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(07-11-2011 12:52 AM)T0Rn8T0-X-PwNeD schrieb:  i hate snipers whhy would i be a friggen sniper noob that scamemd u huh its not liek eh reasly scamemd u hes not using ur sigs i mean realy toughacualy scrace that hes and idiot (bad english :3

Hey dude, for next time you're pretending to be someone else, you might want to remember that when someone is bad at English it's usually their grammar and sentence structure that's the problem, not their spelling.
07-11-2011, 02:57 PM | Beitrag #102
Offline VitalBullet 
We don't take too kindly to scamming on our forums and anyone caught doing so in such a fashion as this will be permanently banned from our forums.

Should anyone try to continue these acts on alternate accounts or continue using the artwork provided in their contests we will strongly consider a game/EA wide ban too Smile

Think before you waste someone's time.

PS: As an FYI there are very few codes available for Battlefunds. Only those from our Promotional cards given out at events are currently valid. As a rule of thumb I strongly recommend that nobody enters any contest where the contest creator offers battlefunds without first a screenshot or scan of the item containing the code (Code can be removed of course) or checking first to see if the player is a reputable player unlikely to scam others.

Also, it should be ridiculously obvious that a contest offering hundreds of dollars worth of Battlefunds is a scam and I recommend avoiding these at all costs.

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