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I am looking for a number of players who take video gaming more seriously than most, to fill up the roster of Art of War in Battlefield P4F, to take competition here to the next level.

There is a list of essentials which is required of players before you will be taken into consideration.

On a personal level, I have competed in numerous games at a rather high level, ranging from Counter Strike, Call of Duty MW and Bad Company 2 to the less mainstream and Free 2 Play games of Warrock, Combat Arms and Crossfire.

A Ventrilo Server
A website (Currently in the creation stages)
We will have a team server, both public and private, from whence possible.
Most importantly, a team developed with the main intention to take competitive gaming seriously in Battlefield P4F. We play to win, but on a side line, we will naturally develop as a family, thus having fun.

Required Essentials
*Be at least 17 or over (And mature).
*Have a MIC installed, along with Ventrilo.
*Have some form of competitive gaming experience and knowledge of the inner aspects and workings of competitive gaming.
*Have motivation and a desire to go far, along with being willing and able to take Art of War and BF P4F seriously, and to take part in a rigorous team training schedule to better strategy and team play as a whole.
*A desire to focus indefinitely on Battlefield P4F in contrast to any other game on the market today.
*Be able to communicate well in English, and also live in the European Union.
*Be able to listen, accept constructive criticism, and know when to take gaming both seriously and less seriously depending on the situation at the given time.
*Have the ability to keep your attitude and temper at a minimum level.

Bearing the above stated in mind, fill out an application and send it to me via Private Message (PM).
Game Nickname:
Do you have Ventrilo and a Microphone installed?
What is your age?
Where in Europe do you live?
Which PC Video Games have you formally played for 6 months or longer?
Briefly summarise your Competitive Gaming Experience:
Which position are you most effective with playing in Battlefield Play4Free? (Assault, Recon, Medic, Engineer)
Why do you feel you will be an asset to Art of War?

Let me know. It's not all as strict and formal as this. But I want people who will suit the team and help take competitive gaming in Battlefield P4F to the next level.
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