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Mortar strike - inbl4ck - 06-04-2012 02:06 PM

Hi guys
So I`m playing this game now 2 months as a recon, and I`m almost lvl 11.
Is it worth to train the mortar?

RE: Mortar strike - FullTwist - 06-04-2012 02:08 PM

It isn't... You only get +5 and +10 damage and you have to wait forever to use it twice in one round Dodgy

RE: Mortar strike - SuperEdsel13 - 06-04-2012 07:05 PM

yeah, I'd go with something like the bombs for the plane. mortar is only good on certain maps (Basra, Mashtuur, possibly Karkand)

RE: Mortar strike - Heat76 - 06-04-2012 07:29 PM

Mortar is very cool, if u place it on the right spot. Its no more the "spam and kill" mortar. I had several games with 0 points from mortar but u can kill a apc or a bunch of snipin recons. It still can be the way to win if u can handle it. But most of the games u use it ones in a game, the cooldowntimer with 1/5 points is 180sec. 3min, most of the rounds u want be able to set it a second time, even with 5/5 trainingpoints.
2 enemy soldiers killed is ok, 3 is good and 4+ its like a miracle. just try it, but only boosted... Wink

RE: Mortar strike - AlexD - 06-04-2012 07:50 PM

I put 1 point in that skill, using it 1-2 times per match, just like a little bonus.

RE: Mortar strike - GrandUltimatum - 07-04-2012 06:24 AM

its nice, but i rather dedicate my points to the other half of the training branches. definitely try it though.

RE: Mortar strike - GITUP_STINKYFART - 07-04-2012 06:37 AM

no , the " Pink Beret Brigade " bawled about it being too much like a mortar strike