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Listen up Soldiers!

The Daily draw has arrived and it is here to offer you free gear every day. That's right... every day you can visit the battlefield play4free website and draw your cards to see what is awaiting you... all at no cost. But, if you just have to deal again to see what else the cards hold you can for a few Funds.

So Soldiers... what do the cards hold for you?


What is The Draw?
"The Draw" was introduced on the 27th of March 2012 and provides everyone with the means to grab themselves some FREE gear everyday! That's right... the first draw each day is free. After that you will need to drop in a few Play4Free Funds for more draws.

How long will “The Draw” be here?
For as long as it is being used and enjoyed. We don't have any plans on removing it unless we see any reason to

How much does “The Draw” cost to use?
You get 1 free "draw" each and every day, but after you have used your free draw, you will need to pay 499 Play4Free Funds for additional draws until you get your next free one.

When do I get a free draw?
The daily free draw is available from at 08:00 UTC each day.
If you need help working out what time that is in your time zone we recommend using a converter such as this: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

Can I stock up on draws if I don't use them for a few days?
No, you can only ever have 1 draw at any one time.

What can I get in “The Draw”?
You can get a lot of different things in “The Draw”, ranging tens to hundreds of uses of widgets, to time limited and permanent weapon attachments. Of course the better the items the less chance you have of getting it, it’s all about luck.

If I buy a draw, do I have a higher chance of getting better items?
No, the free draws and the draws that you pay for are exactly the same. You have the same chances of getting any item as you do in the daily free draw. Buying more draws just lets you try more times without having to wait for your daily free draw, perfect for those who can't stand waiting to pick up the latest gear.

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