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Offline SP0(+)K 
I've taken a picture from Bad Company, set the size, whiten the rest.

[Image: spook.png]

If you can do a better, please use either:

[Image: bfbc2_recon.jpg]


[Image: bfbc2-recon.png]

but keep the concept

I want someone to put my Nickname above his head as if its in game from a 3P point of view. Including the Triangle Health Bar. Then transparent the rest, and put "http://cdn.battlefield.play4free.com/static/20110629160012/images/logos/logo_443x128.png" in the middle.

Name: SP0(+)K
Font: In-Game font.
S P [zero] ( + ) K

Color can be either allied or enemy.

-Cheers, spook.

(02-07-2011 10:41 AM)0x5b;AUS0x5d;WhiteDeath Wrote:  [Image: spooker.png]
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Offline [AUS]WhiteDeath 
[Image: spooker.png]

[Image: spooker.png]
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02-07-2011, 11:46 AM | Post: #3
Offline Anna:) 
I like more the US bush-wookie camo than the RU one.

[Image: testsigbattlefield900x2.png]

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