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[game mode] Rush Detailed (~435 signs) (2 mods) (1 dev) (29 pages) - ThiDOD - 09-11-2011 04:29 PM

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(Currently under construction.)

Hi all

Many of us know the game mode called Rush (or Demolition in Call of Duty MW2)

It's one of the most intence game modes out there (and one that need's most team-work)

I will point out (over the time ofc) all about the rush, and what you get

  • Map
    • Defence lines
    • Spawn Area
    • Vehicles
    • M-con Stations
  • Plant/Disarm time
  • Way of destruction
  • Spawn rate
  • Credit gain

Also i quoted the PM from Silvanoshi

I will later add Picrures


[Image: oman.png]

Attackers: US Army

Defenders: Russian Army

First line of defence: The beach

Spawn Area:

US Army: Carrier

RU Army: Close to B (The BTR will also Spawn here)


US army: Appache, UH-60 Black-Hawk, Boats and Jets

RU army: BTR-90, Vodnik and DPV (or what ever called Russian Buggy)

Stationary Weapons: Igla (RU)

M-con Station Area:

ALFA will be in the ruined house

BRAVO in the guard tower

They are realy close to heach other, so US army have easy in the beggining

So, americans Attack with With all the force to puch back the first line of defence. With enough team work, you can breach though the first line with only few losses. But if your team can't work together, it will be your death, because of MG-fire from beach (Remember to use Jet's and Choppers to remove the Gunners and APC's)

So that was first line of defence

Second line would be the Train Station (currently Flag B).

Spawn Area:

US Army will be able to chose between Carrier and the area you took from russians (or flag A).

RU army will Be able to Spawn close to wather (where you flak with boat's), close to DPV. Or At the construction site (Flag D)


US Army: M1A2 Abraham, LAV-25, UH-60, Appache, Jet, Humwie, Buggy, and Boats

RU Army: T-90, BTR-90, DPV and Vodnik

Stationary Weapons: Igla AA and Roacket launchers (how are they called?)

M-con Station area:

ALFA would be behind the train

BRAVO would be in the litle shed-house

This time Bouth Americans and Russian have heavy armor, but the US have still advantage in Air. This time it will be much harder to breach though the line. Few good sniping areas, mean that you will be supressed by them, while Assault's and Engineers will give you hard time at the defence line. But a good teamwork will do the trick.

Keep in mind. This is last attempt to get the best pilots on the team. Because after the breach, you will not be able to spaw at the carrier

Last line of defence

It was a crazy fight for bouth Russians and US, but US still breached the train depot. But what's that? US no longer have Air support, while there counter part have MiL's and MiG's, plus they spawn now realy close to the M-cons.

Spawn Areas:

US Army: Spawn at the Train Depot (Flag B) or at Beach (Flag A)

RU Army: Spawn in the house with windows or at RU base.


US: M1A2 Abraham, LAV-25 and Humwies

RU: T-90, BTR-90, MiL-24, MiG-29 and Mi-8

Stationary weapons: STINGER at Train station (US)

M-con stations:

ALFA At the Crane

BRAVO at the hotel Upper flor

That's it. US final push, but this time, teamwork is crutial. Lonewolfs snipers is good as useless (unless you can defend the M-cons) and Russians have the Air superioraty and they Spawn close to M-cons. You will be needed good medics, recons (the Motion sencors) and Engineers on the team. If not, RU will PWN with the choppers and defend the M-cons. So here need 4 things: Teamwork, Speed, Agresion and Luck.

But if your team have still some Jet's alive, that gives them an Advantage, because RU lack AA weapons

That was for OMAN, i will add first pics to the Idea and later i add the rest of the maps

[Image: karkandp.png]

Under construction

US: Defenders
RU: Attackers

First base:
RU spawns in their current base as of now (at the checkpoint before the bridges into the industrial part of Karkand.

US spawns at current B

Mcom Alfa: In the shed at D (the only shed that is completely within the cap radius of D)

Mcom Bravo: At the RU spawn building behind C, but in front of D (the one with a ladder that overlooks B and C), under the archway covered from US fire by the sandbags (and where the TOW missile is)

Vehicles: 2 Gaz 3927 "vodnik"s for the RU, no vehicles for the US

Second base:
RU can either spawn at base (their base in conquest) or spawn in the field at the newly taken D.

US can spawn at A or US base for armor

Mcom Alfa: In the well at B

Mcom Bravo: Behind the building at B where the RU sometimes spawns, which has a tree and some rocks in it

Vehicles: Both sides get full armor that they usually have in conqest, at their normal spawns

Final base:
RU spawns at newly taken A, or at their base
US spawns in their base

Full vehicle support (tank and APC + 2 jeeps for both teams), with the usual TOW missile at A for the US team.

MCOM alfa at A flag

MCOM Bravo: In a corner in the fence just outside of the US base. To the right of the main road looking out of the US base.

The reason I chose the US to defend even though (in BF2) its the US attacking into Karkand is because the US has the advantage of height on this map, meaning that more people will camp up on the roads/B instead of charging the Mcoms.

Thx to the strangers123. I will modifite it in some days

[Image: basra.png]
Bashra: Soon™

[Image: sharqi.png]

Under Constructions

If you come from C you pass the edge where the guys from A can see you. You keep walking behind the hills. Now you're facing the two houses which are under construction. In one of them there should be the first station (A) in.
The little Spawn at B (the garage or whatever) should be another point for a station (A). The third (B) should be between the two stacked box-"towers". After that the next (A) is on the camper roof (A) and the next (B) is in the garden where you can shot the enemys spawning at A (Assault Mode) from. I don't know if there should be more stations.

I will add the ideas of Basra later.
Let's see, maybe I'll take Screens.

Thanks to Youu

[Image: tempexample.png]
Dragon Valley


Background story:
The USMC needs control of this vital mountain pass to reach the Russian mainland trough China. This once peaceful, idyllic lake has now become a warzone! The US needs to maintain their armor to push trough the well prepared Russian defenses.

Game mode description: 1 side defends while the other attacks. The attackers must arm and destroy pairs of Mcoms until they reach the enemy base. The defenders must stop them at all costs! The attackers have limited tickets, so make each life count!

Dragon Valley:
US attacking
RU defending

First Mcoms: I suggest these being split across the lake

Mcom Alfa: Behind this building, being covered by the US side allowing snipers some use

Mcom Bravo:

This is fully inside a building, although the RU has some form of coverage of what happens inside.

US spawns in their usual base, with full ground vehicle support, no helicopters
RU spawns in paradrops over the second designated vehicle crossing of the lake going from B to C or at their base where they get 2 BTR-90s and 5 DPVs for those that didnt get a BTR.
1 TOW missile just behind each Mcom

Second base:

Mcom Alfa: The Mcom should be behind the sandbags, but not inside of the tower

Mcom Bravo: To the left on the picture, by the staircase.

US spawns at C or at their base
RU spawns in their base or in paradrops from D. Beware of landing in the lake, it takes time to swim!

Vehicles: Both teams get the same vehicles, with the TOW missiles where they are at C and B as of now.

This Mcom should be placed behind my map in this checkpoint like building

This Mcom should be under the bridge, well covered by the Russians. A tank (wreck) can nicely cover the Mcom for the US to arm.

RU spawns in their base with full ground vehicle support
US spawns at C with full ground vehicle support and 2 transport helicopters at both the helipads. Can also spawn in base. The RU gets their TOW missile at D, with the addition of an IGLA on top of the roof of the large building over flag D. Out in the open, easy sniper bait.

Final Mcoms:
Make the final push for the Russian base!! Surround the base and await reinforcements!

Mcom Alfa: In the first floor of the guard tower just outside of the RU base

Mcom Bravo: In the forest by the dam like structure, closer to the RU base behind the rocks covered by the US, even more coverage if the US holds the guard tower (Mcom A). As you can see in the screenshot below, the boundaries need a slight change to house an Mcom here.

US spawns at D, with FULL, NORMAL vehicle support, with the littlebird at B
RU spawns in their base with full vehicle support.

Background story for Karkand:
Over the night, the Russian Army has planned a full scale assault on the USMC invaders positions in the industrial city of Karkand. The Russians have weakened the US and are making the final counter attack to drive them out of the city...for good.

Planting/Disarm time

Planting time: 5 seconds (or same as in BF BC2)

Disarm time: 7 seconds (same as BF BC2)

Ways of destruction of M-con

There is 2 main ways to destroy the M-con:

Plant the charge: The charge will destroy the M-con at ones, but it takes 30-60 seconds before it blows. More riscky, but rewarding

Use the explosive stuff (C4, RPG, Mortar-strike, APC, MBT (tank), ETC) and High caliber bullets (M95 (but only 1-5 in damage), Co-gunner in the Chopper, .50 cals and KORD's on the vechicles and Jet MG). Less riscky, but can take more time to destroy

Spawn rate

10 seconds. Suiside +5 seconds

Credit Gain

Winners: Double of Conquest

Losers: Half of Conquest


1. ThiDOD (me)
2. Redharvest
3. reivzjE
4. Lai_Kasamuki
5. HomeSen
6. MurrayD
7. 2Bad
8. str1000ac
9. Malacovics
10. Medic_Alert
11. 303ConArtist
12. AFellowBrony
13. 4SAX
14. Tegix63E
15. AMMO, give me som ammo
16. SkyDog13
17. Gotcha2
18. ChoperGoBoom
19. [AUS]WhiteDeath: Sry i did't see you sign
20. MasterOwner
21. Inferano
22. PeaceTheGreat
23. cekoto
24. ZwiftSauce
25. Ronaldomu07
26. CommanderZ
27. luisdrpc
28. Thesmileyface
29. manispykiller
30. Cheezy-player
31. =recon-mo=
32. xxImmaOwnUxx
33. Youu
34. fr4ser Yay, another Mod
35. Regasus
36. edu_arg
37. Ostfrontler
38. SazerTarious
39. JesusOfSuburbia
40. ZaZaBaBa
41. (-HaMSa-)
42. CeBoMeRo
43. FlaviAbi
44. xxSteFFeNBaBaxx
45. ..::IRaNBaBa::..
46. PeRsEr-SNiPeR
47. strangers123
48. MeanMachine
49. afailedchief
50. aXs-Destroy
51. stay-high-149
52. kayack1
54. LordLoko
55. kfcpie
56. adi5497
57. SilentChaos01
58. Prophet
59. G3N1U5
60. Yahtzee
61. Fallofnoobs244
62. Omega-zeroEMD
63. MunchTooEat
64. Youu
65. NB93-SM-MED
66. R3N3GADE
67. Ghostrider0067
68. sirtrex
69. 13thLiveToSnipe
70. Healin4ev3r
71. CFghost
72. chinapwnage
73. Army89Delta
74. Gfrog_br
75. Rhah <----- 75'th sign reached. I realy hope that Devs will answer on this one
76. Prohet
77. jnss85
78. AJoao611
79. Darkkinen
79. ShadeyTex2.1
80. xSubZ
81. Tpoyo
82. F.A.Y.Z
83. Cloud90PL
84. NieGaPPsie
85. adrijanas
86. iWuuh
87. DustyPig
88. kuratomi19506
89. packman576
90. Xefusion
91. Cpt.Pinpapaaa
92. xXZerantolXx
94. Prof.Killer
95. Madithamonstaz
96. flavius1
97. PeRsEr-SNiPeR
98. barkujman
99. Cobreti_1912
Holly hell... We just hit 100!!!
100. DChero
101. shockwave24
102. lafittejean
103. Doney94
104. Cuylaerts
105. Fisha695
106. Assaulta_pros_Fu
107. =TBB=Pellets
108. Pakola
109. MarkoPetreski
110. Ronaldomu07
111. barkujman
112. Histrio
113. [CO2]Darkg12
114. captainslow148
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116. Jose_Tupac_2005
117. DiogoOWNyou[PT]
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252. Ladys and geltermens, let me intoduce the 1 time even: A DEV HAS SIGNED- The gloryos HATE

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Not sure how many signs do you need before Developers begin to make the gamemode (HATE do it nao Blush)

Consturctive Critics are welcome, but keep trolls out

Yes, i know that this was suggested many times before, but before sayning "Use search" give me links of such scale of suggestion

List over Updates:

9. November: Pictures added
16. November: Smaller pictures
20. November: Karkand is under construction/Pics added
21. November: Dragon Valley Added. Way of Destroyning the M-cons added
22. November: Sharqi Added
24. November: 75'th sign REACHED
7. December: 100 sign reached. I realy hope it will be here before summer
18. December: Johnysnake helps with pictures
19. December: First prototype of Dragon Vally finnish. 150'th sign reached
27. December: Dragon Valley is added with M-cons
Thinking we are finish? Than you wrong!

Other ideas

Quote:Instead of destorying M-cons you'd have to capture the flags that already exist, however there would exists certain new rules:

-the defending team holds all the flags in the beginning
-the attacking team has to cap the flags in a certain order, standing near an other flag than the one that is attacked would have no effect
-the defending team can't recap a flag ones it is caped by the enemy
-as long the flag isn't caped by the attacking team recaping is possible
-the spawns for the defending team would be the same as in the mode assault(base and around the flags in possesion of the team) except that the spawn areas around the attacked flag would be disabled.
-the spawn areas for the attacking team would be the same as in the mode assault
-the attacking team wins as soon as it has captured all the flags
-the defending team wins after a timer ends, the start of the timer would be at the beginning of the game (and could restart after every flag the attacking team has captured) or after the defending team has reached a certain score (tickets as in the mode assault)


Attacking team: US
order of capturing: A B C D

Dragon valley
Attacking team: US
order of capturing: A C B D

attacking team: RU
order of capturing: D C B A

Attacking team: US
order of capturing: D C B A

Attacking team: doesn't matter
order of capuring: A B C or C B A (depending on which team attacks)

Attacking team: US
Order of capuring: A C B D

I hope I described it understandable.
Made by fr3ak1ll

A Quote from a blue

Silvanoshi Wrote:Hi ThiDOD,

Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Yes, I have indeed seen your Rush suggestion thread. I must say, I was mightily impressed by the amount of thought and energy you've put into this idea.

Whether or not Rush will make it into Battlefield Play4Free, who knows. But you have sure as hell done just about everything a community member can do to make it happen!


Made by ThiDOD

Awesome design by Johnysnake

Co-owner: Strangers123

Assisted by Youu

ThiDOD: High detailed suggestion. Ideas for Credit earning, Arm/disarm time. Oman fully written

Johnysnake: Help with make Suggestion even better

Strangers123: Added Higly detailed Karkand and Dragon Valley (enough to i will call him a Co-owner)

Youu: Added Sharqi and Pics to it

Don't forget to support the rush with this signature:

[Image: thidodsig.png]

RE: Rush Detailed - redharvest - 09-11-2011 05:26 PM

Best structured suggestion so far, if any of them should stay open, let it be this one.
* redharvest gusta

RE: Rush Detailed - reivzjE - 09-11-2011 05:30 PM


RE: Rush Detailed - Lai_Kasamuki - 09-11-2011 05:45 PM

Very good idea

RE: Rush Detailed - HomeSen - 09-11-2011 05:45 PM

* HomeSen wants Wink


RE: Rush Detailed - MurrayD - 09-11-2011 05:57 PM

/sign Very good idea Tongue

RE: Rush Detailed - 2Bad - 09-11-2011 05:59 PM


RE: Rush Detailed - Strac.CRO - 09-11-2011 06:11 PM


RE: Rush Detailed - Malacovics - 09-11-2011 07:18 PM


RE: Rush Detailed - Gandler - 09-11-2011 07:22 PM

I have never played rush in COD so I don't know how that is. But it is horrible (IMO) in Battlefield. Conquest is Battlefield. Rush feels like COD with some vehicles.

RE: Rush Detailed - [AUS]WhiteDeath - 09-11-2011 07:59 PM

I never understood the M-Com. Whats an M-Com? is it in real life? what does it actually do.

/sign for multiple counter-strike demolition in a single round. Lol

PS: it is best if you, either thumbnail the images since it's a multiple images, and you can use [ hr] instead of making horizontal lines using underscores. example: ^

RE: Rush Detailed - Medic_Alert - 09-11-2011 10:00 PM


Cause i like COLORZ

RE: Rush Detailed - 303ConArtist - 09-11-2011 10:24 PM


I suggest reconsidering the Mcom stations' positions, Oman is too big to having Mcoms this close to each other.

RE: Rush Detailed - [AUS]WhiteDeath - 09-11-2011 10:30 PM

(09-11-2011 10:24 PM)303ConArtist Wrote:  /sign

I suggest reconsidering the Mcom stations' positions, Oman is too big to having Mcoms this close to each other.

i call Karkand 2.0 Big Grin

RE: Rush Detailed - AFellowBrony - 09-11-2011 10:37 PM

/sign but i think the alternate mcom at A in the guard tower would be a little... awkward, its a very tight area and a single explosive or C4 would mean instant death to everyone

RE: Rush Detailed - Volga - 09-11-2011 10:43 PM

... M1A2 Abraham?

The tank buff inside me just died a little...

RE: Rush Detailed - 4SAX - 09-11-2011 10:47 PM


RE: Rush Detailed - Tegix62E - 10-11-2011 02:05 AM

ooooooooo that'd be fawn.

RE: Rush Detailed - AMMO - 10-11-2011 02:20 AM

* AMMO wants Wink


RE: Rush Detailed - SkyDog13 - 10-11-2011 02:20 AM


Awesome, awesome idea, my friend. Very well thought out.