carefully burst firing with the stabilised stock. This just makes the game so frustrating to play.

If you do these things, you will perhaps go some way towards restoring the trust that your most loyal players placed in EAsy, a trust that many feel has been betrayed.

That was a nice, succinct and coherent post. Too bad they don't give a awesome. Nice try though. Smile

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Offline Abstergo. 
Still no update DodgySadRolleyesAngry

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Offline Abstergo. 
Still no update!

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Offline BobLeBricolo 
Strange thing is that i don't remember buying any weapon called +3...
I bought many but none use +3 in her name...

But the worst part is that one of them totally desappear which is strange cause i choose it as PERMANENTE or LAST FOREVER for those who know, i'm talking about my Enhanced Scope M95 ofc.

I eard that Anonymous attack a compagny yesterday, wish you're next EAsy just to see you tast what you gave us for dinner 4 days before Chrismas.


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Offline Rochmeist 
this is crap! i paid for holosight attachments with REAL MONEY! EA can make all the excuses it wants to for taking them away, but the truth is they just WANNA SQUEEZE MORE MONEY OUT OF EVERYONE
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Offline Meatstorm 
(07-01-2012 02:38 AM)ReconWarrior13 Wrote:  RolleyesRolleyesRolleyesRolleyes
Still no update!

Yes there WAS an update. They said F U to all of us.
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Offline Raijukin 
again I say if they don't fix it.. everyone should put in a complaint to the BBB for false advertising and fraud. they are breaking federal law.


they are misleading people to purchase items that are advertised with specified abilities and that " last forever" and then taking those items away after purchase (making that statement false) and replacing them with a product that does not match what is advertised and is of lesser value.

Under federal law, the seller can not violate the Federal Trade Commission laws and regulations governing consumer protection and misleading marketing of products or services.

No matter what...TOS does not make you invincible or give you the right to break federal laws to sell your products.


and here is the post from Bailey for any that missed it..

(05-01-2012 05:19 AM)E.Bailey Wrote:  To all those Canadians out there now that we have an answer i will post this as i already contacted a lawyer over Christmas (friend of mine) and he has advised me that we have several options regarding this (sorry to the rest of the world but this type of law is almost universal check your local laws).

None of these options are guaranteed to work out but as these weapons were advertised as "permanent" or "forever" we will have a very good case. There is very little case law around virtual property but what there is is all in our favour :-)

First piece of advice he says is to be patient, this could take months if not years and will take up some of your time and a little money if you are serious about it (cost of a small claims filing is usually $50 and we probably spent more on the weaps in the 1st place). But he also says it will cost EAsy much much more to fight 100000 small claims cases all around the world then it will be for each of us individually to file it and many of us will get default judgments when they don't show.

Second is to attempt to rectify through all other channels besides the courts first (judges dislike people jumping right to the courts). The only ones im aware of being with customer support and the BBB, document EVERYTHING, when you called/chatted/emailed, who it was you conversed with and what the outcome was. If you accept a resolution that is the final end of the process and what you get.

If that doesn't work to your satisfaction

1) If BF were purchased with a credit card, you can call your credit card company and file a services/product fraud complaint.
- Couple caveats with this option. The time since you made the purchase can greatly affect how this will turn out. If you bought the BF in Oct/Nov and the weapons at the same time you should be ok. 6 months previous to that it will be harder to argue.
- This now adds an additional company to the legal battle and can cause additional headaches for you but could also cause them for EAsy depending on how the CC company views this practice. The CC company may side with EAsy and deem it not fraud, at that point the charges will be restored to your CC.

2) Fraud and deceptive business practices (the courts)

Please note what Easy has done is not "bait and switch" it is actually classified as product/service or contract fraud depending on how it is viewed regarding virtual products(property) and the TOS (contract).

Fraud in this case is defined as advertising/selling a product/service then providing a substandard product/service than what was originally advertised. The hard part will be determining if what was provided is what we agreed to or not (TOS).

He reviewed the TOS and the section that the blues are pointing to DOES NOT state that they can remove/change/devalue currently owned virtual products when ever they like without compensation (he said if this is what EAsy's lawyers said they can do they need to be fired and disbarred). It does say they can change the inventory in their store and thats all unless their store inventory some how includes your characters inventory to which he can find no documentation saying so.

Additionally since the weapons were advertised as permanent and "forever" they cannot then go back and state that they have the right to change something that is "permanent" which has a direct dictionary definition of "Lasting or intended to last or remain unchanged indefinitely" which is what a layman would understand the word means and what the courts would consider.

Last thing is that the introduction of the customization closely followed by the removal of legacy weapon attachments is a very clear example of a company "enriching themselves through deception" as they sold you something, changed it and then charged you to get back what you already had. This being the case they could be up for massive fines or product injunctions if this was taken to criminal court (something else to look at)

Additionally he said we probably do not want to do a class action as it will actually be in EAsy's best interest as they will only need to fight one case in one district in each state/province/country filed.

So for all you out there we do have several resources, all depends on how far you want to take it. I personally do not know if i want to spend the time and effort for this as a BBB complaint takes 30 days and then a small claims case could take months to be heard but they have kinda ticked me off with this and the blue response in this thread reeks of arrogance.

For now, I am done with this game. I have not lost money but I will not support a game or company in any way that does this type of thing to their customers.

and the fact you guys barely peak your heads into the forum or give any responses is a complete act of disrespect. You know what your doing is wrong and you clearly do NOT care for your customers. I will be filing a complaint to the BBB for false advertising and fraud to help support the people that have been wronged here.

Also after the patch your game is nothing but mortar and heli spam...Your game is garbage now to be honest.

May karma kick you all in the backside..

Good day.
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Offline MestreMinete 
Just imagine....The House of the rising sun +3 edition. we change it becouse it was to good....

ohhh tanks a lot this is mutch betterSmile

I WANT ELITE I WANT ELITE I NEED ELITE I LIVE ELITE GIVE IT BACK YOU )/(=?=/&/(%(&$/$%#"#$!|#"#"&%/$$)=:::...................F&(/%()=&........
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Offline JuniorJr 
New haven http://www.crytek.com/ I personally recommend Mechwarrior online and Warface both of which are FREE AND DON'T **** U OVER.Dodgy

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Offline TRONT2 
They that else and haven't given the answer? When we paid money they didn't wait and took them at once so why we should look forward to hearing for the money? ЕА RETURN THAT THAT BELONGS to us BY RIGHT!!!
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Offline Vladulain 
+3 Baby!


I Broke down and played a round in Dragon Valley....Got a 10-1 via the Bradley/LAV.

I can honestly say my re-vamped MP7 blowZ. You guys saw me.....

The game play is so sad...I feel pro.

And I'm drunk.

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Offline SaMuRaILTU 
I'm out.

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Offline psijaka 
(07-01-2012 01:37 AM)attihonyi Wrote:  Give us back what we paid!
Not this +3 craps!!!!

even if their return is not certain that we will return

you thieves, crooks and liars

and look at this:
Nice link; some interesting stuff here. I managed to get on to the Firefall Beta Cool

Some other upcoming games that could be massive; it is easy to apply for a Beta:



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Offline psijaka 
(07-01-2012 06:21 AM)JuniorJr Wrote:  New haven http://www.crytek.com/ I personally recommend Mechwarrior online and Warface both of which are FREE AND DON'T dck U OVER.Dodgy

Mechwarrior looks VERY interesting.....

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Offline [TCP]MrAeolusC 
(04-01-2012 04:41 PM)Fowler Wrote:  I have sent Silvanoshi a pm and or @OskarBurman on twitter messages. We need to play this right ladies and gents. We also need to stop all this talk of DDos attacks. They need to know the community is not happy with the decision they made on Dec 20, 2011. You can rant and vent about pulling your money out and ceasing the rental of clan servers. Hitting their wallets is one thing, threatening them with assaults and DDos attacks is childish.

Your community is not happy. You have a chance here, a chance to get a good reputation for both EAsy and EA.
Step 1: Admit that the Dec 20th update was a horrible decision. Announce it publicly in the forum and elsewhere on the BP4F site.
Step 2: All those with +3 weapons or equivalent of Veterans Weapons, be given back exactly what they paid for. BP4F is a pay to play game. "Fair and Balanced Play" should mean, those that haven't spent money to be on the same tier as your elite players can fork up the money to be there, if not..oh well.

An example of unfair:
I had purchased the Elite M24 Sniper Rifle. Before Dec 20th it held 9 rounds in the mag. After the update I can only hold 6, unless, I rent an expanded mag for another 3 rounds. So I had 9 rounds, now have 6, but you want me to pay more money for something I already had. Not a good business model.
In this forum there are many diagrams of Elite Weapons next to +3 statistics. You community is not stupid. We know what we paid for and what we now have. If you decide to fix this issue, please let it be known that this community WILL make sure that the weapons we receive are on par with the Elite Weapons we originally purchased.

If this issue is addressed, and you admit your mistake a few things might happen. I am not saying that they 100% will happen but might.
1: Paying players may return.
2: Well known clans might resume server rentals.
3: You could actually save face with your community.
4: New players would feel comfortable paying to be on the same tier as people who pay for Elite Weapons.

You have a chance to save face and make money. Also if I were you, lower your prices. More people would spend money if prices weren't so high. Lower Prices = Higher Volume of purchases. Here in the US we have a huge chain of stores known as Wal-Mart. They have low prices and extremely high sales volume.

Yes guys I pulled the Wal-Mart card..

It's a relatively simple business model and one I think would make people come back and play. Also, and here's a big one, please discuss things with your community before you make a bad decision like this again. Involve the people who make you money, that would be a huge step.

100% agree, All Weapons that were Permanently purchased and are now NOT the weapons that were originally purchased === (everyone knows this blah blah blah) scammed/unfair to the Buyer of the weapon.
I myself has Purchased Every single weapons for recon permanent along with 3 weapons each for Assault, Medic, and Engineer, and ALL of those weapons don't have the Same Ammo count AND deal much less damage at range, and point blank. All i ask for myself is either a Refund of my money from the purchase of those weapons, Or to have the legacy attatchments reinserted into the game.

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