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Offline DemonixELT 
I had conducted a poll in the last month to see who would like that idea to go through. It had allot of mixed feelings but overall 60% voted for a yes.

What i would like to suggest here is that the normal versions of weapons should be able to be bough permanently with player credits. The average price for a weapon looking on who posted would be around 50,000 credits per. This to me would sound like a good idea since there isent much revenue coming of the normal variations. I mean no one who has battle-funds is going to spend it on the normal variations they're just gonna spend it on the vet weapons. Tell me what you guys think about all this cause this would be a very nice idea to go through. And don't write about how its not gonna happen, it will if we keep at it. Anyways that all i have for ya guys I really do hope you like this idea!

~ Cheers!
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