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26-07-2011, 08:37 AM | Beitrag #1
Offline Silvanoshi

On Tuesday the 26th of July at 08:30 UTC we will be performing maintenance on our game services which should last approximately 30 minutes.

Most players will not experience any issues during this time, however there is a small possibility that you may lose connection to the server as it is taken offline in order to update it. Once the maintenance period is over, you will be prompted to update your game.

26-07-2011, 01:56 PM | Beitrag #2
Offline Silvanoshi
Today's maintenance is now complete. The following has been added to the game.

The Quartermaster has worked a miracle and managed to pull a few strings to procure new weaponry and equipment for our troops in the field. In addition to 4 top of the line weapon ranges, we have received new and improved kevlar armour, as well as a brand new weapon rigging system which distributes weight more evenly throughout the body, allowing for an additional primary weapon to be carried!

[Bild: Kevlar.png]
With a new and improved fit, this body armour provides a higher level of protection than the standard issue gear, offering a 10% increase in performance, thereby keeping your soldier alive and in the fight for longer![Bild: AdditionalWeapon.png]
Utilising the latest in weight saving technology in tandem with better ergonomic design, this new rigging reduces your soldier's load and disperses the remaining weight across the body more effiiciently, enabling the soldier to carry an additional primary weapon!

[Bild: BFP4F---an94_en.png]
[Bild: spacer.png]
[Bild: spacer.png]
[Bild: BFP4F+-+aks74u_en.jpg]
This advanced Russian assault rifle fires in two round bursts with a very high rate of fire. This functionality makes the AN-94 a very accurate weapon, allowing the shooter to place the 5.45mm rounds very close together, provided the bursts are fired sufficiently spaced. A limited number of AN-94s are used by the Russian armed forces.[Bild: spacer.png]
[Bild: spacer.png]
The Russian built AKS-74U is a compact version of the famous AK-74 assault rifle. Firing the same round as the AK-74 gives it high damage potential but at the same time sacrificing some of the control and precision provide by other SMGs, especially over range.
[Bild: BFP4F---m110_en.png]
[Bild: spacer.png]
[Bild: spacer.png]
[Bild: BFP4F---qjy88_en.png]
The American M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System, is one of the latest and most modern sniper systems available. The M110 is accurate and fast firing and while not as precise as a bolt action sniper rifle, the M110 allows the shooter to place a greater volume of accurate fire into the target.[Bild: spacer.png]
[Bild: spacer.png]
The QJY-88 or Type 88 general purpose machine gun is a Chinese built weapon. It’s of conventional design but rugged and reliable. Its relatively low rate of fire is offset by its range and high damage potential.

Use these new weapons and gear wisely soldiers! They could save your life.

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